Monday, March 16, 2009

Oh hear ye... lets have us fair pretty smooth.... underarms!!! lol...

Okay... this post is a little on achieving fair smooth underarms. We've all been through that rough spot. Reddish bumps and darkened underarm skin. So umm... you know the Japanese... they take care of every little details. Even underarms! If you do a search online, or go to SaSa, you'll find the Wakilala Armpit Range. Let me review on their "Wash Peeling" product:

  • This is actually like a body scrub
  • A pretty nice to use scrub in fact
  • Smells nice too!
  • Feels a slight mint fresh after use
  • They even have a sorta toner thing to prevent blemishes or red bumps on your skin there
Then again... if you really want full-proof smooth underarms, go for LHE Hair Removal (it'll costs $$$ though). By not pulling or waxing or shaving your underarms, you're less likely to get bumps or hurt skin at your underarms.

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