Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The 2 types of Acne - Adult Vs Adolescent Acne

I figured, a write-up on the differences between adult and adolescent acne would be too silly since I'm no dermatologist. Go ask Uncle Google and ye shall be enlightened. However, the reason for this post is to share with you lengluis a simple pic on easily identifying if your acne type is adult acne or adolescent acne?

I found this pic while reading some Japanese beauty site - All About Mico. (Umm,... been going through lots of literal translation by Uncle Google... hahahahaaa) Not a definite full proof pic, but... it helps...

Adolescent Acne

  • Adolescent acne -  forehead,cheeks and T Zone 

Adult Acne
  •  Adult acne - temple and forehead, acne around the jaw

Adult acne and adolescent acne are treated differently. If you don't know this by now... I hope this post is of some help before you lengluis start Googling for more info. Knowing the type of acne you're suffering from will greatly help in combating our utmost detestable skin enemy... ACNE...

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