Friday, January 9, 2009

MyStylist - I have a personal stylist - thats not human (lol)

Hire a Personal Stylist... on the PSP

I have a clothes color-clashing syndrome. Mum or boss at work would then start commenting that I look kinda "ah lian" or even worse... "harajuku". Jeez.... I wanna look lenglui okay? Not like "ah lian" or like some "harajuku girl". And while Googling for some PSP girly-games, I found this... MyStylist by Sony. Whoaaaaaaaaaaaa........ its a personal stylist, clothes organiser, appointment organiser, photo journal all in one! Purrrrr-fect!!!!

So... I have my clothes in some organised colour, type, occasion-manner. Heck, there's even a statistical graph-chart to show me how many of a blue-coloured skirt I've got in my wardrobe! Talk about cooooool-ness!!!! See the screenshot below... these are part of my wardrobe!

And these are arranged for the days I'll be wearing them. No more cracking my head trying to decide what to wear every morning... Also... the clothes and accesorries matched by MyStylist has got no colour clashing flaws. And... it won't let you wear the same clothes to meet the same person in that same week! Wooooooooooo........ talk about being organised...

See..... It even has a photo journal... where you can set a date/appointment with any of your friends. And... when you've decided on what to wear, MyStylist will simulate a cartooned pic of a girl wearing the clothes you chose... Cool-ness huh??

Guess what?! On the second day I followed MyStylist's suggestion on what to wear to work, a colleague commented to another... "Hey... doesn't xxxxx looks sharp these days?"... LoL.... Who says you've gotta be a Hollywood Star to have a stylist... kekekekekeke....

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