Thursday, March 13, 2014

KEGEL for the lenglui in control – Vibrance Kegel Device

KEGEL for the lenglui in control – Vibrance Kegel Device

Okay, for v-girls and underage lengluis… you’d probably want to stop reading now... LOL… Wait… On second thought… we think that this is an IMPORTANT post for all lengluis post pubescent regardless of age… so continue reading… What is “KEGEL exercise” and why on iwannabelenglui?

Just recently, iwannabelenglui attended (~~curious-curious~~scroll below for post event coverage~~) some Women’s Day event by Vibrance. Haven’t heard of this name? Yeah… neither have we… But what was interesting is not so much on the special gadget VKD that they were marketing (the thing that attracted our curiosity in the first place… huhuhu), but more on how important this particular exercise is to us…

KEGEL is a form of pelvic floor exercise where you contract and relax the muscles that form your pelvic floor. Sounds too techie? See pic below on your pelvic floor area. 

Why the IMPORTANCE of KEGEL exercise?

Pelvic floor muscles support the womb, the bladder, and the bowels. Weak pelvic floor can lead to lots of issues like inability to control bowels and bladder - this actually applies to both lengluis and lengcais alike.

But the points below sums up what we’re getting at:
  • Prevent incontinence - Prevent the inability to control our pee (remember aging gracefully? Meaning not ending up as some hot-aunty who needs to go to the loo every 15mins)

  • Improve sexual health - Gain control on our vaginal muscles (your partner is so going to appreciate this muahahahaha)

  • Prepare us for childbirth - Preggie lengluis… this is so for you!! Strong pelvic area will help with the push (yeah, we’ve heard lots of horror stories of lengluis with weak there-there  

As we age, our muscles weaken, like how we start turning flabby with no exercise (Yes, skinny girls can get flabby too). So, like yoga for keeping our bodies youthful, KEGEL can keep your vagina young! For lengluis with “lazyyy vaginas”, presenting… the VKD Vibrance Kegel Device! (See below pic)

Hohohoho… we know what you’re thinking… (Yeah… this looks like ummm… some SEX TOY!!…MUAHAHAHA) But it’s NOT, REALLY! Duh… (WHY in the world then?! LOL) The device easily helps you identify and feel where your pelvic muscles are located so you can do KEGEL correctly. Identifying muscles inside of you is not an easy feat… Heck, we’re even having trouble finding the muscle that keeps the butt firm. 

Okay, if you do a bit of Uncle Googling, there are various other KEGEL Devices out there, which would help with KEGEL exercise. But, know what? After Googling the pics, you will know why iwannabelenglui is leaning towards Vibrance device LOL… If you see the pics of the other KEGEL devices… uummmmm… they look scary!!!! LOL… (What, you expect us to stick that thing in our v-area??!!!) 

Of course, even with the Vibrance one, you’d know this is not for the v-girls (a.k.a Virgins) But, EX-V lengluis, it’s high time you think of strengthening your there-there! The device is a little on the pricey side, RM498 (checkout their website) but heck, like all nifty gadgets, especially ones which you are gonna stick into your there-there… we’d rather get the internationally medical certified ones.

Some post Vibrance event coverage to share:

The Women’s Day event hosted by Vibrance was venue-d at mYoga (the Gardens Mid Valley KL) so upon arrival, we were led on to an interesting Yoga session with Iris from mYoga before anything commenced (this session focused on hip opening and working out our pelvic floor muscle)


That was followed by the VKD (Vibrance Kegel Device) presentation - this was when we had a touch, see, Q&A time with the presenter. LOL… yeah… lotsa ooohs aaaa’s on that little device that vibrates!! (Again, LOL…not what you’re thinking!)

And, we had a motivational talk on Personal Branding by the super vivacious BLING-BLING lady - KD Ismalasari (Author, Brand Image Strategist, Speaker, Fempreneur). You’ll understand why the **BLING-BLING** once you hear her speak… LOL.

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