Thursday, September 29, 2016

Anti AGING FIGHT with Panasonic Ion Effector EH-ST51

Approximately half a year ago, iwannabelenglui made a purchase for preventing tell tale signs of AGING... lol... On second thought... it was more of a sudden enlightenment to get a Japanese advertised device which will force your moisturizer and serum into the lower epidermis of the skin. Oh whatever that actually meant...

If you have heard for Hitachi Hada Crie, we think the Panasonic Ion Effector EH-ST51P functions almost similarly... except for the shape of the facial plate that touches our skin. Watch the video on how easy it is for plate to reach the corners of our eyes and nose because of the perfect upside-down triangular shape...

Some Japanese video explaining the importance of the plate design -->

We did a comparison with Hada Crie and decided to go with the Panasonic one because it looks way cuter!! muahahahhaa... okay-okay... decision made was because of the shape of the ion plate.


  • Could not see much effect on the efficacy of serums which supposedly should have absorbed better into facial skin (okay, maybe its only 6 months of usage)
  • But the cleaning part showed some visible effect... the cleaning cotton turned yellowish when used with the Ion Effector device even after washing with a 2 in 1 facial wash which claims to remove light makeup... Hmm... so much for skipping the double cleansing
  • If we do not use the heating function often... once charge lasts like forever
  • The heating function is pretty comfy... except that iwannabelenglui is located right smack in a tropical climate which is hot all year round!
  • The shape of the plate is just perfect! (worth the research effort when trying to compare with similar other device)

Should you get one?

  • No if you are still young and taking relatively good care of your skin
  • Yes if you have the additional cash to splurge and having skin with difficulty absorbing any form of skincare (or just feeling relatively paranoid about aging skin)
  • Lengluis who are more hardcore, check out the Panasonic Ion Effector EH-ST63 (with help of any Vit-C absorption for skin brightening)

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Give me a perfect blowout - KeraShine heated styling brush HP8632

Saloon perfect hair in minutes!!

We all feel that pain when we try to emulate how the experts at the saloon style us by blow drying our hair. Somehow having a great blowout is not as simple as it looks.

Usual issues faced:

  1. Hair gets sucked into the blow dry brush... yeowch....
  2. Hair is already dried, if we apply more hairdryer heat to it, oh-our-poor tresses...
  3. Somehow, it takes ages to get that blowout perfect
  4. When we blow dry our hair for too long, it tends to get dry and frizzy... even if we've applied the heat-protection serum before the blow drying starts
  5. Our arm hurts just staying there holding the hairdryer and huge round bush for too long
  6. No way this is going to be a daily routine for us average lengluis (once in a blue-moon for a special night out and that is it... thank you!)

So how now?? How do these lengluis we see with bouncing perfect volume blow dried hair maintain that near-perfect tresses DAILY?

Somehow, Philips just decided to be smart... and threw us an answer in the form of KeraShine heated styling brush HP8632.. Suddenly we feel like an advert for Philips... lol... no we are not..

The Pros:

  • This will give you that blowout saloon experts achieve with the hairdryer and a big round brush
  • This works only for dried hair
  • A neat gadget when you do not want overly styled hair
  • Want bouncy saloon perfect hair? 5 to 10 minutes is all you need!
  • Saves us time and $$$ while we get to pretend we just got out of the saloon
  • You can shake out your hair like those models in the shampoo adverts now... hahahahaha.. in the comforts of your home

The Cons:

  • Somehow, one or two strands of hair tends to catch into the groove between the heated barrel and the holder.. ouch... although a minor thing lets hope Philips fixes this for the next model..
  • Heat styling is never good for your hair.. so like blow drying, apply some heat protective serum before styling
  • Careful.. the plastic brush protect us from the usual burns we get when skin touches a normal hair tong... but a lack-of-sleep lenglui might forget that the brush is retractable and you CAN get burned if not careful! duh...


