Monday, October 19, 2009

Kinohimitsu J'pan Bust drink up - The New Fab?

Back to Boobs.... hahahahhahahha

Update 26th January 2010
  • Just realized there are quite a few comments on this post ... I know - I know... I haven't been updating this post in ages. But no matter how busy (yeah... work kinda sucks at a very depressing stressful point right now)... regardless, I'm gonna post a real short update here for this post readers! :p
  • After 5 boxes of this... I'm gonna say... come on girls... don't waste your money unless you plan to take this drink for-e-ver. You know every month we women go through ovulation... and our hormones sorta bounces around... and thats when your boobs reaches its peak size too. Same goes for the theory in this drink - puereria mirifica. Yeah... after14 days the boob drink claims to make a difference. After 28 days... claims to show results. Uh-huh... I'll just have to say this... I've seen bigger days with the monthly cycle... lol....
  • BUT.... this drink also contains 500mg collagen per bottle. So I guess its a kill 2 birds with a stone thingi. Yeah.. your body can only absorb so much collagen in a day. So yeah.. boobs will definitely feel firmer and more tender within consumption period. Nice.
  • In conclusion: If 5 boxes isn't wow-ing me... I don't think it'll wow any of you readers too... :p And the boob adventure goes on.... :p

Update 8th December 2009
  • Geez... so much for succumbing to temptation after much research on how safe it is to consume this... muahahaha... Lets see some blog on this soon.... sigh... going on the crazy boob adventure again....

You're probably wondering if I'd ever blog on this. Its new stuff in KL baby... but... pueraria mirifica has long been known to be used by native Thai women as a herb to increase bust size (I googled okay?) So emm... what's this thing with F-Cup cookies and boob drinks? lol.... And you're probably wondering why is sugar-cupcakes not crazy over these stuff? I mean duh..... getting C cup is LIKE a perfect dream-come-true!! Hahahhahaha.... Okay-okay... I'll continue this when I'm free... (--)" Now I've gotta get back to work... lol....

Butt issues for sports?? - Nike Perfect Fit -

A fit for all bums....

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See the vid on the link below by Nike...
My-my... do they understand women... Go watch it... hahahhahahhaaa...

Yeah... so, working out has kind of been a part of life since yoga...
But you know... its really a hassle to look great WHILE working out. Since you're going down the sweaty tortures route... (Yeah, I'm not exactly a fan of exercise lol) If you do it in the privacy of your own home... yeah... wearing your PJs is going to be OK. But... getting tortured and all sweaty strutting about in awkward poses in a public gym, is no-go.

Okay, I think its always no probs to look normal in a gym. No, I don't think its necessary to wear make up while working out. Geez, plain looking is fine. But walking around with a tight-fitting pants on your kookier than normal butt.... uh-huh.... think of fleshy folds of buns or the never-been-there ass?

I guess if you have a nice firm-toned ass like umm... Jessica Alba, you shouldn't be reading this post now... go away... hahahhahahahha....

Okay... the trick is to look for the perfect (there's no prefect... trust me... hahahaha) pants that gives the illusion of a passable butt.... So umm... what's this post about?

No, I'm not really promoting Nike Perfect Fit Workout Capris... I think they are bloody-hell overpriced for just sweating out actually. But hey, that didn't stop me from getting one... hahhahaha... But, also, this just shows how fitness brands are well aware of little trivial stuff women are so conscious of. I think, this does camouflage your less-than-perfect butt to at least looking plain normal. If you can actually get a pants that do this... cooooooool..........

  • low wider waist
  • thicker material at the butt area
  • comfortable fit
  • classic cut designs (no fancy dodgy cuts)
  • pricey

Looking good while working out = Motivation to actually get our bum off the couch

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Beauty on a BUDGET

.... seriously... is that possible?

Sometimes I think... we tend to splurge too much on ourselves (I know-I know... guilty as said)... But what happens if the sky decides to come crashing down and.... $$$$ would be the last thing on our mind let alone in or pocket...

Fuuuuuuu... that'd be the start of nightmare days for lengluis in the world..... no? Hey.... not every lenglui you see has that much cash to splurge. You know... life goes on with or without the extra cash.... And not everyone can afford to be a little princess each time paycheck comes... Living a happy life isn't just about superficial beauty... But... heck... I'm getting off topic here.... so now.... how would we budget ourselves and still remain a lenglui..? How do we get through life without that must-have skincare set??

