Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Little Japanese cosmetic tricks that grooms

So I figured its time to blog about these few tiny  Japanese products that actually do something to make you look... umm... more groomed.

They come in small packages, but... they work! And if you're a lenglui who carries less makeup on your face, these are tools of the trade. Nude makeup that seem invisible but... behind that.... hohoho... its how we con the guys! muahahahahhahaaa...

  • It tidy up the eyebrows just like how you gel your hair! A-ha! Well groomed brows that stays! 
  • A quick drying topcoat that is applied after you've made up your brow
  • If you needn't add on any color (for lengluis with full brows), wear this solo
  • Non-shine matte finish that is resistant to water, sebum and sweat

  • Use it alone to create pale nude lip color so your eyes will get full attention... (diverting attention to your feature that matters)
  • But if you've got cracked lips, do not use this solo, your flawed lips will still show
  • Helps if you've got utterly discolored lips. Otherwise,
  • Apply this before applying any color. After applying color on top of this, your lips will pop! (lol... not literally) But the color will look perfect! 
  • There are many other cosmetic brands that carried lip concealers.. Depending on your budget, go google for them!

  • These are like eyelash combs so no more messy looking eyelashes
  • Curl your lashes and apply after your mascara
  • Its like a hairspray for your lashes.. The illusion of naturally curled lashes... hohoho...
  • Lashes stays curled all day...
  • Instantly prevents smudging due to water, tears and oil
  • Wear it solo if you want natural curls without mascara
  • One layer should be good enough... Don't be greedy and slap on like 3 layers of this... Too much would flake...

  • All you need is a pea size... Rub in your palms... and... start the hair arrangement... (^^)
  • Works well when your hair decides NOT to behave
  • And works when all else fail... Eg; serums flatten your hair
  • It a trick to the eyes. Come on... if your hair won't behave, force it to even if its a temp fix... LOL...
  • Oh yeah... Wax are pretty difficult to wash off.. Make sure you shampoo at the end of the day
  • Sold in tiny jars if you just plan to test it out

P/S - I'll add on when something else comes to mind... :p


  1. heyy. may i know where u get the babyliss iron curler? u buy it through online?

  2. Hi Nicc...

    If you're from KL, I got mine from Hair Rock Products in Low Yatt Plaza.

    You can actually source for this in shops that sells saloon hair tools. (^o^)

  3. leng lui~~ where you get all these products ya? and your new layout looks really good! so neat hahahha

  4. Thank you! (^o^) happy-happy...

    All the products in this post was sourced from Watsons (KLCC).

    But it's been a long time since I've stocked up.. I'm not sure if they still carry them there. so maybe online shopping is easier if you can't find them there anymore... :p

  5. Oh! I saw them in SaSa just recently... hehehe.. Go try out the testers... :p