Wednesday, December 16, 2009

How YOGA saved my surf week...

pic credit to http://www.fitsugar.com

Talk about being an idiot.....

3 days before a surf trip... those 3 and a half inches heels of mine were beckoning me to wear them... They were practically screaming "WEAR ME! WEAR ME!!!" lol... yeah... that's how it happened...

So yeah.... and I wore them to work... and .... I wore them to lunch.... where the floors in the food court were silently greasy and there were invisible steps along the stalls,.... I think you can guess what came next.... THE BIG FALL... yeah.... I "pok-kai" with food, tray and all..... Oh!!!! Talk about the embarrassment... and ouchhhhhhhhhhhhhh..... felt like I should just disappear into thin air right that moment... Okay... so that's not the worst part... I was due to go on a surf trip 2 days after!! With foot in bandage and all.... that surf trip didn't look like it was going to happen...

SIGHHHHHHHHHHHH................................ today's the day after the "FALL"... so now... normally if you sprain your foot or ankle, its going to take a while to heal.. And you're probably going to be functioning only with one and a quarter foot... But..... Now, here's the great BUT.......

But because I've been such a good girl going for yoga classes and all... the sprained foot (twisted by 3.5 inches heels) didn't look too bad cos' there were already lots of twisting and awkward positions "the foot" has gone through in most of the yoga classes... so it was prepared for the worst... so the foot is healing great and I can still walk normally. Though the soreness is still there, I'm sure surfing is still good to go in 2 days time.... Imagine without yoga, "the foot" would have to endure such lethal effects of the sprain and surfing... would never have happened this year...

So there you go... YOGA is GOOD for you!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Albion Skin Cond - Miracle for troubled skin?

Read all the raves on it? Now its my turn....

Seriously girls with internal acne problem, allergy skin.... I'm telling you... I could hug this to sleep...
Apologies... Earlier, this post was neglected!!

Albion Skin Conditioner is like SKII miracle water for lengluis with troubled skin. Only setback... huhuhuhu... The price... Its RM313 for a 330ml bottle! That's like what?! Almost RM1 per ml... Uh-huh... But I'm telling you... Its a real comfort for troubled skin!

  • Asian legluis rave about SKII... But if you really need to know the truth, not every lenglui get crystal clear skin with their miracle water (really!)
  • That's cos' breakouts are usually caused by internal factors (Again... see my post on lemon!!)
  • Albion Skin Conditioner soothes irritated acne and sensitive skin (You'll need to lightly wet pieces of cotton with it and place it on your acne like a mask)
  • Acne size reduces over time (if you do the mask thing religiously)
  • Light subtle fragrance that's comforting
  • No, you don't automatically get crystal clear skin... Sheesh, if thats the case... I'd have skin like Fan Bing Bing... lol... But... you'll feel like your skin's rejuvenated with extra moisture and the acne part would feel pretty soothing
  • I'd treat this as my facial mask on days of poor tired sad skin... 
  • Most of their other products were umm.. alright... (I've only went with some sample-sized stuff)
  • But the Albion Skin Conditioner... two thumbs up! That's if you're in for a splurge... hohoho....

How to make the most out of shopping in Seoul

Shopping in Seoul...

Hohohoho.... I found the time to blog....

Now, what was I saying about Seoul? Its shopping haven for women!!!
Hahahhaa.... Okay, the reason I'm saying that is because......... of all the reasons below:

  • cheapo skincare thats pretty good quality are everywhere!! (of course you can't compare this with Jap skincare or brands from the US and the UK) But.... they are pretty nice to use, works perfectly well and they are cheaper than most good skincare with comparable quality.
  • Lotsa nice masks and lotions that have subtle fragrances and are lightweight... and very nice to use!
  • For those who can afford, fashionable special clothes that you hardly find elsewhere. Look around you and you'll understand why! The people there dress to the nines! Perfect!
  • There are lotsa cheap fashionable good quality clothes in the mall next to the huge Doota shopping complex, but.... they are free-size. So for the lucky lengluis who can sit in any size... you're in luck!
  • Household stuff (eg; cleaning detergents, sprays... cleaning tools) that are special and nice quality and the price? Affordable! - I got this "magic washing ball" that replaces detergent with some ceramic tech that cleanses your clothes better than normal washing detergent. Clothes smells real clean without the necessity of chemical wash powder.
  • hair accessories and bling blings which are cheap and PRETTY!!! You may find them in your home country but... they might cost double or otherwise designs are not as classy
  • Clean water! Clean toilets! Clean place to eat!
  • There are loads more reasons but...... lets get to the main topic now... How to make most out of shopping in Seoul!

