Hair Styles

Because I'm such a fickle-mind, it has been real difficult to stick to one hairstyle. Of course, there's hair re-bonding (which makes sure your hair stays neat, tidy and shiny most of the time.. but you'll so wreck it like me by trying on the curling iron... curling iron on re-bonded hair?! lol..) and permanent styling with chemical treatments...  bla-bla-bla... etc.

To heck with all that for now. I have itching hands that forever tries to style the crowns on our heads... Perfect! Hohhohohoho... This page is dedicated to lengluis (regardless hair type or length) to experiment with different styles.

Some info on the attached links
  • Some of these links have been Google Translated to English in case you didn't notice. 
  • That's 'cos I find most step-by-step pictorial guide to hair styling are mostly nicely compiled by foreign sites (mainly Japanese).
  • By that I mean.. umm... sites who's native is not English. So, mind the language. Hey, a pic says a thousand words! LOL... 

Sites with real useful step-by-step on-line guides

    • Lazy girl guide to getting cool hairstyles
    • Super easy do's that looks complex

    • This link is so "Oh..... so that is how you do it!" lol...
    • Takes some practice but yeah... This is totally doable...


    • Oh!! They have gorgeous hair styles here!! Remember to use google translate to navigate through... Otherwise... we'd be so lost.... lol...
    • The styles here are pretty complicated so bring the pic to your favourite saloon and hopefully the stylist gets it :p

    • Site is in English so , should be no probs navigating through here... heheheheh...
    • Pretty basic stuff but still... its a nice style inspiration to lengluis

    • Style guides are categorized into volume numbers
    • On the site, (see image below), click on the image for the preferred hairstyle guide
    • You'll be redirected to a translated step-by-step pictorial guide

      • Styles are categorized into length of hair
      • Click on the selected hair style image and navigate from there on
      • Eventually you'll need to navigate into 3 pages for the steps of each styel

    Direct links for lengluis finding it a hassle navigating through a foreign site