Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Adult Acne - DIY Lymphatic Massage

And here comes the main post which is the reason for my previous post on differentiating between adult and adolescent acne... So there is a reason sugar_cupcakes actually posted that up.. lol... cunning....

Regular DIY massage at home can help reduce the blockage of our lymph nodes which is one of the main causes for jawline acne... And because I'm so prone to getting jawline breakouts, it's time to share a translated step-by-step Japanese guide with you lengluis. I hope my translation with Uncle Google's help is accurate... LOL... The original step-by-step guide is from the Japanese Beauty Site - All About Mico

  • Always make sure your hands are clean before doing any skin massage
  • If you've already got severe acne on neck, chin and jawline, doing the massage incorrectly may further simulate sebum secretion and aggravate inflammation. Avoid this if you're not sure!
  • This helps with prevention for lengluis with the occasional jawline acne breakouts so I am a fan!

The 2 types of Acne - Adult Vs Adolescent Acne

I figured, a write-up on the differences between adult and adolescent acne would be too silly since I'm no dermatologist. Go ask Uncle Google and ye shall be enlightened. However, the reason for this post is to share with you lengluis a simple pic on easily identifying if your acne type is adult acne or adolescent acne?

I found this pic while reading some Japanese beauty site - All About Mico. (Umm,... been going through lots of literal translation by Uncle Google... hahahahaaa) Not a definite full proof pic, but... it helps...

Adolescent Acne

  • Adolescent acne -  forehead,cheeks and T Zone 

Adult Acne
  •  Adult acne - temple and forehead, acne around the jaw

Adult acne and adolescent acne are treated differently. If you don't know this by now... I hope this post is of some help before you lengluis start Googling for more info. Knowing the type of acne you're suffering from will greatly help in combating our utmost detestable skin enemy... ACNE...

Asia's Makeup Bible - Kevin' Make-Up Magic Book (ENG Version)

The reason why I chose to review this makeup bible rather than Bobbi Brown's Makeup Manual (On the sideline, Bobbi Brown Beauty Rules book is actually a great gift for teenage girls) or other English, Japanese, Taiwanese beauty books is because,
  • this book is totally easy-to-follow and, 
  • it's available in straight-forward English!
  • Simplicity is the key to getting readers who stick by to the last page
  • the guru's unbiased reviews on makeup products regardless of brands are genuine
  • cosmetics used in the books are affordable and easily available in retail and online stores
  • the author is frank to the point where he even  mentions and shows the use of  double eyelid tapes and iris enlarging contact lenses... So Asian! lol.... (^o^)
  • one of the book features everyday women with the usual eye bags, skin problem... etc which is an inspiration to all lengluis to start doing something about your imperfections
  • the before after pics on every single step of makeup application shows VERY VISUAL TRANSFORMATION

I'm not really a book junkie, and neither am I a makeup enthusiast. I mostly rely on nude makeup that looks almost au-naturel to cover up flaws and imperfections. Duh... hence the minimal write ups on cosmetics... :p

But...... give this book a flip once, and... uh-huh... you are so going to want to start using makeup... hahahahahhaaa...

Info on the book:
  • Authored by Kevin 老师 of Queen/女人我最大 (Nu Ren Wo Zui Da/NRWZD) - an interesting Taiwanese TV show on beauty
  • Kevin's often hailed as ‘彩妆天王’ (The Heavenly King of Cosmetics) in Taiwan
  • Was originally published in Chinese but now.... Its available in ENGLISH
  • They come in twos (1. Make-Up Magic 2. Perfect Beauty Guide)
  • About RM42-RM45 for the 2 books
  • Easily found in major KL bookstores (MPH, Kinokuniya, Popular, Borders) under the "beauty guide" section

My Conclusion:
  • Come on... books are tax deductible (I mean umm... in Malaysia... hehheh). Getting this would be perfect!
  • As usual, Asia's beauty bibles are loaded with pics! Again, a pic says a thousand words! Hohohoo...
  • Don't you just love Japanese and Taiwanese beauty books? They are really nice to look at... and hopefully nice to read too..!
  • I have no regrets getting this. I means duh... even if I don't ever master the skills its a nice book with pretty attractive pics
  • You will sit and read... or just flip to look at the pics... So, don't worry about it going to waste
  • No, I'm not a book seller... LOL... But at RM45 compared with other beauty books... I have no probs recommending this... :p

Other lenglui blogger's reviews:

    Friday, December 24, 2010

    New wishlist item #1 - FitFlop flip flops

    I bet you lengluis have seen these around... FitFlop, Sketchers ToneUp, Sketcher's ShapeUp... hmmm... whatever them shoes/sandals/flip flops that claims to tone your butt and calves. Tone butt??? Woooooohoooo... I want...!!! LOL...

