Thursday, May 6, 2010

Body beautiful.... Not with exercise (-.-)" -- Easecox Amyliner

Easecox Diamant Gemstone Series

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Update 14th September 2010:

  • Yeah.. My friend actually gave me the green light. lol..
  • But... I resisted. Why???
  • Cos her body shape's looking good but emm... her BUST SIZE LOOKS THE SAME AS BEFORE.
  • And me? I'm only going for the boobs.. lol.. Tempting... But I'm resisting.. Come on... its like RM4.8k and boobs ARE THE IMPORTANT FACTOR HERE (--)"

I was hesitant to blog about this... And I still am cos this is one of the stuff that I've been really clever (hohoho - self praise) with and won't purchase until a close friend of mine gives the GREEN light... Still it costs like man... A BOMB!!! RM4.8k++ for 2 sets!! Shessh.....

Okay so what does this do and why am I even interested:

  • inner wear consisting of a bra, corset and girdle
  • sold mainly by MLM (multi level marketing)
  • patented fabric from japan
  • cotton embedded with tourmaline (gemstone) to boost blood circulation - this is the thing thats gonna make you body beautiful
  • claims to "INCREASE or DECREASE (for over sized boobs) BREAST SIZE (hohohohohho)"
  • reduce waistline (you would supposedly end up with hourglass figure)
  • lift your butt
  • reduce thigh size
  • women who's just had baby claims that this is a miracle body worker!

The regime:

  • you have to be wearing this minimum I think 8 hours a day (correct me if any of you MLM people know better)
  • if you want bigger boobs the special bra which will do the "magic" has no padding okay?! and it doesn't look like the pic (which you can purchase from Easecox after your boob size increased) which I posted above...
  • on the contrary, my friend's wearing it and she says its so comfortable
  • only setback... you have no extra "oomph"... so small chested women will suffer avoiding skin-fitted tops for that correction period of time
  • the corset is actually comfortable
  • her sis, my beautician friend who's been wearing this for more than month... has increased half a cup size and has great body... (she already had a great body to begin with anyways... lol - she's a beautician... remember?)
  • its so pricey that even if I wanna get this... this will have to be a "see it with my own eyes" decision
Look at the testimonials! I googled for a whole day and there were zero negative comments!! Or... maybe its just too pricey for the everyday lengluis... LOL... >> Man.... if I do ever purchase it... you guys are so gonna get the first scoop on this!! hahahaha... Lets wait for my good friend's verdict!