  • Go load some youtube vids on how-to-style your hair for the perfect blowout
  • Yes, you will see vids of lengluis using a hair dryer and a round brush on towel dried hair... but... you can emulate this with just this device on your fully dried hair

Philips Lumea Essential SC1985 - Full body permanant sorta painless hair removal

Zap away the fuzzies... Hello Smooth Skin BABY!

It has been 2 years since our last post! But... hohoho... in that 2 years you'd never guess how many cool products and gadgets got accumulated... muahaha...

Lets start with one of the pricier ones... which is not exactly pricey if you are considering painless full body permanent/semi permanent hair removal..

Say hello to Philips Lumea Essential purchased over eBAY. Quote from Philips - "Philips Lumea uses an innovative light-based technology called IPL (Intense Pulsed Light), derived from the technology used in professional beauty salons." So basically, it's IPL in the comfort of your home.

Now why did iwannabelenglui purchased this after a whole series of roundabout of hair removal treatments (see all my old posts under the hair removal label)?

  1. Not all body hair stays away forever (even after saloon laserLHE or IPL)
  2. Some of your underarms and bikini line hair WILL grow back depending on your hormonal change
  3. Facial hair is so painful to remove with threading and this painful (but useful) tool ... lol

Regardless... the Conclusion:

  • Lengluis who have never been for hair removal treatments can purchase this instead of signing up for a super expensive course
  • Yes, this sounds pricey at the start... but trust me, it is way cheaper than signing up for full body treatments (completing a  course can take up to 2 years to finally see real results for very umm hairy lengluis)
  • We did lots of comparison with other brands of hair removal tools but apparently, this got one of the better reviews.. (and the lamp flash count is higher for Philips)
  • This is suitable for face, bikini line and full body hair removal
  • As with other IPL tools, treatment can go on for up to 8 weeks or more. But noticeable change will be visible after the second treatment
  • This model is not suitable for hair removal on the fingers of slim lengluis, there is a window check area to make sure the lamp is fully covered y your skin area before the lamp is allowed to flash (safety reasons). An if your fingers are too slim, the lamp area cannot be fully covered
  • This particular model is wired but the wire is at a comfortable length

Some TIPS for home treatment (learnt from previous saloon sessions):

  • Get a jar of aloe gel (this one from Nature Republic is nice), apply to treated areas right after treatment to sooth skin (even though you'll likely feel almost nothing)
  • Do not have a hot shower or stay out in the sun before and after your treatment
  • As with all beauty tools, please read the risks involved before starting a DIY treatment at home

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Kerastase Initialiste - Skincare for Beautiful Hair

Ever heard of plant stem-cell treatment? Here is one product resulting from that research promising loads to a lenglui's hair! But really, from scientific point of view, plant stem cells are really just using plant extract so no biggie there... Still... this serum we are going to talk about ROCKS!! :p

  1. Stronger thicker hair
  2. Smoother shinier hair

pic credit to

Just the FYI... iwannabelenglui did not go to any sponsored event... bla-bla-bla for this. This was really a gift from her mummy :p And since we have hair from constant colouring and perm... etc. this was something to try out... Hohoho... after a few weeks of using this, we think it's time to share this to lengluis with coarse or problem hair. Not saying that this would entirely help lengluis with brittle bleached hair, but CONCLUSION = we think consistent use of good Japanese conditioner and Kerastase Initialiste serum is as good as having your monthly in-saloon hair treatment.

Some Credible (non sponsored we think) Reviews:
** hey, amazon reviews are pretty good

After 30 days of use - Pic credit from YouTube Kerastase Initialiste Product Testimonials

Why this conclusion?

  • That teeny high forehead baby-hair almost bald spot is having thicker, longer baby hair now... Okay, so we were really focusing on that spot during the serum application... 
  • Dyed perm hair seems to be more manageable and lustre
  • Oh heck... just Google the videos and reviews... (though... tons of sponsored ones which you will find) 
  • But... if you've got the extra cash and find that getting in-saloon treatments are a hassle, this is worth a try for about RM180 of a teeny weeny bottle that goes a long way

Video on the product

Thursday, March 13, 2014

KEGEL for the lenglui in control – Vibrance Kegel Device

KEGEL for the lenglui in control – Vibrance Kegel Device

Okay, for v-girls and underage lengluis… you’d probably want to stop reading now... LOL… Wait… On second thought… we think that this is an IMPORTANT post for all lengluis post pubescent regardless of age… so continue reading… What is “KEGEL exercise” and why on iwannabelenglui?