    There are loads of mix reviews on these. Some people say they work, some say they don't, some say there's soreness between their toes and some complains about them being bad for the lower back and knees... Even some celebrities swear by them! Oh, and.. they are bloody pricey for a pair for flip flops or sneakers though...

    Whatever it is... either of them are still on my #1 wish item  for now... LOL.... Discipline-discipline..  sugar_cupcakes is staying real clever and is doing more research on this before actually deciding to purchase them. Heck... they look kind of funky... so... that's my first review for now... And, the research continues...

    See this reviews by fellow bloggers:

    P/S - If any of you lengluis have been walking in these, do comment. Would appreciate it! (^o^)

    Update 25th January 2011:
    • And... sugar_cupcakes finally got one of these (electra bronze)... hohohohoho...
    • Lets give it a month before I put up a proper review on this... 
    Update 24th March:
    • I figured 3 months should be enough to review this
    • Definitely some improvement in the thigh area.. (Yeah... i checked the rear... LOL)
    • But not sure if its because of this or that I've been doing lots of moving about lately
    • Though, I do have one conclusion on this... sugar_cupcakes love em FitFlops!!
    • Why? Cos they are mighty comfortable and feels like a little spring when you walk! 
    • If you walk around the shopping malls a lot... the thighs and bum seems to come into contact a lot when you walk. Hmm... maybe that's where some workout goes...
    • Remember to get the style that fits you most. Different designs fit differently depending on your feet shape regardless if the size is right
    • Oh and... you'd definitely feel the pinch in you wallet when you get this... Imagine... RM260++ for a pair of slippers... Ouch......

    Pinhole glasses - Spectacle girl savior from prescriptive glasses?

    I do wear contacts and glasses. LOL... I treat them as accessories.... Come on, these days if you're addicted to the tv, pc or have a bad habit of reading on your bed with minimal lighting, your eyes are so gonna suffer. So umm... guilty as said for all the mentioned... (--)"

    Prescriptive glasses can be annoying when you're trying to look emm... lenglui. So, I'm sure you can't wait to get rid of your glasses... hohoho... (hey, if you have the right design, you'll still be a lenglui with your glasses. Think of the HOT teacher/doctor look... huahuahuahua)

    pic credit to http://www.kivaa.blogspot.com/2009/06/me-my-pinhole-glasses.html

    So umm, back to topic. A few years back... I noticed this - the pinhole glasses. They were sold pretty expensive in the KL pharmacies back then. But recently, they can be found in Daiso (the RM5 Japanese store). RM5?! LOL... So yeah... I got one, not from Daiso though... cos I got mine way earlier.... but it costs about RM10, still okay-ish. Anyways, they all work the same... in Layman's term, they sort of exercises your eye muscles..

    So you thought.... no need for Lasik and still you'll be rid of your glasses soon? Aww... sorry to disappoint lengluis... but...... From lots of research and Googling, I realized... there is no scientific evidence that this will improve your eyesight to the point that you wouldn't need prescriptive glasses. So lengluis, glasses are staying for a while unless you do decide to get Lasik... huhuhuhu...

    Couple of links to some info:

    • After months of using this... I cannot honestly say that my eyesight improved... ceh....
    • But, its still all good cos' it does reduce the strain when I sit hours in front of the PC or TV
    • Feels great 'cos even in yoga you are thought to exercise your eyes
    • There's been loads of reviews on this so just Google if you need to know more
    • I'd say, if you see this in Daiso, give it a try. Its only RM5 and if your eyes frequently feel strained from hours in front of the PC, try this
    • May take some time getting used to... But, you'll be pleasantly surprised when it feels that you could stay on the PC for hours without any strain or headache as compared to your prescriptive glasses
    • Word of caution: this does not replace prescriptive glasses so don't ever walk out in this or drive with it. There's just too many blind spots with the pinhole glasses.

