Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Asia's Makeup Bible - Kevin' Make-Up Magic Book (ENG Version)

The reason why I chose to review this makeup bible rather than Bobbi Brown's Makeup Manual (On the sideline, Bobbi Brown Beauty Rules book is actually a great gift for teenage girls) or other English, Japanese, Taiwanese beauty books is because,
  • this book is totally easy-to-follow and, 
  • it's available in straight-forward English!
  • Simplicity is the key to getting readers who stick by to the last page
  • the guru's unbiased reviews on makeup products regardless of brands are genuine
  • cosmetics used in the books are affordable and easily available in retail and online stores
  • the author is frank to the point where he even  mentions and shows the use of  double eyelid tapes and iris enlarging contact lenses... So Asian! lol.... (^o^)
  • one of the book features everyday women with the usual eye bags, skin problem... etc which is an inspiration to all lengluis to start doing something about your imperfections
  • the before after pics on every single step of makeup application shows VERY VISUAL TRANSFORMATION

I'm not really a book junkie, and neither am I a makeup enthusiast. I mostly rely on nude makeup that looks almost au-naturel to cover up flaws and imperfections. Duh... hence the minimal write ups on cosmetics... :p

But...... give this book a flip once, and... uh-huh... you are so going to want to start using makeup... hahahahahhaaa...

Info on the book:
  • Authored by Kevin 老师 of Queen/女人我最大 (Nu Ren Wo Zui Da/NRWZD) - an interesting Taiwanese TV show on beauty
  • Kevin's often hailed as ‘彩妆天王’ (The Heavenly King of Cosmetics) in Taiwan
  • Was originally published in Chinese but now.... Its available in ENGLISH
  • They come in twos (1. Make-Up Magic 2. Perfect Beauty Guide)
  • About RM42-RM45 for the 2 books
  • Easily found in major KL bookstores (MPH, Kinokuniya, Popular, Borders) under the "beauty guide" section

My Conclusion:
  • Come on... books are tax deductible (I mean umm... in Malaysia... hehheh). Getting this would be perfect!
  • As usual, Asia's beauty bibles are loaded with pics! Again, a pic says a thousand words! Hohohoo...
  • Don't you just love Japanese and Taiwanese beauty books? They are really nice to look at... and hopefully nice to read too..!
  • I have no regrets getting this. I means duh... even if I don't ever master the skills its a nice book with pretty attractive pics
  • You will sit and read... or just flip to look at the pics... So, don't worry about it going to waste
  • No, I'm not a book seller... LOL... But at RM45 compared with other beauty books... I have no probs recommending this... :p

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