Wednesday, December 16, 2009

How YOGA saved my surf week...

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Talk about being an idiot.....

3 days before a surf trip... those 3 and a half inches heels of mine were beckoning me to wear them... They were practically screaming "WEAR ME! WEAR ME!!!" lol... yeah... that's how it happened...

So yeah.... and I wore them to work... and .... I wore them to lunch.... where the floors in the food court were silently greasy and there were invisible steps along the stalls,.... I think you can guess what came next.... THE BIG FALL... yeah.... I "pok-kai" with food, tray and all..... Oh!!!! Talk about the embarrassment... and ouchhhhhhhhhhhhhh..... felt like I should just disappear into thin air right that moment... Okay... so that's not the worst part... I was due to go on a surf trip 2 days after!! With foot in bandage and all.... that surf trip didn't look like it was going to happen...

SIGHHHHHHHHHHHH................................ today's the day after the "FALL"... so now... normally if you sprain your foot or ankle, its going to take a while to heal.. And you're probably going to be functioning only with one and a quarter foot... But..... Now, here's the great BUT.......

But because I've been such a good girl going for yoga classes and all... the sprained foot (twisted by 3.5 inches heels) didn't look too bad cos' there were already lots of twisting and awkward positions "the foot" has gone through in most of the yoga classes... so it was prepared for the worst... so the foot is healing great and I can still walk normally. Though the soreness is still there, I'm sure surfing is still good to go in 2 days time.... Imagine without yoga, "the foot" would have to endure such lethal effects of the sprain and surfing... would never have happened this year...

So there you go... YOGA is GOOD for you!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Albion Skin Cond - Miracle for troubled skin?

Read all the raves on it? Now its my turn....

Seriously girls with internal acne problem, allergy skin.... I'm telling you... I could hug this to sleep...
Apologies... Earlier, this post was neglected!!

Albion Skin Conditioner is like SKII miracle water for lengluis with troubled skin. Only setback... huhuhuhu... The price... Its RM313 for a 330ml bottle! That's like what?! Almost RM1 per ml... Uh-huh... But I'm telling you... Its a real comfort for troubled skin!

  • Asian legluis rave about SKII... But if you really need to know the truth, not every lenglui get crystal clear skin with their miracle water (really!)
  • That's cos' breakouts are usually caused by internal factors (Again... see my post on lemon!!)
  • Albion Skin Conditioner soothes irritated acne and sensitive skin (You'll need to lightly wet pieces of cotton with it and place it on your acne like a mask)
  • Acne size reduces over time (if you do the mask thing religiously)
  • Light subtle fragrance that's comforting
  • No, you don't automatically get crystal clear skin... Sheesh, if thats the case... I'd have skin like Fan Bing Bing... lol... But... you'll feel like your skin's rejuvenated with extra moisture and the acne part would feel pretty soothing
  • I'd treat this as my facial mask on days of poor tired sad skin... 
  • Most of their other products were umm.. alright... (I've only went with some sample-sized stuff)
  • But the Albion Skin Conditioner... two thumbs up! That's if you're in for a splurge... hohoho....

How to make the most out of shopping in Seoul

Shopping in Seoul...

Hohohoho.... I found the time to blog....

Now, what was I saying about Seoul? Its shopping haven for women!!!
Hahahhaa.... Okay, the reason I'm saying that is because......... of all the reasons below:

  • cheapo skincare thats pretty good quality are everywhere!! (of course you can't compare this with Jap skincare or brands from the US and the UK) But.... they are pretty nice to use, works perfectly well and they are cheaper than most good skincare with comparable quality.
  • Lotsa nice masks and lotions that have subtle fragrances and are lightweight... and very nice to use!
  • For those who can afford, fashionable special clothes that you hardly find elsewhere. Look around you and you'll understand why! The people there dress to the nines! Perfect!
  • There are lotsa cheap fashionable good quality clothes in the mall next to the huge Doota shopping complex, but.... they are free-size. So for the lucky lengluis who can sit in any size... you're in luck!
  • Household stuff (eg; cleaning detergents, sprays... cleaning tools) that are special and nice quality and the price? Affordable! - I got this "magic washing ball" that replaces detergent with some ceramic tech that cleanses your clothes better than normal washing detergent. Clothes smells real clean without the necessity of chemical wash powder.
  • hair accessories and bling blings which are cheap and PRETTY!!! You may find them in your home country but... they might cost double or otherwise designs are not as classy
  • Clean water! Clean toilets! Clean place to eat!
  • There are loads more reasons but...... lets get to the main topic now... How to make most out of shopping in Seoul!

Seoul can be an expensive place for asians and a not so expensive place for caucasians... But regardless... knowing some stuff about shopping in Seoul pre-trip would bring you huge satisfaction when you do get back from your trip... Now, what do you need to know?

  • If you're planning a shopping trip, bring a half full luggage! And probably an extra portable one to go into the main luggage
  • Depending on what season you're planning to go, travel with the necessary clothings. Traveling with basics will do, but keep in mind that the lengluis there are all well-dressed. For lengluis leaving in tropical climates, I'd suggest you don't go during winter or end of autumn if you plan to look at their clothes... You'll just end up looking at tonnes of winter clothing that'll not be suitable for wearing when you get home
  • Google up their metro/trains so you'll have no probs getting around. (They have roman alphabets on their station names and the ticketing machines translates to English!) Make sure you "print the map" of the subs and "highlight the stations" that you'll wanna drop off and the station thats walking distance to your hotel
  • Book a hotel thats walking distance to the train station. This would save you the hassle of flagging down a cab or even trying to find your way around. Getting around with trains are pretty cheap
  • Plan your shopping list. The Korean stuff they sell online, yeah... you'll prob find it in any shopping mall.. If you don't... just save the pic to your mobile or print it out so you can ask around. Most people in Seoul don't really speak English but.... a pic is worth a thousand words... hahahhahah....
  • Mise-en... (I hope I got the name right...) Is a really good (read reviews and blogs on it) haircare range which is seriously cheap! (My close friend bought a few 900ml bottles of their shampoo and lotsa their haircare products to bring home... (--)")
  • Rice Day soap... uh-huh... You can find this at any supermarkets (eg; lotte mart)... Go google the reviews... enough said
  • Skincare? You know your brand! If you're someone who's planning to go to Seoul... I know you know your brand! But... don't be afraid to experiment with their lesser known brands sold in their pharmacies..
  • Know that shopping in a supermarket you'll find lotsa cool beauty stuff as well.. Oh! And lets not forget those cute nice quality cleaning tools... LOL... Imagine buying household cleaning tools from there... Come on... you're already there... why not? (Unless you've exceeded your luggage limit... please, don't go overboard... lol)
  • People there are extremely polite so don't worry about getting conned or getting into uncomfortable situations with rude people
  • Know that shopping in their pharmaceuticals are way cool! You'll find loads of skincare at a good bargain!
  • Food? Hmm... I don't know about you guys... but I absolutely love Korean food! If you don't, there's always Burger King! No, its not expensive... Roughly the same price as in KL and definitely much cheaper than european countries. A note though... notice that fast food outlets in Seoul don't hire employees to clean up after you, so remember to bring your trays and discard and waste in the designated areas. If you're not sure... watch the Koreans while chomping down on your burgers...
  • The toilets in Seoul are free to use by the public. No, they don't charge you anything for using the toilets...
  • Every restaurant you go will serve plain water. No, you will not be charged for that. They are normally in a clear jug or glass bottle. So if you don't plan to order any drinks, water is provided. And, the water is save for consumption.
  • Hmm... go for that RM3 hand cream in their Watsons. Google up "OLIVE Water Drop Essence Hand Cream"... You know, this makes a really cool souvenir for your lady friends! For the guys? Hmm... just get them a RM3 face mask... After all, Koreans are largely into the beauty business! Beats having to lug back all those souvenir key-chains and whatnot...
Uh-huh... this post is getting way-to-long for a get-me-to-the-point-please-reader like me... I'll stop here for now... Get your Googling skills out lengluis! Google your way to a GREAT shopping trip! Have fun in Seoul!