    Thursday, December 23, 2010

    Surf Season... huhuhuhuhu..

    Again, I've been slow in updating this blog.. 'Cos its surf season again...! There goes the sputtering and drowning in the waves which is actually really fun! (glug-glug-gluggggg) Oooo nooo... you'll now think, crazy as this blogger may be, now she loves drowning too?! I am, but a lousy beginner, 'cos hahahhaha... sugar_cupcakes only goes like once a year.. And learning to surf takes lots of hours and perseverance (from a nice helpful guy on the beach - his blog). Noted!

    You'd just love the people and the sea in Cherating! The wave and current there is perfect for beginners (but still... I'm struggling to take on the "a teeny bit bigger waves"... really difficult la.... lol...)

    So umm... This post is less on beauty... but more on fitness and personal raves... hohoho... :p

    Why I love going to Cherating during surf season?
    • the people there are real nice and genuine (and I love the part where I can just walk around with flip flops, t-shirt and shorts all day and when its raining you don't need no umbrella - of course you'll need the umbrella when the hot sun comes out.. hahahahahaaaa... typical Asian chick)
    • I (heart) the quaint little guest houses (the ones which are clean, without air-cond, without water heater, friendly guests, perfectly placed clothes line to hang your wet clothes, thoughtful mosquito netting and lighted up mosquito incense every night)
    • lots of beginner surfers there and everyone's willing to help! (since being a newbie is always difficult)
    • food is cheap and GOOD!
    • the beach doggies and cats are friendly and lovable!
    • don't know why, I just LOVE being in the water! (even though emm... getting dragged by the long boards when being wiped out is emm... pretty painful... LOL)
    • you get a really good full body workout and less muscle injury (though emm... you'll be prone to get bruises... lol...)
    • good food, good people, great fun, sea and salt... what more could a iwannabelenglui ask for?! 

    • I LOVE everything there is to learning to surf

    Wednesday, December 15, 2010

    Uncle Google... You're 'de coolest! - Google image search...

    Google and MORE!

    And when you thought Uncle Google only does normal search. Watch the video on the link...

    How creative is that? LOL... I know... sugar_cupcakes is a Jakun (translates to an indigenous tribe in Malaysia... meaning I still live in the jungle knowing peanuts on what goes on in the tech world)... hahahahahaha... Sorry... I'm just too outdated to notice this stuff... It's a short vid, but.... nice one there...... :p

    Sunday, December 12, 2010

    Do it at home Permanent Hair Removal... Whoaaa....


    So I thought when I added advert gadgets to the blog, it would at least have made iwannabelenglui a more professional looking magazine-like blog. Or.... maybe, I could even earn some side income from the really miserable 2 cents visitor click on the adverts... Maybe another 10 years.... huhuhuhu...

    Sad to say.......... I'm spending MORE by looking at the adverts myself...!! LOL... THIS IS BAD........

    So okay, the last advert that got me really interested is this: VISS IPL(Intense Pulse Light) Hair Removal System

     Why this is so interesting?
    • Because previously I paid like a crazy RM4k to do emmm... full LHE on underarms, bikini lines and leg
    • Even so, that was totally worth it... hahahahaha...
    • This is like... USD545 (free shipping worldwide) for the device itself! You don't even need to go to the saloon to do it anymore.... (--)"
    • And result guaranteed in 60 days or your money back
    • With 1 year warranty
    • Even though IPL is a predecessor  of LHE that I went through... the hell with it.... its way..... cheaper!
    • hahahahhaa... I feel like I'm advertising for them...

    • In the end, I decided not to buy this..... LOL....
    • Reason: Because I haven't got any hairy areas anymore!!! Sheesh... I don't know where to use it even if I bought it... hahahahahhahaa
    • But if any of you lengluis have hairy problems... go check this out... Seems like a pretty nice deal.
    • Before that, go checkout my post on the LHE... Its totally worth all the pain and money...
    • If I saw this advert before my course, I would have ordered one right away... muahahaha...

