Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Life changing secrets for a happier, prettier girl!

In case you didn't know, the lenglui in the image below is Maria Menounos a Greek-American actress, journalist, and television presenter. She's written a book on "The every girl's guide to LIFE". But I figured, we haven't got all day sourcing out the book so.... here's a quick summary... Watch the vidclip below hosted on MSN...

Click HERE to watch the vid on MSN

But... if you're reading this post from a mobile, here's a quick summary of her tips which I found were sure-easy to follow... huhuhuhu:

  • Drink hot, warm, room temperature water. It helps with digestion. If you feel good, you're gonna look good.
  • Stay organized. An organized lenglui is a happier lenglui. Label all your stuff and have a designated location for all your stuff. Remember to put things back where you took them from.
  • Maria introduced a lazy girls exercise... LOL... come on... you can exercise anywhere... even on your bed..
  • Remember my post on clothes alteration? Yeah... alter your clothes to fit YOU
Yeah... the rules are simple... and duh. But lengluis, I think we need some discipline.... lol...

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Silk Beddings - To Anti Wrinkle Smooth Skin?

Lengluis would swear by anything that keeps their skin wrinkle free... Even up to the point of changing their beddings to pure 100% silk beddings. Huhuhu... Little would you know... I've been sleeping in silk beddings for more than a year now! Silk pillowcases, pure silk quilt, pure silk quilt cover, uh-huh... And its not because of the wrinkle free skin theory... I just happened to be OBLIGED to purchase them.. Trust me, if you go on a China trip.. you will understand why. LOL....


So what do people claim by sleeping in 100% pure silk beddings?

  • Silk is breathable and has natural hypoallergenic properties making is excellent for those with allergies.
  • Silk either traps air next to the skin to keep you warm in the cold, or draws it away from the body in hotter temperatures.
  • Silk can be naturally resistant to dust mite and have a good effect to sensitive skins.
  • silk is 100% natural, and has lots of amino acids, which contribute to moisture penetrate the skin.
  • Silk pillowcases will enable hair to glide across the pillowcase without breakage.
  • Silk itself has natural moisturizing factors to keep moisture balance, which can maintain hair style and improve hair quality
  • 100% silk pillowcases has fewer amounts of wrinkles than other materials. It is easy to keep your facial creams that you sleep with every night. As far as some experts say, silk has the function of preventing wrinkles because there is a special element to moist the skin without dryness.
  • Silk plays a calming effect on the nervous system, choosing silk bedding sets can be said to be an excellent choice. They not only help people relax during the night, but also bring them absolutely comfortable sleep
Referenced from:
  • You'll feel a kind of calming effect each time slumber comes
  • Definitely helps with my allergies (sinus and eczema)
  • I don't know about the wrinkle and having nicer hair... Looks the same to me... LOL... 
  • But... IT DEFINITELY FEELS GOOD to sleep in!
  • Lengluis with trouble sleeping... I'd definitely recommend them for a BEAUTY SLEEP!