P/s - Last but not least, go look in (this is a MUST):

Print out their shopping coupons know their stores and pharmacy names! Will be lotsa fun going around with that feeling of... whoaaaaa... I heard of that store!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Kinohimitsu J'pan Bust drink up - The New Fab?

Back to Boobs.... hahahahhahahha

Update 26th January 2010
  • Just realized there are quite a few comments on this post ... I know - I know... I haven't been updating this post in ages. But no matter how busy (yeah... work kinda sucks at a very depressing stressful point right now)... regardless, I'm gonna post a real short update here for this post readers! :p
  • After 5 boxes of this... I'm gonna say... come on girls... don't waste your money unless you plan to take this drink for-e-ver. You know every month we women go through ovulation... and our hormones sorta bounces around... and thats when your boobs reaches its peak size too. Same goes for the theory in this drink - puereria mirifica. Yeah... after14 days the boob drink claims to make a difference. After 28 days... claims to show results. Uh-huh... I'll just have to say this... I've seen bigger days with the monthly cycle... lol....
  • BUT.... this drink also contains 500mg collagen per bottle. So I guess its a kill 2 birds with a stone thingi. Yeah.. your body can only absorb so much collagen in a day. So yeah.. boobs will definitely feel firmer and more tender within consumption period. Nice.
  • In conclusion: If 5 boxes isn't wow-ing me... I don't think it'll wow any of you readers too... :p And the boob adventure goes on.... :p

Update 8th December 2009
  • Geez... so much for succumbing to temptation after much research on how safe it is to consume this... muahahaha... Lets see some blog on this soon.... sigh... going on the crazy boob adventure again....

You're probably wondering if I'd ever blog on this. Its new stuff in KL baby... but... pueraria mirifica has long been known to be used by native Thai women as a herb to increase bust size (I googled okay?) So emm... what's this thing with F-Cup cookies and boob drinks? lol.... And you're probably wondering why is sugar-cupcakes not crazy over these stuff? I mean duh..... getting C cup is LIKE a perfect dream-come-true!! Hahahhahaha.... Okay-okay... I'll continue this when I'm free... (--)" Now I've gotta get back to work... lol....

Butt issues for sports?? - Nike Perfect Fit -

A fit for all bums....

pic credit to

See the vid on the link below by Nike...
My-my... do they understand women... Go watch it... hahahhahahhaaa...

Yeah... so, working out has kind of been a part of life since yoga...
But you know... its really a hassle to look great WHILE working out. Since you're going down the sweaty tortures route... (Yeah, I'm not exactly a fan of exercise lol) If you do it in the privacy of your own home... yeah... wearing your PJs is going to be OK. But... getting tortured and all sweaty strutting about in awkward poses in a public gym, is no-go.

Okay, I think its always no probs to look normal in a gym. No, I don't think its necessary to wear make up while working out. Geez, plain looking is fine. But walking around with a tight-fitting pants on your kookier than normal butt.... uh-huh.... think of fleshy folds of buns or the never-been-there ass?

I guess if you have a nice firm-toned ass like umm... Jessica Alba, you shouldn't be reading this post now... go away... hahahhahahahha....

Okay... the trick is to look for the perfect (there's no prefect... trust me... hahahaha) pants that gives the illusion of a passable butt.... So umm... what's this post about?

No, I'm not really promoting Nike Perfect Fit Workout Capris... I think they are bloody-hell overpriced for just sweating out actually. But hey, that didn't stop me from getting one... hahhahaha... But, also, this just shows how fitness brands are well aware of little trivial stuff women are so conscious of. I think, this does camouflage your less-than-perfect butt to at least looking plain normal. If you can actually get a pants that do this... cooooooool..........

  • low wider waist
  • thicker material at the butt area
  • comfortable fit
  • classic cut designs (no fancy dodgy cuts)
  • pricey

Looking good while working out = Motivation to actually get our bum off the couch

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Beauty on a BUDGET

.... seriously... is that possible?

Sometimes I think... we tend to splurge too much on ourselves (I know-I know... guilty as said)... But what happens if the sky decides to come crashing down and.... $$$$ would be the last thing on our mind let alone in or pocket...

Fuuuuuuu... that'd be the start of nightmare days for lengluis in the world..... no? Hey.... not every lenglui you see has that much cash to splurge. You know... life goes on with or without the extra cash.... And not everyone can afford to be a little princess each time paycheck comes... Living a happy life isn't just about superficial beauty... But... heck... I'm getting off topic here.... so now.... how would we budget ourselves and still remain a lenglui..? How do we get through life without that must-have skincare set??

  • Petroleum Jelly (Eg; Vaseline)

They are a really CHEAP super all-in-one! To soften rough skin areas, lib balm, and even wrinkly parts

  • Ultralight Therapy Oil (Eg; Skinlabs Therapy Oil)
You don't need super-expensive moisturisers... Get a simple therapy oil that works on sensitive skin and voila... you may now skip the moisturisers. Works on scars and flaky skin too!

  • Lotsa veggies and fruits (you know... fresh fruits and veggie diet costs way less than meaty and greasy junks)

Yeah... that super expensive meal at the restaurant could have costs way less if you ate super healthy... I don't mean being on a diet... but... fresh fruits and veggies do costs way less and since you're on a budget, I think its a good time to get some antioxidants in and a natural detox for your body

  • Water-water-water
Each time you order a drink, its gonna cost you on every meal. Ever seen the lady with a water bottle in her handbag everywhere she goes? Or the lenglui who just asks for plain warm water rather than ordering a drink? Yeah... you can start calculating how much you're gonna save by just ordering plain water or carrying a bottle of water around with you... Besides, plain water is hydrating, thirst quenching and.... GOOD FOR YOU!

