Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Breakout Lengluis Alternative to BB cream...

I have tried a couple of BB creams in these several years. BB creams are really great for fair-skinned women! You'd end up conning everyone with dewy healthy looking skin... like Korean celebs.. hohoho..

BUT... Not every lenglui can carry off BB creams. Certain lengluis cannot use some brands of BB cream. I honestly am not sure why because, BB creams always claim to not block your pores. But... when the breakouts start... sugar_cupcakes feels uncomfortable using most BB creams. They are great, mind you... But some of us just can't use them during the great breakout period!! huhuhuhuuuuuu (--)"

So what now? Ditch the BB creams and  go back to the conventional compact powder and liquid foundation? Okay.. I have occasional breakouts and I'm going to be really frank here. If your acne is acting up... and you really need to cover up, you need a proper cover up that won't irritate your already irritated skin. Stinging on this isn't going to help.

Skin-comfortable products I trust during this breakout times are:
(Google for reviews)
They don't come cheap. But when the breakout starts, its time to go into skin-comfort mode so it can heal nicely... Another acne-skin-friendly cosmetic brand name is Ettusais. But for cover up cosmetics... I'm leaning towards Averine and Laura Mercier...


  1. what bb cream would you recommend?? The skin79 end up ashy on me :(

  2. Hi nicole..

    If you're fair-skinned, perhaps you could try Missha M BB Cream. The silver tube..

    The coverage is great (so is the price.. jeez, its the cheapest of the Korean Brands and most comfortable to use) and color seems to blend in better than BRTC, Faceshop or Skin79. That's from me anyway. :p

    Before deciding to purchase, try the sample at your chin area so you can see if the colour blends in with your skin tone.

  3. I wear BB creams, but I they tend to make me break out. Right now, I'm tryna take care of my skin by wearing minimal face makeup! But it sucks when you want to look flawless without the imperfections hahaha. Great post! I really want to try the Laura Mercier TM! It seems like a nice light weight foundation for the face :)

  4. Hey..I'm a frequent reader of your blog..this is a bit out of this topic but..I was looking for babyliss curling iron when i saw that you've posted one previously (http://iwannabelenglui.blogspot.com/2009/01/bliss-ceramic-large-hair-thong.html).

    I think I've missed this one =( I've been wanting to buy one but am not sure where to get it..and those that I've seen cant really be determined if it's the real thing. Was wondering where you've gotten yours? Am feeling a lil sheepish for asking this after 2 years..

  5. Hi Olivia,

    Yay! I love frequent readers! (^o^)

    If you're from KL, I got my BaByliss a few years back from Hair Rock Products in Low Yatt Plaza.

    You can source for this in shops that sells saloon hair tools. I think from the box and warranty card you can actually tell if its genuine. Let me check the box again and let you know.