Sunday, April 10, 2011

Water Softener for Smooth Skin and Soft Hair

iwannabelenglui is contemplating to change her bathing water quality for soft smooth skin and hair!! huhuhuhuhu...

You lengluis have probably heard of the "Hard Water" and "Soft Water"  terms when  it comes to dealing with iritating skin conditions such as eczema and bad acne or rashes from allergies. I didn't blog about this because, I've only heard of it while researching on Panasonic Water Ionizer PJ-A36 a couple of years back. But... after loads of contemplating (since my dad says soft water burns your stomach in the long run) and lots of Google research, I decided not to pursue with this expensive purchase.

Not until just recently, my mum came back telling me of several Koreans she knew who installs COWAY Water Softener BB09 for health and beauty reasons. You could say this is a water ionizer as well which is umm.. made in Korea by the way. So now, what makes this any different from getting the Panasonic one which is made in Japan and lets you choose between whatever type of water you need for consumption to bathing... etc? The appliance itself is up for RENT! At a pretty affordable price too I heard (I think about RM70 per month - find out about the rental here) Meaning, you don't need to purchase it. The agent will actually install and service the appliance for you every month. And if a new model comes out, just tell them.. switch the model.. hohohoho... sounds interesting huh?

Hmm.. I figured, best I do a post on this before deciding on anything. Come on... bathing water wouldn't do too much harm huh? And Japanese and Korean babes have been using soft water for aeons. Bathing water is okay... but for the part of soft water consumption... The "burn your stomach thing" from my dad still lingers in the head... hahahahhaha... myth or not... lol...

If any of you lengluis ever are renting their appliance and service... please do comment! I bet all lengluis are interested in knowing if the quote below from stands! Read on below!
"Chore-doers will love using soft water, as tasks can actually be performed more efficiently with it. Soap will lather better and items will be left cleaner. Glasses will sparkle and hair will look healthy. The shower curtain will be scum-free. Clothes and skin are left softer. In addition to time, this can also save money, as less soap and detergents will be used. Since appliances have to work less hard, soft water can also prolong the life of washing machines, dishwaters and water heaters. Energy bills are noticeably lower when in households with water softeners. In a time of rising energy costs, this is something to think about.

Soft water is not, however, suggested for those with heart or circulatory problems, or others who may be on a low sodium diet. In the softening process, as minerals are removed, sodium content increases. Research shows that cardiovascular disease has the lowest risk in areas where water has the most mineral content."