  • Any simple face wash (plain glycerin with virgin coconut oil will do just fine as well)
Face wash needn't be super high quality. As long as you get a good make-up remover, all you need is a simple face wash. But.... always check the ingredients... Some super cheap face wash dumps in a whole load of chemicals in just to sound good. Remember, the key is simplicity. The less chemical compound... the better it is. Au nature l as they say.

  • Only buy clothes/shoes when they are ON SALE
Duh.... you may think... so when the SALE is on... you end up with the same clothes as everyone else? Besides... its hard to get the right sizes that fit in a SALE... Wrong! You'll look good in whatever if your skin, hair and body already looks HOT!
  • Get one single nice classy bag and STICK WITH IT
The problem with us ladies is that... Our bags tend to wear-off fast. And.... everything else on the shelves is gonna look better than your bag... lol.... So we'll end up with a load of bags that emmm... doesn't justify the means of the person owning them. Heck... you're only gonna carry one bag at a time... Du-uuh..... SO, get a good one (yeah... it might cos a little more... or maybe way----more...) Make sure it matches everything else... and will last you through the years. And, STICK WITH IT. Don't be unfaithful............ Be nostalgic! Hahahhahahha...

  • Blackhead Tool
Okay... so you've decided to save money by skipping facial. Hmmm.... thats fine since I haven't been to any facial in years! And... my face is coping just fine. Have your own facial. They don't have to cost a bomb. Besides... all that gunk that goes on your face? They're gonna stay on the outside anyways. You may swear that they actually do something, but... heck... its just cos they FEEL GOOD! And it feels good to have someone do your face for you... Come on... all you need is a simple blackhead tool... and hygiene!

  • Tweezers

pic credit to

I almost missed this out! Sheesh... these are one of the most important tool you'll need and they are really cheap so yeah... cheap and mighty useful. Though be warned... never ever over-pluck. Under-plucking is fine. But over-plucking, is gonna make you look far older than you really are. Whether its used for tweezing your eyebrows (see my post on eyebrow perfection), your teeny weeny barely there side mustache or that sudden single hair growth on inconvenient places.... pain factor? 100% OUCH!! lol....

  • Toothpaste
So now... what about zits? You do need to get a proper anti-ZIT gel or cream right? Think about it... has any of those special pimple gel made your zits vanish overnight? None of mine does... The zit just crinkled and dried out a little... But thats about it. Try applying some toothpaste on your zit. See that its gonna work the same as Clearasil or OXY... lol... Google up for more info... Though emmm... if you've got really bad skin... see below:


If you've got ultra-horribly sensitive skin... please. You can try budgeting on any other stuff but do STICK TO YOUR REGULAR SKINCARE that helps (whatever brand that may be, don't budget on it). Nothing beats trying to budget and switching skincare on your already sensitive skin. If you've got your skin in check... don't worry... you'll look good in anything... yes... even the super-cheap-o blouse or bag you're carrying. Know what...? When you look good, you look good in anything.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Panasonic EH-2473 - Nano Tech Steamer

Revitalizes and improves resilience of skin

  • Its like having a mini facial at home (definitely a keeper!)
  • Feels good every time I use it
  • Don't see any improvement on acne (THIS IS NOT FOR CURING ACNE)
  • Skin feels supple (Remember to apply milk lotion to lock in the moisture after use of steamer)
  • Oh yeah, in case you're wondering where the hell can you find distilled water for use with the facial steamer... You can get bottled distilled water at any local supermarket (probably costing less than RM1 for a 1 liter bottle)
  • Worthwhile investment for women with dry or aging skin! Huhuhuh...

Update 03rd Dec 2009:
I've been insanely-INSANELY busy with work. Crazy project's taking up all my blogging time and I've been working late for the past week now.... Would really like to update this soon... FYI I LOVE the steamer! lol.... but note that this does not cure acne skin (maybe helps a little by regulating facial oil).... But if you're reaching your thirties or already pass there, this is definitely a good investment. Young readers.... don't go splurge on this... save your cash for something else k?

Update 19th Oct 2009:

I know - I know.... I AM GUILTY! But-but for the sake of our blog readers.... (lol okay, maybe not only that...) >>>>> I just splurged on this (but after loads of google research)... kekeke...

Will be reviewing this very soon... Get ready all the for critics and raves baby!

Ohhh noooooooooooooooooooooooo........ Remember my blog on a wishlist item Panasonic EH-2424...? So now... they decided to come up with the improved version of that.... And this... is soooooo very very tempting...........................

The features:
  • World's first platinum hot/cold steamer with platinum components
  • Hot Steam/ Cool micro mist to revitalize skin
  • Revitalizes and improves resilience of skin
  • 3 Hot/Cold Automatic Beauty Program
    • Clear Skin Course: Reduces dark cirlcles and dullness of skin
    • Tension/ Elasticity Course: Increase elasticity of skin
    • Sebum Care Course: Restores sebum balance of skin
  • AC Power

Okay... CALM DOWN... For a silly steamer, this costs a bomb!! So maybe if I Googled hard enough... I'd get a better bargain for this... But still.... a steamer??

You would probably react just the same if you've read these bloggers comment on the steamer... Okay-okay... they are in Jap and Chinese... But hey... there's Google translate remember??? hahahhahahhaa........
Know what I think.....? I think we need to stay away from adverts!!! Crazy.... crazy... women!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Grosses time of the month to Happier Month??

Cloth Pads to a happier Lenglui?

(for the sake of our readers, I'm adding this note - stay away from this post if you find topics on women's menstruation is just emm... not your cup of tea)

Okieee.... I feel weird blogging this... but.... wth.... Several months ago... I decided that wearing disposable sanitary pads were too much of a hassle (even though... they are err... disposables and are suppose to make your life easier). But-but... it feels gross every time I throw away a used pad... I feel.... emm... yuck... and it really feels like I'm contributing loads to the amount of one of the grossest rubbish on planet earth - used sanitary pads.