Just recently, iwannabelenglui attended (~~curious-curious~~scroll below for post event coverage~~) some Women’s Day event by Vibrance. Haven’t heard of this name? Yeah… neither have we… But what was interesting is not so much on the special gadget VKD that they were marketing (the thing that attracted our curiosity in the first place… huhuhu), but more on how important this particular exercise is to us…

KEGEL is a form of pelvic floor exercise where you contract and relax the muscles that form your pelvic floor. Sounds too techie? See pic below on your pelvic floor area. 

Why the IMPORTANCE of KEGEL exercise?

Pelvic floor muscles support the womb, the bladder, and the bowels. Weak pelvic floor can lead to lots of issues like inability to control bowels and bladder - this actually applies to both lengluis and lengcais alike.

But the points below sums up what we’re getting at:
  • Prevent incontinence - Prevent the inability to control our pee (remember aging gracefully? Meaning not ending up as some hot-aunty who needs to go to the loo every 15mins)

  • Improve sexual health - Gain control on our vaginal muscles (your partner is so going to appreciate this muahahahaha)

  • Prepare us for childbirth - Preggie lengluis… this is so for you!! Strong pelvic area will help with the push (yeah, we’ve heard lots of horror stories of lengluis with weak there-there  

As we age, our muscles weaken, like how we start turning flabby with no exercise (Yes, skinny girls can get flabby too). So, like yoga for keeping our bodies youthful, KEGEL can keep your vagina young! For lengluis with “lazyyy vaginas”, presenting… the VKD Vibrance Kegel Device! (See below pic)

Hohohoho… we know what you’re thinking… (Yeah… this looks like ummm… some SEX TOY!!…MUAHAHAHA) But it’s NOT, REALLY! Duh… (WHY in the world then?! LOL) The device easily helps you identify and feel where your pelvic muscles are located so you can do KEGEL correctly. Identifying muscles inside of you is not an easy feat… Heck, we’re even having trouble finding the muscle that keeps the butt firm. 

Okay, if you do a bit of Uncle Googling, there are various other KEGEL Devices out there, which would help with KEGEL exercise. But, know what? After Googling the pics, you will know why iwannabelenglui is leaning towards Vibrance device LOL… If you see the pics of the other KEGEL devices… uummmmm… they look scary!!!! LOL… (What, you expect us to stick that thing in our v-area??!!!) 

Of course, even with the Vibrance one, you’d know this is not for the v-girls (a.k.a Virgins) But, EX-V lengluis, it’s high time you think of strengthening your there-there! The device is a little on the pricey side, RM498 (checkout their website) but heck, like all nifty gadgets, especially ones which you are gonna stick into your there-there… we’d rather get the internationally medical certified ones.

Some post Vibrance event coverage to share:

The Women’s Day event hosted by Vibrance was venue-d at mYoga (the Gardens Mid Valley KL) so upon arrival, we were led on to an interesting Yoga session with Iris from mYoga before anything commenced (this session focused on hip opening and working out our pelvic floor muscle)


That was followed by the VKD (Vibrance Kegel Device) presentation - this was when we had a touch, see, Q&A time with the presenter. LOL… yeah… lotsa ooohs aaaa’s on that little device that vibrates!! (Again, LOL…not what you’re thinking!)

And, we had a motivational talk on Personal Branding by the super vivacious BLING-BLING lady - KD Ismalasari (Author, Brand Image Strategist, Speaker, Fempreneur). You’ll understand why the **BLING-BLING** once you hear her speak… LOL.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Back to Basics - MEIJI Amino Collagen Powder

Remember all iwannabelenglui's posts on collagen drinks? Now its back to basics... The one staple most lengluis over the years have been raving about. And in this post, we are totally agreeing with those raves! LOL

After the minions of collagen posts, there will not be a repetition of what collagen does for one. But.... why is iwannabelenglui going back to what other lengluis are consuming?

