Thursday, December 23, 2010

Surf Season... huhuhuhuhu..

Again, I've been slow in updating this blog.. 'Cos its surf season again...! There goes the sputtering and drowning in the waves which is actually really fun! (glug-glug-gluggggg) Oooo nooo... you'll now think, crazy as this blogger may be, now she loves drowning too?! I am, but a lousy beginner, 'cos hahahhaha... sugar_cupcakes only goes like once a year.. And learning to surf takes lots of hours and perseverance (from a nice helpful guy on the beach - his blog). Noted!

You'd just love the people and the sea in Cherating! The wave and current there is perfect for beginners (but still... I'm struggling to take on the "a teeny bit bigger waves"... really difficult la.... lol...)

So umm... This post is less on beauty... but more on fitness and personal raves... hohoho... :p

Why I love going to Cherating during surf season?
  • the people there are real nice and genuine (and I love the part where I can just walk around with flip flops, t-shirt and shorts all day and when its raining you don't need no umbrella - of course you'll need the umbrella when the hot sun comes out.. hahahahahaaaa... typical Asian chick)
  • I (heart) the quaint little guest houses (the ones which are clean, without air-cond, without water heater, friendly guests, perfectly placed clothes line to hang your wet clothes, thoughtful mosquito netting and lighted up mosquito incense every night)
  • lots of beginner surfers there and everyone's willing to help! (since being a newbie is always difficult)
  • food is cheap and GOOD!
  • the beach doggies and cats are friendly and lovable!
  • don't know why, I just LOVE being in the water! (even though emm... getting dragged by the long boards when being wiped out is emm... pretty painful... LOL)
  • you get a really good full body workout and less muscle injury (though emm... you'll be prone to get bruises... lol...)
  • good food, good people, great fun, sea and salt... what more could a iwannabelenglui ask for?! 

  • I LOVE everything there is to learning to surf

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