The problem:
  • sudden enlightenment to go green for the sake of our beloved planet
  • feeling errr... gross every time I throw away a used pad
  • sudden retail urge for online stuff... hahahahaaaa...
  • I know this is trivial to some of you but.... don't you feel a little conscious when you go to the loo to change and you can't help making those rustling plastic noises when removing the adhesive tape off the disposable pad? Its like you're trying to be as quiet as possible in the toilet cubicle so the other person in the toilet won't know that its your time of the month... this is especially obvious when you're using your office toilet and everybody knows everybody in a company... hahahahhahahaa...
  • you go in a toilet to change and you realise... shit** there are no sanitary disposal bins... now what are you gonna do?? wrap the pad in lotsa tissue and walk out casually throwing that into the closest waste basket?
  • feel that disposable pads are mighty uncomfortable and reminds you of your period most of the time?
  • emm... moon cups and tampons are not really your thing?
So say "hello baby" to cloth pads!

Okay... now here's the thing about cloth pads.. Its really hard to find a nice classy yet cute looking one. Why bother>>? Hey... if you're going to be washing them and drying them out on your cloths line in the open... I think you WILL BOTHER. lol.... I'm not going to do a complete review on the cloth pad of my choice - snexy cloth pads (after a whole week of research, the japanese and korean cloth pads are way-too-cute too but they come with a nice price tag)

So here's to cloth pads:
  • the first thing you will notice when you do the switch - whoaaaaa... this is actually comfortable.... lol
  • apparently women who wears cloth pads as compared to disposable pads are happier women during that time of the month... geez... google sure have lotsa interesting info
  • no more rustling plastic sound from the toilet cubicle, just snap off and snap on
  • used pads can be folded into a cute pouch-like-hankie with a snap of the button, then just keep it in a waterproof cute baggie till you get home to wash it
  • downside of this is that.... you wouldn't want to go travel with them... heck... no way, I'm hanging cloth pads in hotel room toilets to dry... the cleaners will be wondering what the hell are those
  • another downside of this... like disposables, you will not be able to go swimming or do water sports in this. Opt for tampons instead when you got no option... hahahhahaa....
  • Snexy Pads - They come in really nice colours and are not too kiddie-looking so when you hang them out to dry... they look kinda cute
  • Snexy Pads - The founder of Snexy is really nice. And, I think (from their site) you get a full refund if you're not satisfied with her products. No... I'm not advertising for Snexy... there are tonnes of nicer quality cloth pads out there... but for the price with shipping, this is the best online alternative I've got... hehehehee....
  • Snexy Pads - if you've got a heavy flow... I suggest you ask Liz (the founder and creator of Snexy to make you better leak proof pads... the pads are not really leak proof for heavy flows)
  • try Googling for cloth pads from Australia, Japan and Korea... they are really pretty....
  • you may feel a little queezy washing your used pads at the start (cos you'll see lotsa red-flowing blood), but, trust me... after that... its cool...
  • blood stains are really difficult to get rid off unless you have a good/suitable detergent. (I struggled when I first made the switch to cloth pads) Try looking for a special women's blood stain removal detergent like one from Daiso (RM5 Japanese shop) Makes it so much easier to remove stains from the pads after use... After that... removal of blood stains? Piece of cake! lol...
Hmm... a happier time of the month? YEAH... feels pretty much like it!

Sea Salt Facial Wash - good for for overly sensitive skin?

Allison's All Natural Sea Salt Therapy - Facial Wash

I wasn't planning on blogging on this cos its just a facial wash and knowing me, I'll try plentiful brandnames that looks safe or convincing but won't necessarily blog on them 'cos I'm emm... busy with work. lol... But... after 2 good days.. I think... this is actually worth a review.

When I was going nuts over Culpepper's aromatherapy range, the young Culpepper's promoter persuaded me to try out a facial wash which was quite a bargain. She wasn't that concern if I wanted to get the essential oils (fyi, they costs way more than the facial wash...), instead, she seemed genuinely interested with trying to get rid of my emm Thai Food (which was really seafood in the exquisite Thai dishes) allergy acne on my skin.

She mentioned a fellow promoter with terrible breakout skin who was practically given no option by their manager to try out the facial wash. Apparently... it worked wonders for her fellow promoter friend's skin. Big reduction in acne.. and.. no more dilated pores... So I thought... what the heck... its not like the facial wash costs a bomb even though it sounds too good to be true. I know - I know... I'm so easily convinced!! hahahahhahaaaa...

But heck... think about it... the girl wasn't even bothered if I wanted to buy al the real pricey aromatheraphy stuff even though she was earning on commission.(trying to justify buying yet another facial wash.. lol) So yeah.. I added it to my shopping cart... No harm trying out something au-naturel.. Scanned the ingredients...

organic virgin coconut oil, vitamin e oil, lavender (the promoter added this in), sea salt, vegetable glycerin

Looks pretty safe... And... the promoter let me try it out there and then... muahahaha

  • Its not your usual foamy lathery facial wash
  • I Googled and could not find anything on this.... dodgy...
  • After washing your skin may still feel a little slippery but that's okay
  • No taut feeling on skin, but doesn't feel special
  • After 2 days of use, I conclude that... my acne sorta calmed down... No kidding.. this seemingly lousy (lousy cos the packaging kinda sucks) facial wash calms down my acne... okay, so its not lousy anymore
  • Get this: Salt is actually a natural antiseptic for skin... but over using it my dry-out and irritate your skin. I guess thats why the acne kinda calmed down, and, the nice ingredients in the wash probably contributed to soothing the skin
  • Conclusion: weird... I like it better than the Dermalogica medibac cleanser, cos... it feels natural (with no minty fresh feel) and costs way less with the current promo. lol

Monday, August 17, 2009

Skin Labs Therapy Oil - for scarring, stretch marks, uneven pigmented skin and dehydrated skin

A made-in-india oil with pretty nice quality and totally worth the price

Its actually pretty easy to catch a women's eye in a shopping outlet. Just put a huge promo sign with something impressively simple like a free-to-try sample with an advert of a beautiful lady 's face to top it off.

Now thats how I came about to purchase this: SkinLabs Therapy Oil (RM39.90 at all Guardian Pharmacy Outlets in KL)

Being used to seeing all sorta saloon brands and huge brand names like Clarins promoting their lotus oil and other skin stuff alike... I thought hey! There's the new rage in therapy oil for the skin... lol... Besides... I was getting kind of bored using lotions... The thought of my dehydrated skin from being lazy of slapping on gunks onto my skin.... uggh... I need retail therapy... lol

Okay... I didn't just purchase this for the sake of purchasing. The thing is.. I actually sampled the oil on my hands first.
  • nice refined oil
  • hardly greasy
  • hypoallergenic
  • very light naturally fragranced from lavender oil
  • easily absorbs into the skin
So hey... this is pretty nice.
Now I'm already half bottle away. I use this on my legs, elbows, knees, hands and face! Yes, my very breakout prone face! And guess what... I didn't breakout... (given the fact that my skin has now reached a minimally satisfying condition... If you have breakout-prone face... don't risk this!!)

