Sunday, October 21, 2012

WISH ITEM YEAR END 2012 - PANASONIC Esthetic Facial Roller EH-SP30

Update 21st Jan 2014:
Uh-huh... an update more than 1 year later! (super sorry to lengluis who waited for this)
  • iwannabelenglui use this minimally every once a week
  • super nice to use cos its comfy and convenient
  • one charge lasts ages!
  • yes, helps tones the cheeks a little... (you know the areas that tend to start drooping and start showing smile lines? stick to this, regularly consume some collagen and age slow and graceful... lol)
  • Totally recommended for older lengluis! ( > 27 )

Update 11th Dec 2012:
With minimal patience built in, iwannabelenglui went ahead and got one last month...
Wohohohoho... will definitely keep you lengluis posted on this!

So umm... what does this do?
LOL... ANTI-AGING gadget that helps SHAPE your face (for chubby faces)!!
But -umm... sugar_cupcakes does not have FAT FACE ... in fact she needs more fat on her face!!!! (--)" Still.... she's super afraid of sagging face cheeks!! ANTI-SAG gadget... here comes iwannabelenglui!!

I (heart) my teeth!! - Panasonic Pocket Doltz

Ever wondered how lengluis keep their pearly white smiles pearly whites? A lenglui's teeth is everything! To her smiles and to her FOOD!!

If haven't heard, Japanese OL's (Office Lenglui-Ladies) will be right at the ladies cleaning their teeth after lunch. Same routine everyday. Why? Because our teeth are that IMPORTANT! sugar_cupcakes have been having a hectic life lately and has been neglecting her teeth (Thanks to work, getting hitched and thanks to work again...). The trip to the dentist has spoken. SIGH>>>....

So here's to the oh-so-cute Panasonic Pocket Doltz Sonic toothbrush!

  • Exterior sizes like a mascara and looks way-too-cute
  • But the small teeny weeny thing is SERIOUSLY GREAT for cleaning your teeth
  • The tiny brush head is perfect for Asian Lengluis mouth size. It reaches every corner!!!
  • Super convenient to carry and because its a sonic vibrating toothbrush rather than the circular head cleaning brushes.... it's very unlikely that you will hurt your gums! (remember receding gum lines?? uh-huh...)
  • The Dr. Dentist gave a GREEN LIGHT!
  • Its like going to the dentist to get a simple polishing each time
  • Costs RM99 and uses one AAA size battery
  • Changeable brush head which costs RM25 for a pair
  • Each brush head lasts up to 90 days
  • iwannabelenglui LOVE-LOVE-LOVE this new beauty-gadget!!!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Keeping FIT and having FUN...

Some lenglui's just love exercising and hitting the gym. I think... sugar_cupcakes is totally the kind who dreads exercising (a self-confess couch potato... huhuhuhu - apart from surfing). But we totally dig having toned bodies and having that healthy glow... HOW NOW?

Some tips on getting some FUN workout in a bum-lenglui's life:

  • Choose a sport you like
    • None? LOL... then see below
  • Always do something you enjoy. If that ain't happening, incorporate some workout while you're doing something you enjoy
    • Watching the telly while digging into a tub of Baskin Robbin's don't count - FAIL
    • Love shopping? LOL... Actually WINDOW SHOPPING COUNTS! But hey, remember to walk multiple rounds from one end of the mall to the other... (Think of it as... umm... surveying multiple stores to get the a good bargain).. REPEAT -> It's WINDOW shopping... lol
    • Eg; Try doing some squats while watching your fav drama series... Hohoho.. you'll eventually become the queen of multitasking
  • Get a media player to play your favourite MV dance video. 
    • Eg; KPOP SNSD's - The Boys MV
    • Dance to the MVs for about 10 mins in front of the telly every morning
    • Shake your boomboom in the comfort of your own home - you can even do it in your PJs... muahahaha...

  • Get a skipping rope - Convenient and effective CARDIO workout
    • DAISO sells cheap skipping rope with skip-counter for RM5
    • 5-10mins per day of the skipping rope gives you the CARDIO workout you need
    • Trust me... even with 200 skips, you're going to start sweating
    • That tummy issue... is going to start looking much better in 2 weeks... hohoho...
    • Lenglui's with knee issues, best avoid this... skipping can be hard on the knees

  • Twist your house chores a little
    • Doing circular stretches for your feet while washing the dishes can be pretty good for loosening your ankle joints
    • While hanging up your laundry, do some short squats with catchy music in your background
    • Get those mop-slippers... slide a round the house LOL... while the floor cleaning with your feet
  • Make use of your shower time
    • Do simple stretches in during your shower..  Eg; Stretch your arms and loosen your wrist joints
    • Having a hot shower can be relaxing... but if you're living in a tropical country like Malaysia, have your usual hot shower, then turn the temp to cool for a couple of mins... It's super refreshing and gets your blood circulating!

If none of the above appeal to you... TIME TO FIND ONE THAT DOES! 

Astalift Jelly Aquarysta - oh wowww....

