Friday, January 9, 2009

Hair Wigs (100% kanekalon)

Boring Hair to Lively Hair in Seconds!!

Today I have short dark hair... and tomorrow, I'm planning to be a natural long-haired blonde!!

Muahahahahhaa.... these are what my wigs do to me... Okay... wigs don't suit everyone. Just like how haircuts don't suit every face shape. But wigs are so cheap these days. I got my short wig for RM55 and the long wig for RM65. Man... think of the days of our mothers... Getting a wig costs a minimum of RM200++ in those sad days...

The good thing is... the wigs looks like REAL hair! In fact, 100% kanekalon wigs looks even nicer than my own hair! They look healthy, bouncy and glossy! And... you can change your hair colour in just seconds. Imagine... you've got no time to go do your hair before the prom or you've got only 30mins left before that classy dinner outing... Just put on a wig similar to your own hair colour and length. No one will notice that you're wearing a wig... The only thing they WILL NOTICE is.... YOU HAVE AMAZING LOOKING HAIR!

I just love the pic of the wig below... looks a little almost like mine, only longer. Okay... I think I'm going to get one exactly like this one... lol.. sorry... I just can't help it...

pic credit to

Now... the problem about these wigs are that...
  • They don't last very long. One wash... and whoa... they never look the same... So I suggest you just rinse them lightly and air dry them
  • They are not very comfortable if you have sensitive scalp. Yes, it will feel like you're wearing something like a scratchy beanie on your head.
  • You'll always be imagining that the wig might come of any second now.. so you keep adjusting it on your head. Don't! Just make sure you've adjusted the straps in the wig to fit securely on your head
  • I hate wig's fringes... They make you look like you have no hair parting (yeah man..)... so if someone were to look at you close enough... they'll eventually realize... something is not right about your hair... hahahahahhha....

Only advice I can give is...
  • Don't wear them on a hot day out... heck... don't wear them wigs for any outdoor thing.. trust me.. you will sooooo regret it...
  • Get a wig thats almost like your hair style and colour... only better. So when you do need to wear one... no one's gonna notice you're wearing a wig.
  • Wash your scalp with a soothing minty shampoo like Audace Regan with Balm Mint or the Sunsilk Scalp Care Shampoo. That will keep your scalp a little more comfortable through that dinner
  • Have some confidence when wearing a wig! Take it from me... It's very rare that anyone will notice you're wearing a wig. My bro even thought I just got back from the hair stylist when in actual fact, I was just mucking around with my wig! lol... A confident babe is always good to go...


  1. I just bought a wig yesterday and get so excited with my new Japanese girls' long & curl hair look~ I wonder how long a wig can stay in it's shape? And how long you ever wear it? Throughout whole day (is it possible? with all the sweat...)?

  2. Hi Jessyca,

    heheheh... fun right when we first get some new toy? :p

    Hmm... you've got to really take care of the wig if you want it to stay in shape.. I never wore it for a whole day... Just too uncomfortable for me and I try never to wear it outdoors... But a couple of hours to some dinner is okay :)

  3. Hi, where do you buy your wigs from, care to give me the website or shop's address ? I've seen some with 100% Japanese material which is kasi, is that the same as Kanekalon ?

  4. Hi! I last bought my wigs from:

    If you're from Malaysia, just do a search for hair wigs under the link.. and voila... you'd see loads of sellers... But... word of advice.. do check that the seller has a proper trade list and testimonials/feed backs from their customers.

    Hmm... I'm not sure about kasi, but mine are 100% kanekalon...

    Since its been a while, I'll need to search back up the sites I looked up the wigs from...

  5. Hi again :)

    I found this site.. with pretty and affordable wigs.. :p I haven't bought any from here before... but still.. enjoy the browse... (^_^)

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