    Some Advice:
    • Google for reviews before you order, I can't help you there 'cos I umm... have no troubling hairy situation at the moment
    • When you do get it... share your scoop lengluis! I'm interested to know too! :p
    • My beautician friend told me that the disposable lamp cartridge is the expensive part that the saloons have to change after certain amount of flashes
    • This particular one have a lifetime of up to 4000 flashes which I can say its pretty good... The saloon ones were up to about 5000 flashes
    • Follow the instructions carefully.. This sorta stuff is not something you'd risk fooling around with...
    And as for me... Now I really got to stop glancing at interesting adverts on my own blog!!!

    Wednesday, December 1, 2010

    The BUTT Pillow - For firmer shapelier butt... lol

    Emm... hahahaha... Some people are crazy shoppers... Then, you have the crazy buyers... But then again... I think I owe it to myself to actually blog about this - This is not a crazy purchase... I'm just CURIOUS... Honest! LOL...

    Introducing the BUTT PILLOW! Hohoho... I've had this for about 2 years and its been sitting on my office chair for that long! Looks kinda cute... But colleagues has been totally curious about the hole in the middle! Don't ask me why>>>??? I DON'T KNOW... hahahahhaha...

    What the advert says (http://www.japantrendshop.com):

    Say “sayonara” to secretary spread, the Beauty Bottom Cushion from Cogit promises to maintain and encourage a shapely bum while you work. Sound too good to be true? This chair cushion works by guaranteeing correct posture, properly aligning your pelvis and spine, which in turn ensures that your bottom muscles become, and stay, taut enough to bounce a 100 yen coin off of.

    • No, I don't think my butt became taut enough to bounce any coin off it... (--)"
    • Was hoping that I never got out-of-shape butt with this (with the hours I spend on my butt in the office... god knows I need this... lol)
    • Umm... I think its kind of an accessory for me since the office chair looks kind of dull...
    • I've had this for 2 years. If I'm still having butt issues, is this working?! You tell me... haahahhaa
    • Its pretty nice cushion to sit on though...  :p

    Little Japanese cosmetic tricks that grooms

    So I figured its time to blog about these few tiny  Japanese products that actually do something to make you look... umm... more groomed.

    They come in small packages, but... they work! And if you're a lenglui who carries less makeup on your face, these are tools of the trade. Nude makeup that seem invisible but... behind that.... hohoho... its how we con the guys! muahahahahhahaaa...

    • It tidy up the eyebrows just like how you gel your hair! A-ha! Well groomed brows that stays! 
    • A quick drying topcoat that is applied after you've made up your brow
    • If you needn't add on any color (for lengluis with full brows), wear this solo
    • Non-shine matte finish that is resistant to water, sebum and sweat

    • Use it alone to create pale nude lip color so your eyes will get full attention... (diverting attention to your feature that matters)
    • But if you've got cracked lips, do not use this solo, your flawed lips will still show
    • Helps if you've got utterly discolored lips. Otherwise,
    • Apply this before applying any color. After applying color on top of this, your lips will pop! (lol... not literally) But the color will look perfect! 
    • There are many other cosmetic brands that carried lip concealers.. Depending on your budget, go google for them!

    • These are like eyelash combs so no more messy looking eyelashes
    • Curl your lashes and apply after your mascara
    • Its like a hairspray for your lashes.. The illusion of naturally curled lashes... hohoho...
    • Lashes stays curled all day...
    • Instantly prevents smudging due to water, tears and oil
    • Wear it solo if you want natural curls without mascara
    • One layer should be good enough... Don't be greedy and slap on like 3 layers of this... Too much would flake...

    • All you need is a pea size... Rub in your palms... and... start the hair arrangement... (^^)
    • Works well when your hair decides NOT to behave
    • And works when all else fail... Eg; serums flatten your hair
    • It a trick to the eyes. Come on... if your hair won't behave, force it to even if its a temp fix... LOL...
    • Oh yeah... Wax are pretty difficult to wash off.. Make sure you shampoo at the end of the day
    • Sold in tiny jars if you just plan to test it out

    P/S - I'll add on when something else comes to mind... :p