The Way to Cool Jelly to YOUNGER Skin

As iwannabelenglui always says... no matter what skincare you apply on your face... the difference would not show as much as your hormone levels, diet and lifestyle... BUT..... hey, this product is voted NO 1 ANTI AGING SERUM IN JAPAN IN 2011... No harm trying out huh?

We broke the less is more rule when Astalift Jelly Aquarysta made its d├ębut in Jusco KL a couple of months ago... Muahahahahahaha... You may think this weird but... this brand is the baby of FUJIFILM. It's scientific base on how the product works is just too geeky for us giddy heads to fathom. So I'll stop right there.. And go see the Astalift site HERE.

If scientific bases is not your cup of tea, look at the BEFORE-AFTER eye pic from this lenglui's blog:

Conclusion After First week of use:
  • The jellylike texture is super interesting -Feels a little sticky right after absorption but, that goes away once you apply your moisturiser on top
  • Mild fragrance of Damask Rose (a little like Naruko's Rose range)
  • But, you see immediate radiance on skin once applied - WE ARE IMPRESSED
  • Lets wait till half the jar 40g is gone for the next update
  • Checked the ingredients and yes, it has Parabens... (there goes iwannabelenglui's so-called principal to go organic)
  • Retails in KL at RM348 for a 40g jar - but they do have a smaller jar
  • And so, its been more than half the jar used - Updated 21st Oct 2012:
    • These are like direct collagen boosts on the skin
    • These are LIFE SAVIOUR for lenglui's with breakouts who crave for anti-aging serums

More lenglui's Rave on THIS:

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Additions to BEAUTY on a BUDGET....

How does a LENGLUI go on BUDGET??? (...I wish we knew the real deal...)

Pic credit to Confessions of a Shopaholic Book Cover by Sophie Kinsella

Sometimes shopaholics have their sober times too. It's when they are in the border low-to-no-savings side... This happens when there are new commitments... House, car, relationships, the many chinese weddings to attend... huhuhuhu...

  • As with the last budget post - REMINDER: Carry a water bottle
Water is not only good for you, they save lenglui's cash and quench thirst. Serves the intended purpose.

  • The HOARDER habit HAS TO GO...

Why buy more when you already own one? Eg; That liquid foundation that you don't like is lurking in the corner sitting there collecting dust while we splurge on new foundation that is sure-bet-better than the old one. Might as well use up the old one before getting a new tube (remember to check the expiry date though). Helps with clutter too.

  • Use apps like Skype, WhatsApp and Viber for messaging or communicating with friends

Okay, so if you don't have data plan, use WIFI. Do you know that our smartphones are totally capable of saving us money?? Unless you opted for the expensive data plan where umm... I can't help you there... LOL... Skype are great for free calls (obviously the other party needs that too), and with WhatsApp, the usual messaging plus sharing pics and vids is easy-peasy!

  • Go shopping less! DUH! hahahahhahaaaa...

This is really difficult when sugar_cupcakes work right smack in the same building as a shopping mall... Sheesh... So what if its SALE season... What the heck... Think - Do I really need those or do I really want those?? If it's a WANT instead of NEED... Walk away... Walk away...

  • Share the BROKE status with friends so they are WITH YOU on this

Good friends know. It's not like they haven't been through the broke stage. So when we're broke, friends can accommodate by not suggesting too pricey place to hang out. And if they are real friends... they won't tempt you with that SALE sign... huhuhuhuhu...

  • Use what you have hoarded in the past months/years

Take a good look at your closet... Sheesh... not everything looks old okay? Sometimes its good to put the old clothes, shoes, bags to use. They will feel new again after such a long time... muahahahaha...

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Lunasol UnderEye Concealer - Fake it with zero make-up skill....!!

Trust me lengluis... as we age, the eye area craves attention! And not the good sort of attention though... These days, working late means darkened surrounding eye area. Though sugar_cupcakes never had a problem with the eye area, aging another year has totally changed that!!! SOB-SOB-SOBBBBBB... haihhhhhhhhhhh...

Yeah... faking younger eyes takes all that skill... huhuhuhu... soon all this faking is going to turn into a HIDDEN TALENT of us lengluis... muahahahaha...

This will not be a lengthy review on eye concealers (you can ask Uncle Google that anytime) rather, a straight-to-the-point winner takes all review. (umm... sugar_cupcakes will only do a comparison of make-up which requires almost no make-up skill to apply since this is not exactly a make-up blog...)


Kanebo Lunasol Eye Concealer is a very obvious winner of the lot. Yeah, Shu Uemura ProGel Concealer has "staying power" it's not as comfortable as... Lunasol which tops the lot because:

  1. Its similar to a lip gloss applicator and picks up just the right amount of liquid-y fluid for under the eyes so  the teeny weeny tube actually lasts
  2. Coverage about 90% after dusting with loose powder
  3. Claims to contain collagen for the feel-good texture under the eyes
  4. Because its so easy to use, its takes a lengui with like only 0% makeup skill to be able to use this like a pro
  5. This was a mere accidental find after embarking on the journey to hide the late hours under-eye area
  6. See more lenglui's reviews here:

DHC Liquid Collagen - Drink to Younger looking skin......

