Friday, January 9, 2009

Yoga for Beauty (trust me on this)

I am now going to tell you the shallow honest truth.

Why is there the need to go for Yoga a couple of times a week?

  • Seriously, it eventually makes you body beautiful! (long term effect okay? no such thing as going for 1 week and you become beautiful overnight. lol... how I wish)
  • The regular aunties in yoga class (which I'll probably turn into one day)... are body beautiful!! Take a look at the aged regulars in a yoga class... You'd know that lady (yes, she has crows feet at the corner of her eyes, and her hands and feet shows her age) BUT........... she has a body of a twenty-something!! Come on, you may load gunks on your face, hands, feet... But when you age, you think weekly spa's gonna help that aging body of yours?? I don't think so. Think yoga, women!
  • Yoga lets you relax your mind... and teaches you good breathing practices where you'll eventually subconsciously apply in your daily life...
  • Your mind stays young
  • I'm telling you from a women to another... trust me on this. You're gonna thank yoga when your body reaches an age where your joints starts to make that cracking noise and your shoulders, back and necks starts to ache...
  • I'm no yoga addict... and I really loath exercise... But I do this... for the sake of... BEAUTY! I know this sounds utmost shallow and vain... but women... I'm telling you... when you look good, feel good... you're ready to take on the world.
  • If you think you won't be able to afford the classes, do this... go for a week or two... let the instructor correct your postures in the classes... learn them as you go. Then.... stop the classes, buy your own yoga mat and do it at home. An hour a day is all you need!

I'm crazy over an insanely addictive site "popsugar".. They even have a page just for Yoga: