Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lemon Water - for clearing up skin...

Really? Does lemon water help clears up your skin?

pic copied from http://toddfrisbie.wordpress.com/2009/07/

If you google enough, you'll eventually be convinced that a lemon a day keeps the skin doctor away... lol... As skeptic as I would like to sound, I actually went on this lemon water regime without knowing its benefits... It all started with my mum's kidney detox...

She was on 8 lemons a day for 10 days... Uh-huh... imagine the amount of lemons I've been seeing in the kitchen... So I decided I needed the perk me up and half a lemon (stolen from my mum's stash) a day would be just the thing... hohoho...

The daily regime:
  • Bought the RM5 citrus juicer
  • Dilute the half a lemon juice with warm water
  • Morning before breakfast is good (don't worry about gastric, when lemon juice goes in your digestive system it becomes alkaline.. read on)
  • If you have a sensitive stomach, please take this very diluted.. And have something light for breakfast...
  • Do this everyday (either half a lemon or 1 lemon a day)

So here's to my conclusion:
  • Feels fresher every morning (sheesh... thanks to the sour mornings)
  • I had allergy... but guess what....? No cystic acne breakouts anymore...
  • Surprisingly... it actually helps
  • My skin cleared up.. Though I still get minor breakouts from food allergy...
  • Seriously, TRUST ME... THIS WORKS!
  • Coming from a skeptic who spends all her money on crazy skincare
  • Emm.. of course you need to watch your diet too... duh... you are what you eat...
  • Helps with digestion too

If you're feeling all skeptic... go on... read the links below.
They are the experts after all:

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Coolest gadget EVER!!! -- Kinect Xbox 360--

Beats the wii any given day huh?

hohohoho... Check out these links:

The lead producer demo-ing "Dance Central"
Another cool demo by the project director
Full body workout with a virtual coach... I'm amazed!

Beats the wii any given day huh>>?
Oh yeah... on the side line... go google up "Muscle March"... Was "de" game that tempted me to get the wii... But.... no... I have patience... I will wait for the natal (now kinect)... lol.... For those lengluis who already have the wii.. fret not... Go get the gayest coolest game ever on the wii -- muscle march -- and it'll be worth all the envy you'll have for kinect... hohoho...

I've been following project Natal for quite some time now.. Waiting, anticipating... worried that it may not be as great as everyone seeing it coming because of all the crazy programmatic flaws it's sure to have. Okiee okiee... Deep down, I'm a geek at heart... hohohoho... Finally admitted that... Come on... I am writing programs for a living... (And playing games for a minimal hour each day seems to be part of my job now... huhuhuh...

But back to our main subject... Kinect... this is definitely on my wish list... Lengluis, coming Nov 2010... presenting you... Kinect!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Stiff neck and shoulder aches? The Buckwheat Pillow Hype...

Organic Buckwheat pillow and all that hype...

So whats all this hype on buckwheat pillows?? Huhuhu... 2 months ago... I finally replaced the ol' lovable pillow with a buckwheat pillow. And the only reason I did that was because of all the hype on how it can help stiff necks and shoulder aches... So yeah... here's to another splurge (3/4 sponsored by 2 of my great gfs) (^^) --happiness--

Oh... Btw... This costs like a bomb for a pillow. Man... why do waste-stuff like buckwheat husks costs so much? Sheesh.......

Any of you lengluis who's reading this... I bet you have the same "neck/shoulder ache syndrome" Duh! That's cos you've been staring at the PC or your notebook for hours with all the wrong posture in place... (--)" just like me... So here's my testimonial on this:

  • The first 3 days was a torture - I could not get use to the pillow
  • The pillow felt hard! (no fluffy nice feeling - I was missing fluffy pillows)
  • Its heavy (trust me... the pillow weighs NOT like a pillow)
  • .. and smells weird
  • Light sleepers beware... you'll get soft rustling noises when you twist and turn
  • After the first 3 horrendous days.... OH MY GOD......
  • I never ever want to switch back to normal pillow... hahahaha
  • Not because this took away my neck aches
  • But because... the elevation of the pillow is just right! Not too high not too low...
  • The pillow conforms to your head shape and you sleep at just the right posture
  • Try switching back to normal pillows after a month... hahaha... its never gonna feel the same
  • I'm satisfied! (after 3 sleepless days -- horror horror horror)
  • Other pillows will never ever feel the same
  • Hoping that after many months of this, my neck/shoulder aches will reduce
  • Say hello to comfortable sleep (if you ever get through "the getting used" to period) and better neck posture....

Monday, June 14, 2010

Modish Smoothing Styling Essence

Yes... its time I was trying something new... Err hhhkkk - err humm....
And this time... its on my overloaded with hair dye and bleached hair....!!