It was near impossible to stick to just the Avalon Collagen Powder when a household name in skincare DHC's Liquid collagen made its debut in Kuala Lumpur a few months ago... Sheeshh... talk about brand loyalty..

Because most lenglui blogs has already reviewed this, it's only fair to give a share of sugar_cupcakes conclusion here... hohohoho...


  • Tastes almost like CollagenMax but nicer
  • As usual, liquid collagen shows noticeable results with just a bottle in a couple of days
  • These days, a bottle in a week to a fortnight is enough for maintenance
  • 7000mg collagen in a bottle is more than enough...
  • If the price sticks to its RM149-RM159 for 10 bottles, this brand's a keeper
  • Though we'd still hate collecting glass bottles and feeling not too green...

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mermaid Hair in Minutes... Tsuyagla Wave!

If you've ever watched those repetitive tv shopping ads... you'd understand why... (Click on the pic to the vid below)

Yeah... they're similar to Babyliss Wave Envy, but... it seems like Tsuyagla Wave wins tops... Perhaps 'cos their barrels are larger (32mm) so they create less crimpy looking waves and more beachy looking waves... Or just because... THE TOOL IS JUST SUPER GIRLY LOOKING!!! Uh-huh, although... these are not for lengluis who are anti-PINK... BUT... Mermaid waves are just so romantic right now!!

Oh... see reviews below of lengluis who've somehow managed to get hold on one of these! Currently only available to the Japanese market... All the more challenge getting one of these now that they are hot off the shelves... Muahahahahaaa...

Friday, February 17, 2012

Japan Suction & Shape Memory Bra AKA DynamiteBra

Just when you thought it was over.......... OH NOOOOOOOOOooooooo.... suddenly this site has to show up -> THE BAD-ASS LINK

See the translated reviews.... HERE (umm... the translation is pretty dodgy... but I guess its understandable :p)

Can you believe the product code name???! DYNAMITE-BRA... uh-huhuh... (~~faint~~faint~~faint~~)

And guess what?! This is on the next purchase list... Huhuhuhu... Ever heard of BRAVA? Well... supposedly this works with the same concept -> suction. Only... umm.. this is the Japan version of it :p
Oh well... I guess purchasing a set (about RM200 with shipping) should keep us occupied for now... Lengluis, till the next boob adventure... (oh... of course there'll be updates on any results here - AS ALWAYS!!)

UPDATE 2nd March 2012

Conclusion after a solid 2 weeks of usage everyday for a minimum of 15 mins:

  • LOL... These are great!! (there are 2 sizes, I got the SuperDX one since I'm already a B)
  • They are 'Made In China' and almost look like your NuBra except that you can't really wear them out since the texture is a wee bit stiffer
  • The suction of the silicone cups are pretty amazing, hey...
  • It's like leaving the Hai Sun Fong pump cup on with much less suction but that suction stays constant for that whole period of time you have it on
  • You know those suction hooks you stick on your wall tiles in the kitchen? Same concept... huhuhuhu...
  • Lenglui's with sensitive skin who are prone to rashes, best avoid this because you may get rashes from the silicone irritation with prolonged use
  • Okay, for the part that the boob increased in size, its really too early to tell... But what iwannabelenglui's seeing and feeling right now... the product is pretty genuine in it's claims --> provide suction to your cups :p

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Cheap-Ass Tools to a Busy Lenglui's Happy Bath Time!!

Some lengluis find bathing a routine hassle for hygine so they do it as squeek quick as possible, whereas some lengluis spend ages in the bath scrubba-do-do and they literally take FO----RE----VER... (--)"

For the busy lengluis... I'm pretty sure we should be neither... LOL... Bath times should really be the ultimate relaxing beauty moments for all lengluis busy-or-not... 

A few rules-of-thumb to go by:

Now... to the POINT -> The 5 Cheap-Ass Bath Tools:

1. The Shampoo Brush (RM5)
Use it like a comb with your conditioner for de-tangling that long thick hair. Doubles up as a head massager with head spa... Definitely not for lengluis with easy-to-break-fragile hair.

2. Bubble Bath Nett (RM5)
Helps lather up your soap/shower gel for a nice bubbly wash all over... bubbly-bubbly wash....

3. Cellulite/Body Massager (RM5)
Sure... after a long busy day... the last thing on a lenglui's mind would be exerting more energy to do massaging. But hey... body massagers can feel pretty good during a shower if used with a nice shower lather.

4. Silicone Facial Cleansing Pad (RM5)
Helps with cleaning away residues of makeup so we don't need to double or tripple the facial wash routine. They help lather up your facial wash nicely too!

5. The Foot File (RM3)
Oh.... simple brushing strokes on the balls of our feet would feel pretty nice during and after bath time. Of course then you'd have smooth feet after... hohoho...

There are a whole load more other tools of course but hey... we want cheap ass tools that don't make us spend too much time in the shower... If you're a lenglui with ultra-thin-sensitive skin, please avoid these tools and be sure to install a shower filter. (^o^)