Friday, January 9, 2009

I Hate Cellulites - cellulites be gone

I hate cellulite. (period)

Life's unfair. Why are women more prone to cellulite? Why isn't there a miracle cream that zaps cellulite away? (Okay, forget laser - that's too $$$ extreme for me). So when I decided that enough was enough... it was time... to combat those unsightly curdles below my butt.

After some several hours of research, I realize... no amount of miracle cream/gel is going to get rid of them cellulite. So what would help?

Fake a tan
- darker skin tend to hide cellulite well, especially if you do want to hang out at the beach in a bikini. I think, I don't mind a tan butt!!! lol
- I got the Loreal Sublime Bronze self tanning gel from UK cos this can be applied on both face and body. Alternately, you can try "Jiffy Tan" by Benefit or other tanning products for the body....
- tolerable scent
- easy to use but... you gotta stay garment-free for 1 hour till it dries completely to avoid streaking.. Imagine.. staying naked for 1 hour worrying that if you sit or do anything... its gonna just streak or stain the chair/bed.. (--)"

Get a Cellulite Massager
- cellulite massagers are commonly sold everywhere
- I got mine from Watsons.
- Lather up and massage at problem areas during shower
- Yes, this helps! So do it!

Take Collagen Supplements
- collagen strengthens our connective tissue... so... ditto
- see my Kinohimitsu J'pan Beauty Drink blog

Invest in cellulite cream/gel/serum
- Its all in the mind... Its all in the mind.... Mentally helps us fight cellulite... lol
- Believe it or not... combined with the above attempts... the appearance of the cellulite below my bum was reduced. At least something is working...

Sana Esteny Hip and Leg Gel

- requested Lengcai to get this from Tokyo... Imagine... he has to show the pic to some Jap uncle at the store...

Lengcai: Hello mister... err... do you sell this? (showing pic of Sana Esteny in mobile phone)
Japanese Uncle: Summimasen?? Hmm... aaaaa..... oooo... Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa SO!!!!
Lengcai: (this is soooo embarrassing... kill me... kill me now.....)
Japanese Uncle: Arigato! Arigato!! (the kids got cellulite?? LOL)

- relatively cheap
- hot tingling sensation
- smells like orange peel
- skin feels smooth after application

Yves Rocher 3D Body Definition Serum
- mum got this for me..
- claims to transform bumpy, orange-peel skin into an ultra-smooth texture in just 7 days
- Forgotten how much this was. Definitely < RM100
- Not much feeling on my butt... and the smell is irritating although its actually lightly scented. but, I think this works better than the Sana one! Cos the bumpy texture on my butt seems to be less visible... Hmm... then again... maybe its the massager...

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