I didn't see any radical changes to my skin... But... it does feel good to use as a replacement for body lotion. And besides, a few drops goes a long way.... If you still like your body lotion, by all means, stick to it. I just got a little adventurous... lol...

  • Scarring? Emm.. I'm not sure... I haven't tried it on any major scars
  • Stretch marks? Emm... I don't see any stretch marks on my body apart from the butt yet... Maybe I'll go try it on the butt... lol
  • Worth to try? Yes if you've ran out of body lotion and decided that you need the adventure

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Korean Sunseeds Natural Grain Powder - Where all pretty Korean Complexion comes from...

Claims to do good to your hair, skin.. body, mind and soul?

Can't believe its been almost 3 months since I've updated this blog... Oh noooo... I'm so sorry... Been crazy busy with the new job and stuff... You know how it gets... (--)"

From the telie... you see tonnes of beautiful korean chicks strutting around in dramas and movies. But really... if you've met a korean, you'd know... those pretty faces are just korean celebs... Common korean chicks are just like us... Normal plain looking women... However, most korean ladies I've met had one thing in common. Beautiful skin! So here goes... my quest for a clearer complexion...

Okay... I finished up 2 jar of this in about 2 months. Can't say for sure that it helped cleared up my skin or made my hair pretty... But yeah... I had acne on my neck for like 2 months and they weren't going anywhere no matter what I consumed or did. But 2 months later... they sorta cleared up... Probably its my own body immune kicking in... lol... So I'm not sure if Sunseeds actually helped with the acne thingi. But damn... it sure tastes good... lol... (btw.. individual preference on the taste...)

So yeah... the reason I'm updating this today is cos' I just bought another 2 jar from Jusco... its on promotion now... and it tastes and feel good (^^)" I'm such a sucker for this sorta stuff... lol...

  • Feels healthy cos then I wouldn't skip breakfast
  • Hey... its fiber that we need to help clear our intestines and thats where all your allergy and bad skin stems from
  • Tastes good... like some nice cereal drink... Don't know if its worth the price for a cereal drink... lol... but hey... I like it... so... why not?
  • This will not give you immediate result so don't get your hopes up high..
  • Claims to work wonders on skin and hair... Checkout their before-after pics (at the promo booth)... I'm not going to directly agree on that but... heck... if you've got at least 2 months and some money to spare... why not...? Fiber is always a good thing... (of course... don't overindulge in anything... too much of a good stuff is gonna be bad for you)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Nice BUTT? - Wakeboarding for fast results... lol

pic sourced from

Seriously... I've been wanting to write about this since my one and only trial of wakeboarding... YOU WILL GET A TONED FIRM BUTT WITH REGULAR WAKEBOARDING!! I am not kidding. And the only reason I'm saying this is because - when friends and I got home from wakeboarding, our butt muscles hurt like crazy!!!! HAHAHHAHAHA.... Believe all you want... But... man.... imagine your butt hurting even when you try to squat or sit... So... there can be only one conclusion to this... wakeboarding seriously work out the bum area!!! Forget squats and lunges... I could never get my butt area to hurt this much with 20 squats or 20 lunges... But one short session of wakeboarding and after a day.... Man.... before you can say... you go girl.... If you want quick results (and escaping having to do squats and lunges)... TRY WAKEBOARDING.... Though... emm... be warned... not for the faint-fitted... lol... I don't have a nice butt... but... I think I'll stick to the occasional lunges and squats for now... I don't have that much pain tolerance or fitness discipline... lol...

To be continued...
About wakeboarding:

Who should try it:

Who shouldn't try this:

AlQVIMIA Bust Volume Oil - Boob oil?? Sigh... not again.... crazy women...

Recently, a gf and I stumbled upon this brand which I have to admit... I've often passed by a couple of time but just never got to look or try on. There's just so many other more important stuff at the moment... like getting rid of acne and probably brushing up on my scripting since.. I'm supposedly a programmer after all... lol....

ALQVIMIA claims to produce high quality essential oils all of which is handmade from Spain. And... these oil supposedly contains "chi" which is energy vital for our well-being... Read more on ALQVIMIA here. Now, the oils from ALQVIMIA are really... comparably better in quality than the massage oils from The BodyShop... But heck... there's the price difference so I guess that should shut me up about the quality for now. But yeah... since this post is more on increasing bust volume...
I've only bought the 17ml bottle to try before deciding on whether this is worth the full bottle buy. Primarily.. I've gotten lazy and haven't been doing anything to the bust area since emm.. my breakout started. I haven't even touched the "Hai Sun Foong Pump" in ages! So I guess... yeah... sadly... I stayed back to B. Heck... I just had to deal with the acne first... Boobs comes later... lol....

So yeah... I won't be updating this anytime soon until I've finished the whole 17ml bottle. In the mean time... all I can say is... this is worth the buy so much more than the SlimFit Bust Oil that costs way more. And... the ingredients are almost the same. Heck... they even smell the same!

Gone are the cellulite days.....

Hey, what about a nice BUM for a change?
(okay-okay... this will come later..)

A couple of weeks ago... my mum bought back something for me... again... its for the cellulite... It took me a while before deciding to blog on the Yves Rocher Spa Energie Slimming Massage Oil. Duh... obviously I wanted to know if it helps before I take my time to blog on it... lol... I know- I know... lazy women... Before you read this... go read my previous blog on cellulite...

You know... if you're not too busy handling more important stuff in your life... I think its good to find some time, perhaps 5-10 minutes each day after shower to do some massaging on cellulite prone areas. Believe me... it does help a little... I would really like to post up a before-after picture of my cellulite-busting regime... but... hahahahaa... shy la!

Of course there are the lengluis who are cellulite prone due to genetics and most of the time weight issues. But... being on the heavy side or having a family history of cellulite doesn't mean nothing is going to help get rid of your cellulite 'cept for liposuction...

Have some discipline... massaging with a good serum or oil WILL reduce the appearance of cellulite. Heck... these days... beauty tech has advance by way loads... so yes, MASSAGING helps! Even if you decide to go for those cellulite courses in the beauty saloons, the beauticians are gonna have to do the same.. massage your problem area...

Back to the Massage Oil...

  • Smells pretty relaxing... (I guess that's the Scutellaria Root extract)
  • Used with a cellulite massager...
  • I'm bottom heavy used to be with loads of cellulite beneath the bum area at the thighs... Massaging with this did help a little... I guess you could say... I'm very a mild case of cellulite now... muahahahahahhaaa... the hard work paid off...
  • Yes, its lightly greasy like any light-weight oil... but bearable...
  • I'm now trying to discipline myself into doing lunges in hopes of toning up the bum and thigh area... But... give me a break... I can't turn into an exercise freak overnight... lol..

An Update for the Panda-Girls....