  • When you're too busy, there is not much time for survey and stocking up... Just stick to a proven product (in other words... lazzyyyyyyy)
  • It sounds more expensive to purchase this brand compared to other collagen products, but really, it is not. Try calculating on the amount you get by the dollar (or RM in Malaysia), researching on the ingredients and the days that amount can last you for
  • Also cos' LOL.... iwannabelenglui is a super enviroment freak. The bottles and packages consumed over the years have to be collected for recycling each time. With MEIJI powdered collagen, you just re-use the can and get the refill packages

More INFO:
Or just ask Ucle Google with the keyword "Meiji Amino Collagen" :p

Its still all good... Till now people are still questioning iwannabelenglui's AGE! MUAHAHHAHAHA... ssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...

Friday, July 5, 2013

Hatomugi Skin Cond Vs Albion Skin Conditioner Essential

Bye bye uncomfortable skin...
Hello Hatomugi Skin Cond Vs Albion Skin Conditioner


I know -I know.... there has been lots of rave on Hatomugi Skin Conditioner for a couple of years now. But hey, better now then never right? Don't worry, this post is not going to reiterate what everyone else have said... muahahaha... instead, we will be doing a comparison with Albion Skin Conditioner Essential because they both contain the same main ingredient (Job's Tears Extract) and OH MY... The huge price gap... (see my old post on Albion Skin Conditioner Essential)

Okay, since iwannabelenglui have used both the product above and havecompleted full bottles over months, I think it is time we did a comparison chart. Lengluis who have been plagued with acneic skin, please turn to hydrating your skin with either of these skin conditioner. I give both thumbs up for lengluis with problematic skin (since iwannabelenglui is so prone to breakouts).

If you are too lazy to read on, FINAL CONCLUSION = Hatomugi stays because it is budget friendly (LOL... see?? $$$ is a huge factor here!)

Hatomugi Skin Conditioner
Albion Skin Conditioner Essential
Does not prevent internal Acne
But soothes redness and hydrates acneic skin
Hydration level is quite normal
Does not prevent internal Acne
But soothes redness and hydrates acneic skin
Better hydration compared to Hatomugi Skin Cond
RM29 for a 500ml bottle
RM313 for a 330ml bottle
Value for Money
YES!! For that price?!
Not really if you have a comparable alternative hahahaha.. but I still heart it.
Water, Butylene Glycol, Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate, Coix Lacryma, Jobi (Job's Tears) Seed Extract, Styrene/Acrylates Copolymer, Dipropylene Glycol, Alcohol, Citric Acid, Sodium Citrate, Methylparaben, Propylparaben
Water, Alcohol, Butylene Glycol, Solvent, Aesculus hippocastanum, Coix Lacryma-Jobi Ma-yuen Seed Extract, Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate, Glutathione, Hamamelis virginiana, Chondrus Crispus, Menthol, PEG-60 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Sorbitan sesquioleate, Ethylparaben, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Fragrance
Lightweight like splashing water on your face
Soothing feel to it, non-sticky or greasy no matter how much you load on
Fragrance free

Lightweight like splashing water on your face
Soothing feel to it, non-greasy
But will feel a little twinge of sticky if you load on too much
Very subtle fragrance

Suited for girls with sensitive and acne skin but not too dehydrated

Simple but effective at soothing irritated skin

Contains parabens as preservative
Suitable with girls with dehydrated, sensitive  and acne skin

Contains the extra anti –inflammatory and anti-allergy ingredients but effect seems almost like using Hatomugi Skin Conditioner.

Contains parabens as preservative

Friday, April 12, 2013

Just what are you trying to say MR. ACNE P.?

 Just what are you trying to say MR. ACNE P.?

Lengluis, checkout this site >> interesting information on "what our acne is telling us?"