Friday, January 9, 2009

BaByliss Pro Ceramic Curling Iron

Curly Hair Days

Above, is the pic of my curling iron. Yes, it's from BaByliss and it costs a bomb RM200. I know there are way lots of cheaper curling thongs out there RM20-RM100... But... I'll tell you why I bought this even though I've got more than one curling irons and they costs less than half the price of this. And no.. I didn't buy those "pasar malam" type. I bought irons with reputable brands... Unfortunately... they seem to only behave on thinner hair.

Reason why I bought this:
  • My hair is thick... and trust me.. cheaper curling irons... they don't work as well on thick hair. You'll end up in front of the mirror whole day waiting for the iron to heat your hair up...
  • This iron has temperature control which is one of the most important thing I think you need in any styling tool (except for hair dryers). In different condition, your hair is going to react differently to your iron temperature...
  • Its got a swivel cord which makes sure I don't get tangled cords while curling my hair.. Most irons have got swivel cords now... Must be too many people getting tangled up...
  • I got fed-up of mini styling tools that take too much time to perform
  • For steps on curling your hair... go Google.. there are just too many blogs and DIY vid tips on that
The key thing to getting perfectly styles hair is.... PRACTICE-PRACTICE-PRACTICE.... There was once upon a time where I'll curl my hair everyday before I go to work. And now... it only takes me 10-15 mins tops to curl my hair. A huge change from the more than an hour days to style my hair... (--)"


  1. Hi Anonymous :)

    If you're from KL, I got my BaByliss a few years back from Hair Rock Products in Low Yatt Plaza.

    You can source for this in shops that sells saloon hair tools.

  2. Did you experience the ceramic paint peeling off?

  3. Hi Josarine,

    Yes I did! I noticed after a couple of years, a tiny area had the ceramic coat peeled off. I thought maybe that's just 'cos I was a little rough in handling and cleaning the tool.. uh-huh...

  4. so after it peels can it still be used?

  5. Hi Josarine,

    Yes, I still use it normally since the peeled area is really tiny on mine... Hmm... I'm not sure if it's okay to continue using if the peeled area is huge... (--)"

  6. That's kinda bad especially when it's a known brand and i was planning on getting it n using it for a long time... I saw on Youtube the hairstylist still uses it when the pain wore off... i could see the steel... so maybe it's ok to use.

  7. Hi Josarine,

    Yeah, I'm feeling that too for the brand's repute. (--)"

    On all the hair tools purchased over the years, I always go with the mindset of getting a good one which lasts.

  8. I'm interested babyliss curling 31mm how can I get from?

  9. Hi Anonymous,

    I'm thinking maybe one of those Hair Tools shop would carry this like the one in Lowyatt Plaza. The problem is, most of this outlets in KL don't carry full range of BaByliss products. If you're really keen on getting one, try online..

    Hope this helps (^o^)

  10. Hi Anonymous...

    One more place to try looking for this :):

  11. Hello there,

    I am thinking of buying a babyliss curler but I heard that some babyliss curler sold in Malaysia are not genuine and I am afraid that I will buy a fake babyliss curler. May I know where is your Babyliss curler manufactured from? Is there any proof that the babyliss curler is genuine?

    Thank you very much =)

  12. Hi Anonymous,

    My curler has been with me since 2006. So umm I threw the box and whatever warranty card I had went with it.

    But the tool states Made in P.R.C (Peoples Republic of China) I have no idea how to determine its authenticity.

    But for me I think it's from the warranty card I *had* which wasn't really for Malaysia if I remember correctly, so the shop just told me to bring it back with their receipt. (but it's still working normally after 7 years lol)

    Hope this helps :p

  13. Hello there,

    Thank you so much for the info =D

  14. Hi would like to know whether babyliss is still a good curling iron? will you still recommend buying it?

  15. Hi Anonymous,

    Sorry for the delayed response...
    These days there's a wave of Japanese hair tools that does everything at a cheaper price... I'm crazily buying them... muahahahaha....
    But.... if you plan to use the curler daily, have thick stubborn hair and want the tool to last a lifetime... I'd still say... go for BaByLiss! :-)