Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Albion Skin Cond - Miracle for troubled skin?


Read all the raves on it? Now its my turn....

Seriously girls with internal acne problem, allergy skin.... I'm telling you... I could hug this to sleep...
Apologies... Earlier, this post was neglected!!

Albion Skin Conditioner is like SKII miracle water for lengluis with troubled skin. Only setback... huhuhuhu... The price... Its RM313 for a 330ml bottle! That's like what?! Almost RM1 per ml... Uh-huh... But I'm telling you... Its a real comfort for troubled skin!

  • Asian legluis rave about SKII... But if you really need to know the truth, not every lenglui get crystal clear skin with their miracle water (really!)
  • That's cos' breakouts are usually caused by internal factors (Again... see my post on lemon!!)
  • Albion Skin Conditioner soothes irritated acne and sensitive skin (You'll need to lightly wet pieces of cotton with it and place it on your acne like a mask)
  • Acne size reduces over time (if you do the mask thing religiously)
  • Light subtle fragrance that's comforting
  • No, you don't automatically get crystal clear skin... Sheesh, if thats the case... I'd have skin like Fan Bing Bing... lol... But... you'll feel like your skin's rejuvenated with extra moisture and the acne part would feel pretty soothing
  • I'd treat this as my facial mask on days of poor tired sad skin... 
  • Most of their other products were umm.. alright... (I've only went with some sample-sized stuff)
  • But the Albion Skin Conditioner... two thumbs up! That's if you're in for a splurge... hohoho....


  1. Hi, I happened to hit your blog and came acroos your post about Albion Essential skin conditioner: looks like it's a great product. Could you please post your updated review about this product! Because I'm really interested with it! Thanks

  2. Hi Anonymous,

    Updated as per request! (^o^)
    Apologies for the wait...

  3. Oh my! never thought u would reply to my comment because your original post was dated 2 years ago!! Really appreciate ur updates especially because I have oily-acneic skin and I've tried almost everything except for this!! Just for ur info, I've just started using albion ski-con for about 2 weeks and my, it is better than SKII (at least it is for me because I've tried skII before and it doen't help much to my acnes).

  4. Hi Anonymous,

    (^^)" I do try to keep track of comments from my lenglui readers on a time to time basis... Lately work's been taking up all my blogging time... :( So I'll try to update whenever possible :p Thanks loads for reading! :D

  5. Hi sugar_cupcakes,

    It's me again! Just some enquiries: 1. How long have you been using albion? And how long does it take for you to notice its beneficial effects?
    3. what does it really do to your skin? I know you mentioned that it soothes irritated acne and sensitive skin, but does it prevent new acne from forming, based on your personal experience?
    Well, it's been almost 4 weeks since I started using the skin conditioner. Although I've noticed some improvement such as better oil control, a more moisturised skin, and it really did soothed my pimples, I also noticed a few new bumps and acnes started forming too! Because I wanted so much to believe that albion could be the remedy for my acneic skin, I've continued using anyway, and each time, it will soothe away the pimples in matter of days time. But I'm kinda worried that more and more bumps could be forming and i'd get a serious acne flare up! So, i really really hope you could share your experience with me. Anything for that matter. Thank you in advance!

  6. Hi Anonymous,

    I used the skin cond for about 1 and a half month before it ran out. It doesn't prevent new pimple from forming. Actually, from my experience, no skincare seem to be able to prevent internal acne from forming. It still happens :( In the end, really due to your hormones and stuff you ingest. But, Albion's skin cond is a real skin comforter... especially for acneic skin. And that's why I heart it so much - when I can afford... lol.. Hope that helps! (^o^)

  7. Hi again anonymous :),

    1. I used the skin con for about a couple of months before it ran out.
    2. Less reddish bumps and I don't know why, skin felt smoother... less feel of the rough pimply bumps...
    3.It doesn't prevent acne from forming. From my experience, no skincare ever did manage to curb internal acne from forming. It's mainly due to your hormones and stuff you ingest. Try the lemon water regime. It helped me loads..

    But having said that, I still heart Albion - when I can afford to stock up... :p

  8. Hi sugar_cupcakes,

    May I know where did you purchase your ALBION Skin Conditioner? I'm interested to try out too. Thanks.


  9. Hi Anonymous,

    If you're from KL, try this saloon in Taman Desa:

    I got mine from there... :p

  10. Hi sugar_cupcakes,

    Thanks ya, will find out soon.


  11. Hi there, it's me anonymous again! Just wanted to share with you regarding skin cond. I've been using since June last year. Yes, it's soothing and reduces redness..but it doesn't really do much to acne.However recently, I decided to try the exage white milk (apply b4 skin cond), and I could feel that my skin had improved even more! I guess maybe it's because it increases the absorption of skin cond? Besides, I've also started taking olivenol supplement..not sure whether it will help yet! Have u tried olivenol or oliferin b4?

  12. Hi Mun,

    Its great to hear that your skin improved... (weather or not Albion helped hehehe) (^o^) clap-clap... I've seen olivenol in pharmacies but ended up not purchasing those supplements... I guess you could say I'm too lazy to take more supplements... But... will research more and hopefully complete a post on beauty/health supplements taken over the years :p

  13. Is that saloon still exist for now?

  14. Hi Narrative,

    Not particularly sure if it still exists today, but you can try google the saloon's contact number online --> Desense Beauty @ Taman Desa

    Hope this helps :)