Monday, March 1, 2010

The Price Of Beauty - Jessica Simpson

How do you perceive beauty?

Wow... So I can't help but blog about this. This show is set to premier this 15th March 2010. Wouldn't it be great when this shows come on? I'm certainly buying this!

Link to the Preview - The Price of Beauty (Jessica Simpson)

Okay, so now you haven't got the time or bandwidth to watch the preview. So whats this hoo-ha about?

  • Its about Jessica Simpson exploring the world to see how different cultures perceive beauty
  • You may not be that into Jessica Simpson... but come on... if you're reading my post... you'll certainly be interested in this show! I know I am... hahahhahaa...
  • The whole point of the show - what makes the women from different cultures feel beautiful?
  • In the preview, she sneaks some of the her fav parts of the show... Eg; In Uganda, fat is beautiful... Beautiful is BIG and... before meeting your husband you go into a fat hut to become beautiful... I'm impressed already...
  • But its cool.. throughout the whole show, you'll see what women around the world does to achieve superficial beauty. Also, what we perceive beautiful in our culture may be the opposite in another culture
  • The show would be an eye opener for women around the world... Interesting to know that you're not alone on this quest...
  • You know... superficial beauty is not everything..
  • But heck... I'd be one hell of a fan.. hohohoho...