The other day I was researching and purchasing stuff for emm... my skin to cope with allergy breakouts.. I've been a long-time fan of Ettusais makeup (They're a makeup line from Shiseido specially formulated for problematic acne-prone skin)... Only... I hardly ever wear makeup when my skin is acting all nice... So yeah... back to the counter...

So then... I was browsing the Ettusais acne whitening line to get rid of my body scars from allergy acne... And that was when.... I was introduced to the much sourced for medicated under-eye concealer! The Ettusais Eye Zone Tinted Colour Essence. Not only does it proves itself as a concealer... its medicated to help dark circle and puffy eyes too! I think this is something every panda-eyed girl is looking for. Something that conceals while claims to medicate your darkened under-eye area. Even the Malaysian Star paper decided to have a short intro on it:

On whether or not it helps to eliminate the dark circle... I really do not know since I've only tried the samples. Besides... I don't have a huge problem with darkened eye zone so I don't qualify to blog on this as a dark-circle remedy. Still.... I think its worth the try. Pair this up with the Ettusais Eye Zone Massaging Essence to use for the night. I found many bloggers who raved on this.. but... still none that claims this a miracle cure for dark-cirle and puffy eyes. The search goes on....

Facial Sprays - Are they really worth the buy?

Been neglecting this blog for a while now... (was busy battling acne... lol)

Living in a hot climate encourages crazy skin antics like breakouts. Same goes when you live in cold and dry climate... Then again... same goes everywhere!! lol... For the people who battle with acne... I FEEL YOU! So yeah... lets talk about some facial sprays to calm those itching uncomfortable acne...

Okay... so what's all this craze about facial sprays and mists? Aren't these just water?? I mean okay, there's thermal spring water and spring water and alkaline water and all which claims to do the skin good by increasing your skin's hydration on the outer layer with soothing minerals. But are they really worth the buy?? You see, with the economic situation in the downs and people struggling to earn a living... I think.. there's a need to think twice before splurging on stuff that you don't really need. But yeah... back to the point...

There are several if not many brands of facial sprays and mists that claims to refresh facial skin with spring water (heck... shu uemura has the deep sea mist which lotsa bloggers claim to work wonders) But back to what I've tried so far over the years... Evian, Avene and Uriage. Yeah, so they claim sourced from different locations... with vaguely differing mineral content (the marketing that claims to sooth problematic skin). But still when sprayed on.. feels the same, very refreshing... and calms itching acne... But really... look at my conclusion below:

  • Feels real refreshing (eg; when your acne is itching and the dry/hot weather is not helping, imaging someone spraying cool spring water into your face... fuuuuuu....)
  • Calms sensitive skin acne (with all the special mineral content goodness)
  • Hydrating? Yeah... umm... obviously misting your skin with water is hydrating... what isn't?
  • Worth the buy? I think... rather than purchasing by paying for the brand and all research done in producing these special water... you might as well bottle up your own facial mist. Aerosol spray cans are not exactly eco friendly either... Unless you can afford to have spring water for drinking, cleansing and your basic daily water needs, buying a can to spritz on each time you need a refresher isn't really going to fix your skin problems.
  • Some links to creating your own facial sprays:

For me, I just bottle up simple mineral filtered water (lets say Diamond or Hexagon or water from a good water ioniser like the Panasonic one) into a spray bottle with nozzle that sprays out ultra fine mists. There you go... our skin may not get those special mineral content from the mountain spring or a deep sea... But heck... good clean healthy filtered water will do just fine..

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Geeting a Tan online? Wow....

Can you believe this? You can actually get a tan online.... I mean... by just sitting in front of your pc monitor... Whoaaa... I didn't think that was possible... I got the news from BellaSugar site.. (Hehehe... sister site of my fav celeb gossip site PopSugar) Coolnesssssssssssss.... Maybe I should actually try this... lol.... Then again... maybe I'll just play out in the sun for a while and slather on lotsa sunblock...

Check out the site below:

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Busting Food Allergy Acne - Dermalogica MediBac Clearing Adult Acne Treatment Kit

Dermalogica MediBac Clearing Adult Acne Treatment Kit

So yeah... I'm still battling with food allergy acne. After 1 month ++... its still secreting puss and... the all acne are concentrated at my neck, back and jawline. Imagine... clear forehead, clear nose area... cystic acne at jawline and neck and back. And eczema on feet... Sigh... really. What did I eat this time...?

The itchiness is really killing me and I refuse to see a dermatologist or a doctor this time because the signs are obvious... I'm having food allergy. And the only thing the doc can do is give a me a good lecture on my food discipline, anti-histamines, maybe topical antibiotic serums, and probably a hormonal check. So no. This time I'll take matters in my own hands... And if the acne still stays... doc... I need help.... lol

I've taken a macro shot of my neck and jawline which I might upload soon enough. You'll see reddish cystic bumps all over. But don't quote me on this... If the kit shows no result, there's no way I'm uploading any before-after pics here.. Does not justify the means... lol...

Below is the list of stuff I've stocked up on for this sure-win battle... muahahaha...
  • Bioxil Inner D-TOX
  • Lotsa Red Crunchy Sweet Apples (my failed apple detox.. hahaha)
  • Dermalogica MediBac Clearing Adult Acne Treatment Kit (RM178 retail - I got it at RM133 off eBay)
  • Ettusais Medicated Pre-Acne Care Sheet (RM95 retail)
  • Lotsa Water
  • Averine Medicated Cover Spot Concealer
  • Ettusais Acne Body Whitening Mist (hopefully to get rid of red marks on my tummy and back... sigh...)
Now, lets not deviate from the main point of this post. This post is really more of a review for the Dermalogica MediBac Clearing Adult Acne Treatment Kit. After many days of Googles and reading tonnes of reviews on acne kits, this kit has got the most GOOD reviews. So I decided to try it out. It costs me a bomb for several small tubes of product that will probably last me less than 2 weeks. But heck... who would want to be battling acne with the same product for more than 2 weeks? Okay-okay... I'm being impatient 'cos this has been going on for more than a month...

pic credit to

In the kit:
* Dermalogica Clearing Skin Wash - 1.7 oz / 50ml
* Dermalogica Clearing Mattifier - 0.50 oz / 15ml
* Dermalogica Overnight Clearing Gel - 0.50 oz / 15ml
* Dermalogica Concealing Spot Treatment - 0.10 oz / 3ml
* Dermalogica Sebum Clearing Masque - 0.75 oz / 20ml

What the kit says:
For Acneic and Breakout-Prone Skin. Experience clearer skin faster! MediBac Clearing products work around-the-clock to actively treat, clear and prevent breakouts. Use MediBac Clearing morning and night as your complete acne-fighting system to maintain consistently clear, healthy skin.

