Saturday, July 21, 2012

Astalift Jelly Aquarysta - oh wowww....

The Way to Cool Jelly to YOUNGER Skin

As iwannabelenglui always says... no matter what skincare you apply on your face... the difference would not show as much as your hormone levels, diet and lifestyle... BUT..... hey, this product is voted NO 1 ANTI AGING SERUM IN JAPAN IN 2011... No harm trying out huh?

We broke the less is more rule when Astalift Jelly Aquarysta made its début in Jusco KL a couple of months ago... Muahahahahahaha... You may think this weird but... this brand is the baby of FUJIFILM. It's scientific base on how the product works is just too geeky for us giddy heads to fathom. So I'll stop right there.. And go see the Astalift site HERE.

If scientific bases is not your cup of tea, look at the BEFORE-AFTER eye pic from this lenglui's blog:

Conclusion After First week of use:
  • The jellylike texture is super interesting -Feels a little sticky right after absorption but, that goes away once you apply your moisturiser on top
  • Mild fragrance of Damask Rose (a little like Naruko's Rose range)
  • But, you see immediate radiance on skin once applied - WE ARE IMPRESSED
  • Lets wait till half the jar 40g is gone for the next update
  • Checked the ingredients and yes, it has Parabens... (there goes iwannabelenglui's so-called principal to go organic)
  • Retails in KL at RM348 for a 40g jar - but they do have a smaller jar
  • And so, its been more than half the jar used - Updated 21st Oct 2012:
    • These are like direct collagen boosts on the skin
    • These are LIFE SAVIOUR for lenglui's with breakouts who crave for anti-aging serums

More lenglui's Rave on THIS:

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