Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Breakout Lengluis Alternative to BB cream...

I have tried a couple of BB creams in these several years. BB creams are really great for fair-skinned women! You'd end up conning everyone with dewy healthy looking skin... like Korean celebs.. hohoho..

BUT... Not every lenglui can carry off BB creams. Certain lengluis cannot use some brands of BB cream. I honestly am not sure why because, BB creams always claim to not block your pores. But... when the breakouts start... sugar_cupcakes feels uncomfortable using most BB creams. They are great, mind you... But some of us just can't use them during the great breakout period!! huhuhuhuuuuuu (--)"

So what now? Ditch the BB creams and  go back to the conventional compact powder and liquid foundation? Okay.. I have occasional breakouts and I'm going to be really frank here. If your acne is acting up... and you really need to cover up, you need a proper cover up that won't irritate your already irritated skin. Stinging on this isn't going to help.

Skin-comfortable products I trust during this breakout times are:
(Google for reviews)
They don't come cheap. But when the breakout starts, its time to go into skin-comfort mode so it can heal nicely... Another acne-skin-friendly cosmetic brand name is Ettusais. But for cover up cosmetics... I'm leaning towards Averine and Laura Mercier...

Shi-Tsu Collagen Beauty Drink

Collagen, Sheep Placenta and Bird Nest.. The super all in one?

There are just too many different beauty drinks and collagen supplements out there these days. We are spoilt for choice!! Uh-huh... which one would you lengluis go for? I've been sticking by CollagenMax for quite some time now. Though I had a 2 month++ break from any form of collagen or any sort of supplement. (Seriously, apart from trying to save on $$$... I was too busy working to go stock up... Haih... And, the Lemon Skin Ritual was the utmost cheapo-definitely-works-with-results skin saver ritual ever!!) I lived without any beauty drink for a couple of months and... skin is still pretty okay thanks to just de'simplest lemon juice help lol... But now.... I really think the overworked skin needs some pick-me-up... And so... I'm so so sorry CollagenMax, its time to try something new... Shi-Tsu Beauty Drink... (The ultimate decision lies with the way-too-cute to resist box... huahuahuahuaaaa.. See? Packaging is important!!)


I'll give this 6 bottles a go before making any firm conclusions on this.

What the advert says (See the links):

What the box says:

  1. Switzerland Sheep Placenta Extract (10,000mg)
  2. Marine Collagen (5,000mg)
  3. Bird Nest (5,000mg)
Other ingredients:
Strawberry Extract, Blueberry Extract, Isoflavones, Food Grade Citric Extract, Dextrose Monohydrate, Vitamin B, Vitamin C.

Initial review and research result with Uncle Google:
  • Tastes really bland and a little lemony. Honestly, this bland drink REALLY tastes like it contains no chemical substance as advertised..
  • The box says "Product of Japan" but umm... Uncle Google gave not much answers on this brand or the laboratory where it was formulated... This is still pretty much a mystery to me! Dodgy...
  • Found only minimal Chinese reviews on this... (And the complain was itchy skin) Uh-huh... lol.. I'm so taking the risk...
  • The consumption details below on the advert makes one wonder... hmmm... interesting.. hohoho...
    • For acne skin : Consume before 11pm ( the latest by 2am) before sleep. 
    • For insomnia : Consume in the morning, drink a cup of water every hour for 8 hours. 
    • For menstruation pain : Consume in the morning, drink 250ml of water every half an hour for 8 hours. (Water→Shi-Tsu ×Shi-Tsu→Water Fluids are needed for better absorption. )
  • Costs way more than CollagenMax and Kinohimitsu's Beauty Drinks... RM98 for 6 miserable 50ml bottles
  • But tastes pretty genuine.. (Still more info on this would help clear any dodgy doubts on this)

    Heheheheh... as promised...

    • Sorry CollagenMax, sugar_cupcakes is alternating with Shi-Tsu for a while...
    • Results seemst the same as CollagenMax but ingredients seems less intrusive to the body
    • No more bad breakouts recently so skin is pretty well-behaved
    • Less tired looking skin lately (probably cos I get enough sleep too.. lol)
    • Younger lengluis, collagen drinks are just supplements so... no need to go all fanatic with them.. Just consume them when you think your skin needs a pick up..
    • And... choose your brand by the company's reputation and ingredients! (^o^)