Friday, March 27, 2009

WishList Item1 - Panasonic EH-2424 - Ion Nano Steamer

Update 19th Oct 2009 - Go see my post on successor Panasonic EH-2473 Platinum Ion Steamer

- produces Nano steam
- moisturize skin
- cleanse pores
- increase Collagen

I don't know why... This is the first time I'm putting something up that I've not tested before and from Googling, no one has ever gave a good review on it before... And... it costs a bomb. I'm not sure if I'll ever get it... (Maybe I will... after I moved on... I'll be switching jobs soon... which explains why I got lazy on updating my blog...)

But seriously.... go watch this clip:

I think I went crazy over an advert again... sigh... woman...


  1. Has any compare between these products: Panasonic EH-SA91 Nano-Care Ion Steamer vs Panasonic Nano-care ion steamer EH2424 (Asia version).

  2. Hi Anonymous,

    You can read about the comparison by users here:

    Apparently there is a huge difference in the steam output:
    SA-91 12 ml per minute
    EH-2473 6 ml per minute

    EH-2424 steam particle is only 1/8000 of an ordinary steam and does not have hot and cold treatment.

    Since I'm can't read Japanese, I got the EH-2473 which was good enough for me. Read my review on it here:

    Of course, do get the better version if you can! lol :)