Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Kinohimitsu J'pan D'tox Juice (6 Day Program)

The Cranberry One
(not the plum one - I haven't tried that and don't plan to)

Excerpted From the Kinohimitsu D'tox Juice box... (will upload the pic of the box soon enough)

Do you suffer from:

  • Poor digestion, stomach bloating
  • Fatigue, low energy, sticky body
  • Poor complexion, blemishes, skin allergies
  • Bad breath, body odor
  • Headache, migraine

Do you have:

  • Busy stressful life
  • Irregular meals and eating processed food
  • Constant explosure to unhealthy environment; air, water pollution

In just 6 days Kinohimitsu J'pan D'tox Juice leaves you feeling renew, refresh and revitalize!

Natural, Safe:

  • 100% natural, concntrated fruit juices
  • No additives - No sugar added, No preservatives, No artifical coloring/flavoring, No chemicals, No laxatives


  • Fast results within 2-4 hours, after intake
  • Smooth motion, without strenuous effort
So okay... I decided I want blemish-free skin (since I have very bad skin allergies).. And, the Kinohimitsu Collagen Drink was working perfectly well... so I thought... maybe I ought to just try the detox juice as well... Its stated 100% natural... Yeah... that was until I saw the ingredients on the bottle and the side of the box.

So now I'm thinking... what made 100% natural juices so effective that you'd definitely go to the loo after 2-4 hours. I drink a lot of juice but... non of them made me go to the loo in 2-4hrs tops. And... I was experiencing mild IBS soon enough right after drinking a bottle... Seriously... you will not have problems going to the loo in that 2-4hrs.. Wow.. juices can do that?!

So I scanned through the labels on the box and individual bottles. That was when I found Mannitol and Sorbitol listed as one of the ingredients on the bottle. (possible diuretics and laxatives!!) That.... my friend... explains so much! If you don't trust Wikipedia, I suggest you Google up for more info on these...

  • Don't trust everything you read on packaging boxes (I know - I know)
  • There's no such thing as 100% au-naturel and as effective as before you can even say... whooooaaa sshiiiitt!
  • Detox should not leave you feeling bloated with stomach discomfort.... (--)"
  • This is my first and last box. Okay, think I'll just be sticking to the collagen drink. Other than that... no more purchases of consumables from Kinohimitsu for now... My body needs a break..


  1. hi..i thought i'm the only one feeling bloated and gassy. x more kino dtox drink. i prefer juvanex. now my 5th day of kino n i'm havin stomach discomfort.. the worst part, x goin to loo as i should.

  2. Yeah man... that was one uncomfortable detox... Thanks for commenting. At least I know I'm not alone on this one.. (^^)

  3. I almost bought a pack. Luckily saw your review

  4. damn..thanx for the review..i was planning to give it a try...errr...not anymo'..

  5. Was going to buy it today afetr work, glad i read this....thanks thanks for the review...

  6. I tired Kinohimitsu UV bright drink and I think it worked...eventhough Im already fair skinned...my face seems to glow after taking 6 bottles...and when I went back to the pharmacy for more...they were all sold out...Must be good...

  7. I have tried various collagen products....Imedeen, Estime, Migoto collagen drink, E excel oxyginberry beverage, Kinohimitsu UV bright drink..you name it I've tried it..haha....I should say they help!! Though i have not compared which one works better..it all depends on individual...

  8. i nearly buy the box this evening..y? bcoz i read that we only need 6 days for dtox by just drink the juice.Sounds like better than juvanex..luckily i havent review testimonials/forums about this drink..so i change my mind..

    so after i read ur post..i think..no need la..
    thanks ya lenglui

  9. you're welcome! :)

    Yeah... I tried Juvanex too... Tastes like some lemony "asam boi" drink... Err.... felt not much difference but hey, feeling nothing is better than suffering IBS... (^^)"

  10. oh noo.. i only saw this after buying it.. I've tried one bottle and honestly, nothing happened.. as much as there's a little laxative in it, it didnt make me visit the toilet. I'm kinda disappointed to know that i've wasted my money.

  11. Anyway sorbitol and mannitol are not laxative. They are also found in some cough mixture and throat lozenges. Thats why they say is you take too much lozenges you might go to the toilet more often.
    Mannitol- a colourless sweet tasting crystalline compound that is found in many plants and is used in many food and medical products. Therefore it is derived from plants so its natural.
    Sorbitol- a sweet tasting crystalline compound found in some fruit. Again its plant based so it natural.

    I dont think thing found in fruits and vegatables are damaging coz basically thats what we eat everyday.

    Where is the laxative from. You mean from plants? As long as there is no artificial medicinal chemicals it is ok. Just like those slimming tea. its just tea but it helps to detox you system and detox means going to the loo to clear the unwanted particles.

  12. Just bought Kinohimitsu Burn n Block.Not much info on how to take.For !4 days n maintrainace?I saw the testimonials, 3.6 in 14days.I could loose 3.2 Kg in a week,by cutting down a portion of my food intake.Just can't keep up.Would appreciate more info..

  13. Hi, :)

    sorry I'm not much help on Kinohimitsu Burn n Block... But I've never tried supplements for losing weight.. Always believed incorporating more dietary fiber in your eating habits and a good workout is the best for combating weight. If you want quick results, do a boot camp. Force yourself to move that butt... No other way girl... Trust me on this... sad but this seems like the mother of all truth...

  14. anyone tried bustup kinohimitso before???? need help

  15. sorbitol and laxatives are very common actually. whatever product we use, just consume it wisely. don't take overdose. coz some idiots think that taking it more will give it more benefits to them and that's when the complication begins. i wanna try this kinohimitsu, hope all the products under it are available in brunei.

  16. Anyone have ever try the D'Tox Juice for 6 Days Program? Need ur advice since I will going to attending a function next month? Need to loose few kg... so plan to buy the product...
    Is it really effective?

  17. how much for a pack ya?

  18. No doubt this product wont work as good for certain group of ppl. I was being introduces to this product by my friend. It didnt work for my mom. But it works for me. :)

    -Miss Donut-

  19. There won't be a product that works for everyone.. but surprisingly, this product works for both my mom and me.. =)

  20. i've tried the 6day dtox prog by kino, furtunately it works for me from the 1st bottle till the 5th,but on the 6th bottle notting hapen. i guess evrything has went out.know starting using UV Bright drinks with gluta pill (KB), I can see my complextion no more dull, its glow but not fair, just that my skin tone getting better..

  21. Anyone tried Kinohitmisu Burn n Block? Need your review. Thank you

  22. i was thinking of buying this product, it seems like there are positive and negative feedback.. maybe i need to find out more alternatives .. thank you for the advice

  23. i just had my kinohimitsu plum detox juice. it works for me at just 1 hour time. I start going to toilet and now is my 4th times after 2h 30min of the drink.

  24. OMG I just bought it this morning! ARGH~

  25. I'm too late to review here..
    I just bought 2 hours ago..
    Can't regret also.. Just hope it work to me..
    I don't want waste money!!
    God bless me~~

  26. Hi Anonymous,

    LOL... These are just personal reviews... Its really on how you feel and your body reacts after consuming a detox product... Hope your experience is an okay one instead! Good luck! (^^)"