Friday, January 9, 2009

Where I get all my stuff from?? (Google, Pharmacies and Lowyat.Net)

You can shop anywhere... ANYWHERE!

I think if there's an award given to for pharmacy loyalty... I might be on the way to earning it. Yeah... lay it on... I'm addicted to pharmacies! But WHY?? You'd be surprise how many useful beauty products you can actually buy from a pharmacy! Special Shampoos, Detox stuff, Collagen Drinks, Supplements, Skin products, DIY Hair Dyes, Affordable Makeups from Reputable Brands, Styling Products, Grooming Tools, Weird Beauty Tools, and the list goes on... They have almost EVERYTHING... for your head... to your insides... to your toes! Literally!

In KL... there's the usual Guardian and Watsons 'cos they are easily accessible from where I work. But... if you could find Caring or other less popular pharmacy around, you'll notice that you may end up with the same product of the same brand at a better price. So yeah.... Watsons and Guardian are marking up some of their products to a little higher price. Still... I love them pharmacies...

Occasionally, Google recommends some products that may not be available at your local store. So yeah... that's when I stick to online purchases. Besides... purchasing online is so easy these days. All you have to do is do a little research on a trustworthy seller and check out for the best pricing. Then you 'click'... lol... Also places like eBay are cool... But for Malaysia, I actually like under "Stuff for the Ladies" thread 'cos.... online purchases from overseas may be costly when you count shipping and probably tax. In Lowyat, there's the option of following bulk purchases and sharing group shipping with fellow buyers. I always choose to go through a middle person... saves me the worrying of dealing with a supplier. Though... there's always the wait and abit of worrying if your seller's a trustworthy one. You might end up with your money gone and no goods arriving at your doorstep...

Hmm... I think places like Shins and SaSa are nice places for browsing too. For browsing that is - Don't just buy something the sales rep tells you to. Remember, they are earning on commission. It'd be wise to do a little research on product and pricing before deciding to get that something which you thought was going to make a difference..

Sometimes... random shopping online gets you introduced to stuff you've never ever heard of... Like my nose shaper and the epistick.. lol... But... you know... some things are better left unknown than to risk trying it out without much research.

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