Friday, January 9, 2009

Kinohimitsu J'pan Beauty Drink (updated 6th March 2009)

(update for March 6 2009)
Make way for smoother, firmer, younger looking skin in just 6 days!

**See photos below for 5 boxes and 2 weeks after of no maintenance**

Don't ask me why?? But if you do read this... (see below for excerpt from the Kinohimitsu site) I bet you'd be tempted to try it too! Geez, why not? I want a cellulite free bum, nice racks and glowing complexion. And I want it all naturally (see the 100% safe note?). In 6 days? Wow... I'm game. The only downside to this... is $... (lol) Yes, for the sake of beauty... you need $...

The Before After Tests

Kinohimitsu J'pan Beauty Drink is the most effective way to restore youthful vitality to skin - not only on your face, but your whole body including the neck, bust and bum.

Kinohimitus J'pan Beauty Drink, the functional, instant drink with a high concentration of Collagen helps to plump up your skin - so make way for smoother, firmer, younger looking skin in just 6 days!

100% Natural, Safe

  • No additives - no sugar added, no preservatives, no artificial colouring or flavouring, no chemicals.


  • Collagen in concentrated liquid formula enables immediate absorption by the body.
  • Noticeable firmer, smoother, brighter, youthful skin with glowing cheeks in just 6 days!

Selling at Watson, Guardian, Caring pharmacies at about RM79++ for a 6 bottle pack. That's like 80 bucks for 6 days.. Haih... talk about costly. I've actually done research on collagen supplements before I went ahead to get this. Currently, Meiji Amino Collagen powder - 5000mg seems to be the most effective value for money collagen supplement in powder form ( in the asian market. I see it mentioned in most Asian beauty forums. But-but... I checked the ingredients... I'm allergic to shellfishes... so Meiji is out for now... So here goes... one of the priciest collagen supplements on the shelf... Kinohimitsu J'pan Beauty Drink

Honestly... I don't think this is going to make much difference...
Lets see my money's worth...

Taste:Tastes like some sweet fruit juice
Texture: Err... liquid
Packaging: Cute and hints of pink..
Rating: 8/10

1 day after 1st bottle - 9 January 2008
Okay... believe it or not... I was skeptical... How can a lousy bottle of fruit juice-like stuff do anything... But... But... something felt different on my skin... dunno what is it...

1 day after 2nd bottle - 10 January 2008
Kinda like "boing-boing" when you poke your cheeks... Weird... Lengcai poked my cheeks... needless to say.. he was **amazed**

1 day after 3rd bottle
- 11 January 2008
Smile lines at the corners of my lips were virtually gone... Seriously, I'm amazed... Bum-cheeks felt a little firmer...

1 day after 4th bottle - 12 January 2008
No different... Like after 2nd bottle...
But... guess what...? I went to Watson's to buy another 2 boxes of the 6 pack bottles!! Cos' the price for a 6-bottle pack in Guardian Pharmacy is now RM89.90 which is no longer the promotion price of RM79.90 in Watsons... muaahahhahahaaaa... talk about "kiasu"... Hey! I saved RM30 from the 3-boxes in my quest for younger looking skin!! Besides... if its showing results in less than 2 days... I think this is gonna be worth investing in!!

1 day after 5th bottle - 13 January 2008
A little disappointed... but, there were no more surprises on my skin... Looks just as if I've just had the 2nd bottle..

1 day after 6th bottle - 14 January 2008
Okay.. There were no more surprises on my skin. But... believe it or not... My smile lines are almost invisible now (except when I do smile la...) and, the skin texture seems plumped up. I'm **amazed** enough already .. so now I'm moving on to the 7th Bottle..... Just in case... you know... the smile lines return.. lol...

Look HERE for more information on ingesting collagen

Look HERE for even more in-depth studies on collagen

  • I think this produces different result on different individuals... as they say, no 2 person are the same. Don't take my word for it cos' everyone's body work differently.
  • It WORKED for me. You want visibly younger looking skin? Yeah! this is worth an expensive try.. (If you're only approaching your first wrinkles... I think this is a better alternative to Botox)
  • I'm not sure about how long this is going to last though... Supplements are only making up a little for the nutrients and protein our body lacks. I suppose maintenance is vital.. (The box says for maintenance, take 3 bottles a week)
  • A little research shows that ingesting collagen does NOT send that collagen to your skin. So, there's no full proof that this is going to give you younger skin. But, there's no known side effects cos' your body gets it from food anyways.
  • Its also reported that collagen also helps with joint pains and is being used as a dietary supplement for treating osteoporosis
  • I've taken a pic of before the 1st bottle... But won't be publishing the before-after pic until I've reached a stage where I've given this a month's worth of trial... You don't get overnight beauties...
After 1 month 6 days (16 February 2009):
  • I've reached the stage where.... smile lines are gone!! Non-visible until I really do smile!
  • Skin actually glows!
  • But.... READ THIS: there's a downside to this... After 2-3 weeks of consuming this... I'm starting to get breakouts on my neck that look more like my seafood allergy acne! Okay... I did ingested something which I wasn't suppose to (some allergy to stingray-fish)... Still.... that breakout should have dissolved by week 2. But... I'm still having breakouts on my neck now! From earlier research, I guess I was expecting a little breakout coming up soon enough... See girls who are experiencing breakouts from ingested collagen
  • Lets see what happens when I stop this for a week after my last bottle of Kinohimitsu. (this is when I'll try to upload a macro-shot of my skin after) Lets hope the breakout goes away after this... Though... a little breakout for firm boing-boing skin is worth all the trade-offs! LOL... (6th March 2009 - Dang... the pics isn't as clear as I'd like it to be... and you'd probably noticed... I got a tan... from wakeboarding... Apologies for the gross-ness of the pics to the point that you can see the pores so clearly... cos these are super-macro shots... But yeah.. pores seems less dilated and the skin texture's plumper huh? heh-heh-heh)
  • Collagen drink definitely works for me. But... again... this is a supplement, not a one-time miracle drug... Like any supplement, you're going to stick to this regime for the next half of your life... And... the collagen you take might not go to your facial skin (maybe elsewhere like your joints lol). After all... its just a protein...
Also, check out my recent blog on CollagenMax


