Friday, November 26, 2010

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Apologies for all the sudden confusing designs on the site.

iwannabelenglui is undergoing some cosmetic procedures so she looks better for her readers!
though umm... she's kind of fickle minded on how the site should really look... lol..

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Making heels land a better place to walk in... LOL

Heart the heel in the poster below... lol... (its the art for a reality tv show btw)

Okay, so when I decided to do a shoe count, something absolutely obviously obvious showed.. LOL.... I have MORE HIGH HEELED shoes compared with flats and... they ALL look brand new! Maybe 'cos I avoid wearing them as often as my flats. Okay, so most of them only get worn once... Sheesh... Its easier to buy heels cos they look gorgeously better! Emm, I still love my many cute flats though... hohoho.. and they are MUCH MUCH MUCH more comfortable to walk in.

After much pain, googling for help and loads of pretty heels over the years, here's my conclusion dedicated to lengluis with wide feet but longed oh-so-much to wear pretty heels!

Some tips picked up:

  • always practice walking in them in the comfort of your home before deciding to walk out in them (save the tripping and pain)
  • always make sure you cut your toe nails... Long nails will hurt when your heel pushes your toes down-frontwards to that hard base when you walk.. you're so gonna end up with bruises and bunions
  • get those invisi-stockings/foot cover with toe pads. If you're from KL, try su.soku toe pad invisible low cut foot cover... They help!
  • always walk heel first not sole first (seriously this helps but you'll need some practice. And please, don't do so in ultimate stilettos, you might just kill yourself)
  • don't stinge to spend on extra pads and cushioning... get more cushioning. Whatever to make your feet more comfortable in those killer heels
  • get those jelly-textured cushioning if you're prone to bunions

If you have wider feet:

  • as tempting as it its... try and avoid pointy shoes. Strapped heeled sandals are loads more comfortable for wide feet (those sparkly studded ones are gems!)
  • if you can't help it, measure your max feet width with the width of the shoe front base. If you need to squeeze your feet to a reduced 25% width.... you'll never be able to walk in them. Hey... we don't live in those feet-binding ages anymore!
  • settle for maybe a little rounded front...
  • if you still feel those are hurting when the heels pushes you feet down-forward, squeeze and press the front-top of the shoes till the fabric/base texture is not too hard. (works especially well for leather shoes)
  • when you stand or walk, try distributing your weight towards both heel and sole
When you feel that extra comfort in your heels, you're going to be able to dance and run in them! LOL... Here's to a better place to walk in. Good luck lengluis!

Disclaimer note: Hey, if you fall or trip in your heels, don't bring up this post! There's no guarantee on absolute safety for just following advice on this post. lol...

Facial Cleanse Sponge - for that extra clean saloon feel..

Many of us lengluis think going for facial courses is where you get ultimately nice clean skin. In actual fact, I think going to beauty saloons for regular facials are more for when you're a much too busy person to take care of your own skin (of course this applies too if you've got too much extra $$$ and don't know what to do with it... muahahahahaha...). Rather, I'd save the extra cash for saloon specific treatments...

So okay, its easy enough for us to apply our own mask. And blackhead removal? (a face steamer, the blackhead tool and pore vacuum) What about cleansing? Nothing like some foam lathering and splashes of water to cleanse your facial skin? And so, add on a Facial Cleansing Sponge for easier cleansing.. ta-da! Full facial prep at home! (But, always remember hygiene-hygiene-hygiene)

pic credit to

Benefits of using it:
  • feels like you've cleansed your face thoroughly
  • water does not get splashed everywhere when you cleanse your face
  • pretty nice to use in general when you do your daily cleansing
  • these are like very mild exfoliate but less abrasive compare to wash clothes and facial scrubs
  • most saloons reuse their facial sponges so... I'd say... hey.. get your own
  • this can be a breeding ground for bacteria if you do not clean or change them often enough
  • I normally get the thicker ones so that they last (and occasionally soak them in diluted disinfectant and rinse)
Oh yeah, I would recommend the cleansing sponge from Beauty Credit. They costs only RM6.90 and lasts like forever! (But, ahem... of course if you're too lazy of a person to really clean them often enough, please... get the cheaper, thinner sort which you can change as often as possible)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sana Body Refining Spray Vs Ettusais Medicated Body Whitening Mist

Okay, so I'm not just dealing with jawline and facial acne when down with food allergy. Its the back, tummy and decollete area that's irritating! I mean... doh... how's a lenglui suppose to wear bare back or umm... lets see... a little skin showing clothes during summer?! And, not to forget sugar_cupcakes is staying in a 365 days all year round HOT tropical climate... (--)"

So... here's to the 2 worth blogging about products over the years -> the must-win battle with body acne...

Ettusais Medicated Body Whitening Mist

  • Nice to use
  • Pretty pricey for a small can (I mean duh... your whole back is a HUGE area)
  • Not very easy to spray when you hold a half full can upside-down (covers a small area only)
  • Yes, it helps fade away red marks left by acne
  • Though its not a full proof get-rid-of-acne spray.. Duh! If that was possible why are we still dealing with acne

Sana Body Refining Spray

  • Quite worth it since its costs less for more (when compared to ettusais)
  • Yes, it helps... Keeps acne in check (salicylic acid)
  • Smells faintly of salicylic acid and sorta like a real mild tea tree oil tinge to it
  • The spray bottle is really nice-to-use. Sprays on well even when you turn the bottle upside down (spray covers a huge area)
  • I don't see the acne getting less red, but they do reduce in size over time (the anti-bacteria thing sure helps)

  • I like SANA one 'cos its more umm... value-for-money
  • And the spray bottle is pretty nice to use. Easy to cover most area of body with a spray
  • Both work to help keep body acne in check
  • Of course you'll never be body-acne free just because of these products if your hormones are still imbalance and the food you eat is causing all sorta skin allergies (okay okay, speaking of the devil... hohohoho)
  • If you're battling body acne, I really do recommend these. (they are sure-keepers)