Okay, so umm.. I've tried this like a month ago so its not considered a new adventure... But sheesh... its hard to find the time to blog when I'm busy being a couch potato... :p

So what does the retailer says... (copied off their site http://modishbeauty.com)


Hair Styling essence for Detangles, Hydrates & Protect for a Luxurious, Soft Smooth Feel.

Modish Smoothing Styling Essence is an excellent conditioner for chemically treated or over processed hair. De tangles, hydrates and protects with silk essence for a luxurious, soft smooth feel. Suitable for use before blow-drying to protect against heat and chemical treatment.


My verdict:

  • Shake the bottle, spray onto your palms and apply to ends of hair avoiding scalp.. Easy!
  • Blow dry or leave hair as it is..
  • VOILA...! Manageable okay-ish hair..
  • Non greasy, smells okay-ish... some people may like the scent...
  • Hair stays soft until the next wash
  • Try avoid getting this near your scalp - avoid that flat hair look at the end of the day
  • Just like most leave on serums but this is like intensive GOOD work done on my overly chemical treated hair!
  • Good for lots-a blow drying and some straightening iron days
  • Its back to long-hair days again...
  • Hair therapy to complement the old post on hair serums
  • Modish is sticking by for a while.

How to AGE gracefully?

Oh nooooooo.... we're getting older by the minute and we know it!

If you're heading towards the BIG 30 or are already there or way past that... I think its high time we think about aging gracefully.

pic courtesy of http://www.evelinecharles.com/beautymd.php

Its like the been-there-done that time of life where everyone's starting to remind you, baby, you're not young anymore. Come on... no one likes to be older... but its like the one thing we can't avoid... Reversing age? dang... if only that was EVER possible... Forget botox (for now)... screw surgeries.. if you're gonna be going for cosmetic procedures but have trouble climbing the stairs or having to wear dentures too early for your age... ITS NOT WORKING!

Hohoho... But, you've seen ladies who's age are well beyond their looks. Tell me, does Jen Aniston looks 40?? I don't think so... Kate Moss?? Sheesh... she looks fashionable even in a lousy oversized-T... So okie lengluis, we may all start to age but... lets age gracefully!

  • Teeth - TAKE CARE OF YOUR SMILES! Ladies... if there's anything more important than being beautiful naturally is having a usable set of teeth! Flossing regularly, massaging your gums, collagen to maintain gums...? Whatever you do... please... your teeth are IMPORTANT! We wanna avoid dentures as long a we can... huhuhuhu...
  • Dressing - Try not to dress too young or too old for your age. Eg; Stay away from neons and old grandmotherly laces and peasant flowers or gaudy colours
  • Hairstyles - Mid-length is your safest bet. If you've got babyface, you may still pull off the long hair. I bet you've seen countless of mid-age ladies trying to pull of the young-flirty-long-haired look... The older you get... don't go too short or too long.. no lenglui wanna end up impersonating "the ring" or emm.. whatever "tomboyish aunt-ish" look. Work a do that goes best with your best features
  • Losing hair - Yeah... as we age, most of us feel like we're going balder by the minute. Okay, for most, its a figment of our imagination.. But... when the hard cold truth sets in... you'll know when to cut down on hair dyes and take care of your scalp.
  • Yoga - This is the ultimate, lengluis... I'm serious! Every women I know who look way below their age is into yoga. Come on, if you wanna avoid having joint-paints... trouble walking up the steep stairs as you get older... its time to consider yoga...
  • Stretching - stretching in the morning and having some stomach pick me up in the morning like squeezing quarter of a lemon into cold water and downing the glass each morning
  • Hot and cold - This was from some Japanese age old therapy... when showering, alternate between hot and cold... your skin will contract and expand from the hot and cold water... its like exercise for the skin! Of course... emm... this is not advisable for lengluis going through winter in a cold climate...
  • Secret inner wears - As our bodies age... so does our figure! Its not like we're some celeb who can spend 3-5 hours a day at the gym working our butt off for a nice figure. Come on... on average we only have 4-5 hours a week to spend on maintaining my figure! The rest are time for study, work-work-work, family, sleep, bf, friends, social, and tv... Geez... No beautiful-figure lenglui would ever admit this... but... secretly... most of these women.. they invest in that body-shaping girdle/inner wear/thigh buster tights... to keep that body in shape while they're busy doing stuff other than exercising... Those who says its all thanks to good genes... puh-leeese..... what do they know??! hahahhahaa....
  • Keep an active mind - For the couch potatoes like me... huhuhu... its time to reduce your regular dosage of "staring into space sessions". Pick up a new skill... baking, cooking, sewing.. music instrument, blogging... whatever floats your boat...
  • Feets and Hands - When moisturizing... don't forget your feet and hands! Use gloves when dealing with harsh chemicals like detergents... No ones gonna find out your age when the saying "your hands tell your age" is a laugh...
  • Lengluis, add on to this list - and the list goes on.... hohohoho...