Seoul can be an expensive place for asians and a not so expensive place for caucasians... But regardless... knowing some stuff about shopping in Seoul pre-trip would bring you huge satisfaction when you do get back from your trip... Now, what do you need to know?

  • If you're planning a shopping trip, bring a half full luggage! And probably an extra portable one to go into the main luggage
  • Depending on what season you're planning to go, travel with the necessary clothings. Traveling with basics will do, but keep in mind that the lengluis there are all well-dressed. For lengluis leaving in tropical climates, I'd suggest you don't go during winter or end of autumn if you plan to look at their clothes... You'll just end up looking at tonnes of winter clothing that'll not be suitable for wearing when you get home
  • Google up their metro/trains so you'll have no probs getting around. (They have roman alphabets on their station names and the ticketing machines translates to English!) Make sure you "print the map" of the subs and "highlight the stations" that you'll wanna drop off and the station thats walking distance to your hotel
  • Book a hotel thats walking distance to the train station. This would save you the hassle of flagging down a cab or even trying to find your way around. Getting around with trains are pretty cheap
  • Plan your shopping list. The Korean stuff they sell online, yeah... you'll prob find it in any shopping mall.. If you don't... just save the pic to your mobile or print it out so you can ask around. Most people in Seoul don't really speak English but.... a pic is worth a thousand words... hahahhahah....
  • Mise-en... (I hope I got the name right...) Is a really good (read reviews and blogs on it) haircare range which is seriously cheap! (My close friend bought a few 900ml bottles of their shampoo and lotsa their haircare products to bring home... (--)")
  • Rice Day soap... uh-huh... You can find this at any supermarkets (eg; lotte mart)... Go google the reviews... enough said
  • Skincare? You know your brand! If you're someone who's planning to go to Seoul... I know you know your brand! But... don't be afraid to experiment with their lesser known brands sold in their pharmacies..
  • Know that shopping in a supermarket you'll find lotsa cool beauty stuff as well.. Oh! And lets not forget those cute nice quality cleaning tools... LOL... Imagine buying household cleaning tools from there... Come on... you're already there... why not? (Unless you've exceeded your luggage limit... please, don't go overboard... lol)
  • People there are extremely polite so don't worry about getting conned or getting into uncomfortable situations with rude people
  • Know that shopping in their pharmaceuticals are way cool! You'll find loads of skincare at a good bargain!
  • Food? Hmm... I don't know about you guys... but I absolutely love Korean food! If you don't, there's always Burger King! No, its not expensive... Roughly the same price as in KL and definitely much cheaper than european countries. A note though... notice that fast food outlets in Seoul don't hire employees to clean up after you, so remember to bring your trays and discard and waste in the designated areas. If you're not sure... watch the Koreans while chomping down on your burgers...
  • The toilets in Seoul are free to use by the public. No, they don't charge you anything for using the toilets...
  • Every restaurant you go will serve plain water. No, you will not be charged for that. They are normally in a clear jug or glass bottle. So if you don't plan to order any drinks, water is provided. And, the water is save for consumption.
  • Hmm... go for that RM3 hand cream in their Watsons. Google up "OLIVE Water Drop Essence Hand Cream"... You know, this makes a really cool souvenir for your lady friends! For the guys? Hmm... just get them a RM3 face mask... After all, Koreans are largely into the beauty business! Beats having to lug back all those souvenir key-chains and whatnot...
Uh-huh... this post is getting way-to-long for a get-me-to-the-point-please-reader like me... I'll stop here for now... Get your Googling skills out lengluis! Google your way to a GREAT shopping trip! Have fun in Seoul!

P/s - Last but not least, go look in (this is a MUST):

Print out their shopping coupons know their stores and pharmacy names! Will be lotsa fun going around with that feeling of... whoaaaaa... I heard of that store!