  1. cool... can't wait to know the result.. do let us know soon

  2. I've got 2 more boxes to go... And after that, I'll be updating my verdict on this :p

    Also... do check out CollagenMax (also a collagen drink from Japan). I'll be trying that after the Kinohimitsu one - cos' I did a mental calculation... and... CollagenMax seems worth a try...

  3. just to advice you to check carefully from the packaging...kinomisu is actually made in china, but collagen max is made in japan wo...

  4. wow... I've gotta check this again (on the made-in-which-country) even though I've discarded all the packaging...

    I haven't been taking Kinohimitsu since March I think... Been taking about 1 bottle of CollagenMax sometimes every alternate week... or sometimes every week... Even my mum's starting to do the same... Now its more for maintaining my joints and preventing cellulite more than the facial skin... :p

  5. how about the new collagen drink call FirmUp? it contain 5000mg of low molecule aqueous marine collagen with CoQ10 for only 69.90 in Guardain for 10 bottles. :D

    It hardly find CoQ10 drink malaysia with collagen just like Fancl in Singapore

  6. Ah! I did see FirmUp in the pharmacies here... Hmm... wonder if I should actually try that given the fact that I've run out my last box of Collagenmax... hohohoho....

    Yeah... there's been lotsa raves on Fancl. Too bad I haven't tried it out... :p Convenience of getting something from the store instead of waiting for a mail order triumphs over all that raves... :p

  7. i swear go to sunway specialist dr ruben, roaccutane, it's a prescibed medicine, stop wasting money on this

    remember beauty radiate from within ur heart, not appearnace <3

  8. & umm did u know dat guardian & watson is under the same company but different name? so they are manipulating the price ni, their boss is procter & gamble, google it P&G, evil business people right?haha but thats life

  9. hohoho... new info to me... Guardian and Watson under P&G... evil-evil pharmacies....

    Yes! I've heard of roaccutane... My friend's on that... and it has help her acne by loads... But seriously, I'd only go for prescriptive(s) if ever acne turns severe... So yeah... no prescriptive(s) for me for now..

    But, I'm being a good girl eating my apples and avoiding heavy dairies and seafood apart from fish(including food with traces of oyster sauces or any trace of seafood !)... So yeah... skin is pretty nice with the help of some lotsa water, fresh fruits and veggie, occasional dose of liquid collagen... and... nano-ion steamer... lol...

  10. It may make sense that If collagen loss leads to skin sagging and wrinkles, then replenishing collagen either orally or through creams should restore elasticity and health of aging skin. But, it doesn't work this way. There's no scientific proof that collagen, applied topically, can penetrate the epidermis. The collagen molecules are very complex and large and would not penetrate, and even if collagen did penetrate, it would not be able to incorporate itself within the complex collagen structure in the skin.

    Collagen actually is protein, so will easily breakdown, that is the reason the effect is very shorterm.

  11. Hi, i wish to know wat the different of collagen from cow, goat and fish??? I do tried this Kinohimitus J'pan Beauty Drink ( Collagen ), feel that my skin become smoother... but just worry tat there is a side effect?? Any comment?? **

  12. is this product from japan?... it says j'pan... not japan....

  13. Hi Anonymous and Bebe,

    Actually collagen is just a protein. The difference that I know is when you're allergic to or cannot consume certain type of derived collagen. E.g; Some people cannot consume fish collagen because they are allergic to certain fishes collagen is derived from.

    And.. no. This product is not manufactured in Japan. It is manufactured in Taiwan. :p

  14. Im searching for the collagen drink and found ur blog..thanks to u, i didnt buy the Kinohimitsu D-tox Juice..fuh~~ (=_=) else i feel like throwing money into the sea..hahahaha...I just bought a box of Kinohimitsu Collagen is 79.80 plus FREE 2 bottles of UV bright ^^ so..the bust up drink didnt really work well??