  • Petroleum Jelly (Eg; Vaseline)

They are a really CHEAP super all-in-one! To soften rough skin areas, lib balm, and even wrinkly parts

  • Ultralight Therapy Oil (Eg; Skinlabs Therapy Oil)
You don't need super-expensive moisturisers... Get a simple therapy oil that works on sensitive skin and voila... you may now skip the moisturisers. Works on scars and flaky skin too!

  • Lotsa veggies and fruits (you know... fresh fruits and veggie diet costs way less than meaty and greasy junks)

Yeah... that super expensive meal at the restaurant could have costs way less if you ate super healthy... I don't mean being on a diet... but... fresh fruits and veggies do costs way less and since you're on a budget, I think its a good time to get some antioxidants in and a natural detox for your body

  • Water-water-water
Each time you order a drink, its gonna cost you on every meal. Ever seen the lady with a water bottle in her handbag everywhere she goes? Or the lenglui who just asks for plain warm water rather than ordering a drink? Yeah... you can start calculating how much you're gonna save by just ordering plain water or carrying a bottle of water around with you... Besides, plain water is hydrating, thirst quenching and.... GOOD FOR YOU!

  • Any simple face wash (plain glycerin with virgin coconut oil will do just fine as well)
Face wash needn't be super high quality. As long as you get a good make-up remover, all you need is a simple face wash. But.... always check the ingredients... Some super cheap face wash dumps in a whole load of chemicals in just to sound good. Remember, the key is simplicity. The less chemical compound... the better it is. Au nature l as they say.

  • Only buy clothes/shoes when they are ON SALE
Duh.... you may think... so when the SALE is on... you end up with the same clothes as everyone else? Besides... its hard to get the right sizes that fit in a SALE... Wrong! You'll look good in whatever if your skin, hair and body already looks HOT!
  • Get one single nice classy bag and STICK WITH IT
The problem with us ladies is that... Our bags tend to wear-off fast. And.... everything else on the shelves is gonna look better than your bag... lol.... So we'll end up with a load of bags that emmm... doesn't justify the means of the person owning them. Heck... you're only gonna carry one bag at a time... Du-uuh..... SO, get a good one (yeah... it might cos a little more... or maybe way----more...) Make sure it matches everything else... and will last you through the years. And, STICK WITH IT. Don't be unfaithful............ Be nostalgic! Hahahhahahha...

  • Blackhead Tool
Okay... so you've decided to save money by skipping facial. Hmmm.... thats fine since I haven't been to any facial in years! And... my face is coping just fine. Have your own facial. They don't have to cost a bomb. Besides... all that gunk that goes on your face? They're gonna stay on the outside anyways. You may swear that they actually do something, but... heck... its just cos they FEEL GOOD! And it feels good to have someone do your face for you... Come on... all you need is a simple blackhead tool... and hygiene!

  • Tweezers

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I almost missed this out! Sheesh... these are one of the most important tool you'll need and they are really cheap so yeah... cheap and mighty useful. Though be warned... never ever over-pluck. Under-plucking is fine. But over-plucking, is gonna make you look far older than you really are. Whether its used for tweezing your eyebrows (see my post on eyebrow perfection), your teeny weeny barely there side mustache or that sudden single hair growth on inconvenient places.... pain factor? 100% OUCH!! lol....

  • Toothpaste
So now... what about zits? You do need to get a proper anti-ZIT gel or cream right? Think about it... has any of those special pimple gel made your zits vanish overnight? None of mine does... The zit just crinkled and dried out a little... But thats about it. Try applying some toothpaste on your zit. See that its gonna work the same as Clearasil or OXY... lol... Google up for more info... Though emmm... if you've got really bad skin... see below:


If you've got ultra-horribly sensitive skin... please. You can try budgeting on any other stuff but do STICK TO YOUR REGULAR SKINCARE that helps (whatever brand that may be, don't budget on it). Nothing beats trying to budget and switching skincare on your already sensitive skin. If you've got your skin in check... don't worry... you'll look good in anything... yes... even the super-cheap-o blouse or bag you're carrying. Know what...? When you look good, you look good in anything.