I'd recommend a good anti-acne moisturiser to go with this. The eBayer who sold me this kit added in a sample of Dermalogica Oil Control Lotion which was pretty okay. I started on this Medibac regime last night. And lets catalogue my skin's reaction to the product:

Day 1 - 31st March 2009
Skin feels fresh and clean but maintains supple. Unlike products like Oxy and Clearasil and Neautrogena and Clinique, my skin experienced NO dryness. Acne has subsided a little (not fully cos they are still there).. new appearance of acne. And the Concealing Spot Treatment is a little tinted so I could go to work without any make up.

Day 2 - 1st April 2009
Emm.. My neck and jawline acne is still very very obvious (no miracles huh?) and uh-huh... I'm now seeing zits popping out on my tummy! Okay... this is it... no more suspicious food... food allergy is not exactly a fun thing... its definitely burning a hole in my pocket! Oops... back to review on the Mediback Kit.. at least my face don't feel that itchy anymore.. and the kit is not killing my skin like how those industrial strength acne treatment does... lol..

Day 3 - 2nd April 2009
Still there. Acne not going away. Heck... at least there are no more zits popping out. And the old acne seems to be subsiding... real.... slowly.... lol.

Day 4 - 3rd April 2009
Reduced blackheads and whiteheads. But previous acne... still there.

Day 5 - 4th April 2009
Decided to check with doc on my allergy. Doc insists that I needed antibiotics to clear the already-there acne on the neck, back and tummy. He gave me the LOOK when I insisted on a no-go for oral medication. Heck... it feels stupid to think that I would need to put any pimple gel on my tummy to get rid of tummy acne... Eeeeeeeeek... So okay... I listen to the doc for now. But still... I think my daily regime found a new add-on - Medibac Clearing Mattifier. Nice cos' blackheads and whiteheads have hugely reduced even without any medication. hehhehheh...

Day 6 - 5th April 2009
Previous acne - check - still there.

Day 7 - 6th April 2009
Decided to add on DHC Acne Whitening gel to my daily regime for clearing up the red marks left by subsided acne. But acne on the neck area are still very much obvious.

Conclusion for this 1 week:
There are no miracles in this world that would cure severe acne in a matter of days! Not even laser! (Cos my beautician friend tried that) The Dermalogica Medibac range is really as good as everyone raved about. Its not a miracle cure, but... it does keep your skin in check with reduced blackheads, whiteheads and prevents formation of new acne. One thing I needed to add on though... this kit is only as good as it gets when purchased as a mini kit. Don't all of a sudden go and purchase the full bottled range in your effort to fight off acne. Its not gonna work and you'll just end up with super uncomfortable skin and a huge hole in your pocket.

Friday, March 27, 2009

WishList Item1 - Panasonic EH-2424 - Ion Nano Steamer

Update 19th Oct 2009 - Go see my post on successor Panasonic EH-2473 Platinum Ion Steamer

- produces Nano steam
- moisturize skin
- cleanse pores
- increase Collagen

I don't know why... This is the first time I'm putting something up that I've not tested before and from Googling, no one has ever gave a good review on it before... And... it costs a bomb. I'm not sure if I'll ever get it... (Maybe I will... after I moved on... I'll be switching jobs soon... which explains why I got lazy on updating my blog...)

But seriously.... go watch this clip:

I think I went crazy over an advert again... sigh... woman...

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The 3 day Apple Detox - you might as well just kill me now...

Again... I'm down with food allergy.. And the acne on my neck, back and cheeks are itching like a bitch!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHhhhhh... So itchy!! Okay... so I have been greedy. Heck... I'm not even sure what went down my tummy the past few weeks.. Geez... if only it was that easy to control my food intake..

I wish I had a camera with me now so I could show you how many apples I downed today... My colleagues saw me carrying a HUGE bowl of apples and gave me the SHOCK of shocks look... I mean HUGE.... there were 14 apples there... in that single HUGE bowl... And its suppose to last me through the day...

As you already know... I've got a best friend... Google... So everytime I get in trouble, I turn to Google.. Yeah... and I Googled up "Acne Free In 3 Days!"... Whoaaaaaaaaaaaa... I'm amazed... hahahahhaa... Okiee... So I didn't exactly completely followed the suggested regime. Instead, I followed the apple part though... You could eat as many "Red Delicious or Granny Smith" apples as you want in that 3 days... apples and only water. Thats it. No other stuff... Thats suppose to help clear your colon a little... And... the detox started.... as of....... THIS MORNING!!! hauhauhuahuahua...

Guess what... its now 7pm... And... my apple detox failed miserably as of..... an hour ago.. After 8 medium sized apples in a span of 8 hours.... I'm still craving food!! So I downed a banana... And half an hour later.... I'm STILL STARVING.... FOR REAL FOOD!!! lol.... Couldn't get any worse than that... So there goes detox... I went down and ordered vegetarian indian curry rice set... and cleaned the plate through... talk about greed. Man... Sheesh... I could have been more disciplined and took a sandwich or something... But no... it had to be a full plate of curry rice... SIGH>>>>>>

And... now... an hour later... I'm truely regretting it.... Could have pulled through another 4 hours of apples right? Geez... I've already gone through 8... whats another 4?? So there you have it. NO DISCIPLINE... Give me apples any day... I'd have a go at this again... And the next time... I'll try sticking by it...

Monday, March 23, 2009

On Bras.....

** to be continued**

Brassier comes in many different forms and brands. Really, it depends on "the occasion", "the clothes you're gonna wear over it or non" and perhaps... your comfort level for that day. Personal preference is based on individuality. I can of course only comment on bras for women of A to C cups... since... ahem... I'm only around there...

So yeah... been through the A's (long time back) and the B's (most of the time) and the almost C (which is only probably when my hormones decides a-ha.. its that time again...) No. Really. It really does not matter how big or small you are. It sure is possible to still look good.

Lets go through the bra types one should always have through their lives (I'll update the pics later when I finally find the time to snap some photos, or find one with Google):
  • the nude bra/free bra... whatever you call it
You could wear this with anything (except for extreme cleavage-cut tops) This is
perfect for backless clothes! The whole bra feels like silicon. If you've got heavy boobs,
forget about getting this... no matter what they say, your boobs are gonna droop so low it
feels like you've got no support.
  • the strapless
These bras are perfect for spaghetti strap clothes and of-shoulder blouses. But... honestly,
they feel a little insecure. Its like the bra keeps getting lower and lower by the minutes...
For a good strapless, I'd suggest you get one with silicon lined at the pipings of the bra.
They feel less comfortable, but... they're definitely more securely fastened.
  • low back bra-strap extensions
Seriously, these are quite useless. You might as well get the nude bra.
  • the non-padded
  • the little padded
  • the very padded
  • the u-bra
  • the convertible
  • the cleavage enhancing
  • the bikini
  • bra brands
** to be continued **

Monday, March 16, 2009

Oh hear ye... lets have us fair pretty smooth.... underarms!!! lol...

