Friday, December 24, 2010

New wishlist item #1 - FitFlop flip flops

I bet you lengluis have seen these around... FitFlop, Sketchers ToneUp, Sketcher's ShapeUp... hmmm... whatever them shoes/sandals/flip flops that claims to tone your butt and calves. Tone butt??? Woooooohoooo... I want...!!! LOL...

There are loads of mix reviews on these. Some people say they work, some say they don't, some say there's soreness between their toes and some complains about them being bad for the lower back and knees... Even some celebrities swear by them! Oh, and.. they are bloody pricey for a pair for flip flops or sneakers though...

Whatever it is... either of them are still on my #1 wish item  for now... LOL.... Discipline-discipline..  sugar_cupcakes is staying real clever and is doing more research on this before actually deciding to purchase them. Heck... they look kind of funky... so... that's my first review for now... And, the research continues...

See this reviews by fellow bloggers:

P/S - If any of you lengluis have been walking in these, do comment. Would appreciate it! (^o^)

Update 25th January 2011:
  • And... sugar_cupcakes finally got one of these (electra bronze)... hohohohoho...
  • Lets give it a month before I put up a proper review on this... 
Update 24th March:
  • I figured 3 months should be enough to review this
  • Definitely some improvement in the thigh area.. (Yeah... i checked the rear... LOL)
  • But not sure if its because of this or that I've been doing lots of moving about lately
  • Though, I do have one conclusion on this... sugar_cupcakes love em FitFlops!!
  • Why? Cos they are mighty comfortable and feels like a little spring when you walk! 
  • If you walk around the shopping malls a lot... the thighs and bum seems to come into contact a lot when you walk. Hmm... maybe that's where some workout goes...
  • Remember to get the style that fits you most. Different designs fit differently depending on your feet shape regardless if the size is right
  • Oh and... you'd definitely feel the pinch in you wallet when you get this... Imagine... RM260++ for a pair of slippers... Ouch......


  1. hi!
    i bought mine about 2 weeks ago been wearing it everyday and everywhere since..the designs are pretty enough to wear as sandals even with my's really comfortable and i can walk in it for hours without feeling any mom has a pair too and she loves it.

  2. Hi p0is0nivy,

    Thanks a bunch for the review! I'm think I'm so going to get this... lol..