  15. Now I'm consuming a collagen product called NH Colla PLus.have u all heard about it? Is state tt have 5,000 mg collagen, which is double up from kinohimitsu. I'm just wondering issit better than kinohimitsu? If kinohimitsu better,then I'll just switch to it after finish consuming.hehehe

  16. Yeah, I'm about to try to consume a collagen product but get so confuse with d many products in d market. Which is d best by far - Kinohimitsu or NH Colla or Collagen or others....

  17. Hi Anonymous(s),

    My mum decided to try NH Colla instead of sticking to CollagenMax. LOL... Cos' of the price. Its definitely cheaper. She says its whatever the brand, they seem to work the same for her. But, I'm sticking to CollagenMax for a while (mainly because its shown results).

    Kinohimitsu too works as well as CollagenMax. I'm not sure about NH Colla though, since I've only consumed 2 bottles of that. I didn't quite like the taste of strong preservatives.

  18. wat's the diff btw j'pan BB drink and collagen?? which one works well??

  19. Hi Anonymous,
    You could see my post on J'pan BB drink here:

  20. Hi sugar, is this collagen drink suitable for guys (25 to 30) as well? Are there any side effects? Please enlighten, thank!

  21. Hi anonymous,

    Collagen drinks are used by both men and women alike. So yes, it is definitely suitable for guys as well.

    The only thing is, when you're looking for collagen drinks, I'd suggest that you try drinks that don't have added soy isoflavones or any plant female like hormones...

    Long term side effects are probably due to the preservatives in the drink as in any processed food that we consume and not due to the collagen. (that's from what I've been reading anyways)

    Hope that helps :p

  22. my choice is nh colla plus , try kino ,and few brand not as good as colla plus ,and it is no perservatuve like ut so muck ,can feel the difference .

  23. For the sake of all you lengluis, I'd just like to add a link here on side effects on collagen supplements:

    Mainly allergy reactions but pretty rare...

  24. NH Colla Plus, a super-concentrated marine collagen beauty drink launched under the NH Beauty Series, contains 5,000mg of marine collagen, natural Vitamin C and red grape juice concentrate to give you gorgeous skin.

    Detail article at:

  25. now got a new brand in market - Lennox Firm Up. It seen more cheaper.

  26. Hi eeting,

    Yeah, Lennox Firm Up is a cheaper alternative. But personally I haven't tried that because there are too many brands now in the market. But, they've got pretty positive reviews as well.. even though I avoided it because of preservatives stated in the ingredients list. (^^)"

  27. i hv tried mireica before but not suitable with me. My skin breakout on my forehead. I switched to Kino Diamond Collagen drink and it become worst. My skin is having acne and im so stressed. if i were to know this will happen, i will not take such supplement at the 1st place. for those who r allergy to the ingredients, pls think careful.

  28. Lenglui's,

    Please take note...

    Please scan through the ingredients of collagen supplements before purchasing a particular brand. If it contains suspicious stuff like preservatives... etc. Sad to say, avoid it... even if it's cheaper...

  29. Hi Sugar,

    1) Have you been taking Kinohimitsu regularly since 2008 and after 3 years, it is really effective?
    2) Do you still have breakouts or other side effects?
    3) Do you recommend taking Kinohimitsu since it's manufactured in Taiwan as we have lately read about the DEHP chemical in Taiwan's products.

  30. Hi Anonymous,

    1) Now consuming collagen supplement from Japanese brands... Collagen DOES help maintain skin firmness to a point. But just the occasional consumption for me... I'd relied on lemon water and lots'a nice red apples to help perk up my skin instead.

    See my post on lemon water: (^o^)

    2) I stopped taking Kinohimitsu a long time ago due to the breakouts... Also... I was a little skeptical about the ingredients... :p

    3) I guess its all based on individual preferences. I'm a little bias when it comes to consuming supplements so I'm always skeptical on products from China, Taiwan and Korea. I know I know... bias... :p Just scan the ingredients... If you think its from a reputable source, go with it.. Just remember, don't overdo it. All supplements are meant to be just supplements.

    Hope this helps :p

  31. Hi, I have been drinking the Kinohimitsu Collagen for men. During the first 2 weeks, I felt that my skin was so thick and rough. But in the third week of drinking the supplement, my skin becomes smooth again. I guess the supplement helps my skin to push out the whiteheads and the blackheads from within. I have a bad case of skin blemishes but the supplement seems to be helpful in reducing the spots. Im on the 4th week of drinking the supplement.

  32. i have tried Fabula Collagen Max, not bad, i drink before sleep, the next morning can really feel the skin different, smooth and shines..

  33. Hi, which one do you think should go first in the morning? To drink kino collagen or the lemon juice? Thank you so much.

  34. Hi Anonymous,

    I'm really not sure since I'm neither a dietician or a doctor. But, I usually take lemon in the morning and collagen goes at night... :p Hope this helps!

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  36. Collagen is the most common protein in the human body, and it has a very important role.

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