Okay... this post is a little on achieving fair smooth underarms. We've all been through that rough spot. Reddish bumps and darkened underarm skin. So umm... you know the Japanese... they take care of every little details. Even underarms! If you do a search online, or go to SaSa, you'll find the Wakilala Armpit Range. Let me review on their "Wash Peeling" product:

  • This is actually like a body scrub
  • A pretty nice to use scrub in fact
  • Smells nice too!
  • Feels a slight mint fresh after use
  • They even have a sorta toner thing to prevent blemishes or red bumps on your skin there
Then again... if you really want full-proof smooth underarms, go for LHE Hair Removal (it'll costs $$$ though). By not pulling or waxing or shaving your underarms, you're less likely to get bumps or hurt skin at your underarms.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Dark Circles - Be gone!! Be gone!! - but heck... its still mysteriously always there

Ah... the never ending battle with dark under-eye circle. Its one thing I'm really not qualified and don't deserve to blog about. Cos' its the one condition that I've not seen any miracle cream or serum working. You can Google for "dark circle" and see how many products and sites that claims to help.. Seriously, they're worth a better read... The only reason I'm blogging on this is because someone asked me too... (--)"

Come on, you seriously don't expect me to tell you that putting tea bags or cold spoons on your eyes are going to make them prettier do you? Maybe they'll help a little... but I certainly didn't see any difference... LOL... Even though I'm blessed with eyes minus the under-eye dark circles... I've been with a friend who's lived with this dreaded problem for ages.. Just mention anything that "might" work.... there! **poof** (--)" she goes and try it...

A couple of years ago... I went with this girl on this crazy dark-circle cure-finding trip. Everyone calls her "panda eyes"... No, we didn't travel around the world in search of the much needed cure... Instead, we did the little stuff that "normal" people do. We bought affordable different eye products to experiment and consulted several beauticians on this matter. As expected, each beautician has a solution. And, each product promises much more than they deliver. Today my good friend still lives with her dark circles... and... A CONCEALER!

So what really causes dark circles? More than often this is hereditary. And... if you're fair skinned, it becomes even more obvious. (ah... but, I've also known darker skin toned people with eczema who has very bad dark circles too) Those horrific dark circles under your eyes are actually caused by "leaky capillaries" and... no cream in the world is going to save you from that. That, we've learn t so far. But... they are too many products out there that claims otherwise. If you really want to know if these products make any difference I think you should checkout this woman's blog. Her blog is dedicated to getting rid of under-eye dark circles MyDarkCirclesBlog and... I think she's a heroine. I mean... she's even blogged about the popular Hylexin-T and blepharoplasty surgery. Heck... surgery sounds like they very much are the only real help!

A couple of affordable easy access stuff I've tried that are worth mentioning (not because they work, but because they're pretty nice to use):
  • L'Occitane Immortelle Eye Balm -> This was a pretty heavy cream for the around eye area. Not sure why, but I liked it. Or perhaps when I was using it... I was possibly dreaming that this will make sure I never grow crow's feet at the sides of my eyes... hahahahaha...
  • Guerlain Issima Perfect White C Whitening Eye Serum -> This was the only eye serum/cream that actually made a little difference to the dark tone under my eyes. Seems to brighten the tone a little.. Then again... maybe not really... But I trust this works best among all the mid-range stuff I've tried. A little caution if you do try this: try avoid getting this into your eyes.. they sting!
  • Eyecon by Benefit -> Another way-too-cute-to-resist stuff by Benefit. This is really light textured and emm... I think kinda like fragrance free... But... no. It doesn't do anything even after a whole jar.

  • Eye Massager -> No. As much as I'd like to buy crazy stuff... I did not buy this.. My dad did! He claims that the sales rep says it'd eliminate your dark circles! LOL.... duuuuuh... of course they'd say that. So yeah... I was on this for a week since my dad kept insisting that I tried it. No, it didn't do anything to the eyes.. But hmm... feels like your eyes are being tapped lightly... and you'll look like you're playing some virtual reality thing... lol...


I have not found anything that guarantees to help get rid of your dark circle. If there was... I think my friend would be living a happy "panda free" eye today. So if you do happen to have tried any cream/serum/gunk that work to eliminate all traces of dark circle tone under the eye... TELL ME HERE!!! I think a bunch of ever hopefuls here would be indebted to you for life!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

CollagenMax (Updated 27th March 2009)

New Stuff Baby!!! (updated 27th March 2009)

Okay... I'm back to update this. Needless to say, I'm in no position to provide any before-after photos for this since I'm down with food allergy and the acne on my neck and lower cheeks are pretty bad. But I think... one photo blog is enough to show the effects of liquid collagen.. Checkout my blog on Kinohimitsu J'pan Beauty Drink... From what I gather, liquid collagen shows quicker results if compared to normal collagen supplements. Of course the absorption rate is higher.

Look, if you're feeling real ugly and down in the blues, thinking of saggy skins, opened pores and drooping boobs and butt.. basically you're feeling that you're aging... Give this a go. A box is worth the excitement of anticipating bouncy skin. And... if it doesn't work for you... heck... its not like this costs a bomb. After all... we should all age gracefully...

I gave this a green light starting last week. It works just the same as the Kinohimitsu one. I still get really firmed up moisturised skin after 2 days of consuming a bottle. Its amazing how these things work (I'm 28 by the way). Even my mum (55 this year) is starting on them now... Only... its cheaper and more worth your cash $ since you get 9000mg of marine collagen per bottle as oppose to the Kinohimitsu one which is 2500mg of marine collagen per bottle. However, both has its pros and cons.. which I'm going to list down below:

Kinohimitsu J’pan Beauty Drink



Nice like fruit juice

Fishy sweet liquid

Collagen Per Bottle



Other Ingredients

Perilla Seed Extract-WSP, Silk Protein, Soy Isoflavone, Apple, Lemon and Lycee Condensed Juices

Vitamin Bs, Vitamin C, Flavoring (I forgot… let me go home check the box again)

Collagen Source

Not Stated (Fish Collagen)

Deep Sea Cod


3 days 1 bottle

3 days 1 bottle

Pricing per bottle



Pricing per 1000mg of Collagen



Quality of Product

Claims to use all natural ingredients

Contains flavoring and synthetic consumable substance

My Preference

If money was no object, I’d choose Kinohimitsu anyday. They taste better and the ingredients does seemed of better stuff.

Obviously I now favour CollagenMax. A bottle is worth 3 bottles of the Kinohimitsu one and… they worked just the same.