Friday, January 9, 2009

Panasonic EH-2513 Pore Cleanser

Vacuum For Your Pores

You would not believe the amount of Googling and research I did on this before I went ahead and decide... Okay, I need the Panasonic Pore Cleanser! Hardly any Malaysian blogger actually reviewed this device. And... most of the good reviews on this device came from Japan and Korea. Though there were lots of bad reviews for this device from Singapore and the USA. (yeah... I used Google Translator to read foreign blogs... hahahahahaa). From blogs I've read, Japanese women seem to say that their usual facial trips to the beauty saloon in Tokyo are no different from using the pore cleanser. The salooons over there vacuum your pores instead of extracting using the dreaded extraction tool like in Malaysia. (yeah... I hate blackhead extraction sessions) There's even a vidclip on YouTube by a Korean guy who used the guy-friendly-version of the Panasonic Pore Cleanser.

2 way suction cup for nose and face treatment
continuous mist spray function
charge indicator lamp
waterproof design for use in shower
12-hour charging time

So I compiled all the bad and good reviews and decided... the good reviews were more convincing. And that was when I went ahead and bought a device for myself. I got it online from for RM155.. It retails for a little more than that in most electrical shops.

  • First time use will result in reddish marks on your face and nose
  • I'm adding this cos' my sis wasn't sure how to use this. Make sure your facial skin is damp a little when you use the device.. Go over the same spot by moving the tool around... Then you'll start seeing whiteheads getting vacuumed into the suction cup...
  • No, it does not suck out blackheads, but it DOES vacuum out your whiteheads, and you will understand why this is good when you read on comedones --> Blackheads are oxidised whiteheads. So... if you get rid of whiteheads, they won't be able to turn into blackheads! Clever huh? lol..
  • I realise, this only works for people with open pores. If your pores are relatively small, don't buy this device. It will be a waste of your $$$. Get a blackhead extractor tool instead
  • Take a hot shower/bath before using this.. The heat from your bath will help open your pores a little...
  • If you have very thin facial skin... DON'T get this.. it will ruin your skin...
  • The device is a buy I'll never regret. Blackhead extractor tool easily damage your skin. This device does not. Now I use this every other day, it helps reduce my blackheads by loads.


  1. hi, I bought this recently. About the said '2 way suction cup', is that mean 2 different cups come with the cleaser? I only got just 1 cup in the box.

  2. hi Pica,

    lol... I copied that off the Panasonic site. (so much for copy-pasting) But... yeah... there's only one suction cup/tube in the box. I guess they just meant 2-way: 1 for the nose, 1 for the face... (^^)

  3. hey!
    im interested in purchasing one..but most of the reviews were't that great..
    do you think it can be used on sensitive skin?
    Did you see significant imporvement to your skin?
    So the pore cleasner does work by removing whiteheads?
    thanks :)

  4. Hey! :)

    >>>sorry for the late reply<<<

    insanely busy with work again :( been working late for the past few weeks...

    Yes, it definitely removes whiteheads.. but make sure you clean the cup head and your face before and after using the pore cleanser.

    If you have sensitive skin, depending if your skin is thin or thicker... please don't purchase this if you have really thin porous skin... the vacuum suction is quite strong and is not suitable for thin sensitive facial skin... hope this helps! :p

  5. I recently bought the Panasonic pore cleanser for my daugthter and myself. It is an amazing gadget. I was reluctant to buy it, my daughter has outbreaks of spots on chin and forehead. She sucks out her pores with the Panasonic and the outbreaks are much less. I bought her this gadget for christmas and now, one month later it is worth all the money. Myself, with open pores and living in a very hot climate I cleanse my skin with the same appliance. It really works. Every three days I sit in front of my mirror and make sure that my skin is cleansed and wet beforehand. Then I start and see the sebum disappear from my pores into the suction cup. Afterwards I feel that my skin is so relaxed and the pores minimize. The blackheads remain behind but because of the suction power they come loose and you can easily remove them after use of the Panasonic. Whatever people say, I really love this appliance and I am happy I trusted my curiosity in the first place!

  6. Hey! i wanna buy this too. i so lazy to buy on LYN where to get ar? other than LYN :}

  7. Hi,

    You can buy this at most electrical appliance store which carries the Panasonic Health and Beauty range... In Japan this falls under the National brand. Just look up the code.

    Eg; For KL, look in Harvey Norman, Best Denki, SenQ...

  8. how about the nanocare hot and cold platinum steamer or facial ionic steamer??

  9. Hi anonymous,

    Here's the link to my post on the facial ionic steamer... hohoho..

  10. The new 2513 is not available in the US. Is that model better than the previous models like more suction because it costs a lot more than the 2511 model. I don't want to waste my money on the newer model if its not an upgrade. Where would be the best place to buy if I'm in the US. They don't sell the newer model. Thanks for the review!

  11. Hi Anonymous,

    2513 is definitely an upgrade from 2511.

    Suction Power
    EH2511 = 40Kpa
    EH2511A = 44kPA
    EH2513 = 50Kpa

    I'm not sure on the best place of purchase in US since even Amazon and eBay US did not return results for this model.

    Perhaps you could try online purchase through o2tree:

    They seem to have a free trade with US and the site seems trustworthy. :)

  12. Hi, I got this last night! Rather excited to try it out later.. Just wondering, how is the suction cup 2-way? Do I flip it to get the narrow end? I tried to attach the cup through the other end but it seems like the hole is too small...
    Thank you~ :D

  13. Hi Elf,

    LOL... yeah, every lenglui's wondering about the 2-way suction cup... there's only one suction cup/tube in the box. I still suppose they just meant 2-way: 1 for the nose, 1 for the face... (^^)

  14. Hi, U know where to get this stuff at singapore??

  15. hi, i was wondering could you skip facials once you're using this? thanks!

  16. Hi Anonymous,

    You may get this from SG through this site:

    Or, I'm sure you can look up electrical stores carrying Panasonic products in Singapore.. Happy shopping! (^o^)

    Hi MereMakeupManiac,

    It really depends on what sort of facials you go for... (and the products/treatment they use)
    If doing DIY at home includes the usual masks, steaming and blackhead extraction... I'd skip it totally!
    Why go for just the usual basic facial when you've got all the necessary gadgets... (--)"

    hope this helps! (^o^)

  17. hi!!!! if somebody wishes to buy panasonic pore cleanser eh 2513 g in rs 1700 then contact: 9902952667
    it is a very good product

  18. How can i know my skin is thick or thin?

  19. Hi Anonymous,

    For thinner facial skin, you'd normally see visible facial capillaries (also for very fair skinned Asians). Also, people with thin facial skin tend to bruise easily. But that's not an entirely accurate way of judging how thick or thin your facial skin is. I would really leave that to the experts.

    If you have sensitive skin that is prone to bruising, I'd suggest you to skip this tool altogether. The suction power of the pore cleanser can easily bruise you.

    Hope this helps (^o^)

  20. Id like to give you a facial.