Friday, January 9, 2009

"Hai Sun Fong" Beauty Server - Breast Pump

Dedicated to the Hai Sun Fong Breast Pump!

Firm, shapely and a C cup would be fine with me.. But no, I don't think I would opt for surgery... Heck, if there are other options... why not go for those first... So here goes to more Googling...

And.. there it was.... The Breast Pump.. sorta like a vacuum pump for your boobs.. If you've ever watch any chinese advert trying to sell some beauty products... Boy... they sure are convincing!

Link to Breast Pump Video

Heck... I think I'm gonna try it... lol... and yeah.. I went ahead and got a unit.

Its been 3 weeks since my purchase... (now's the 12 January 2008)
Yeah... so umm... what can I say... I think its err.... emm... working.
No, I'm not C yet... But... hey... I'm definitely fuller. And... its giving the boobs a nice shape! Go Figure! (literally)

  • You're so gonna suffer for the first week of using this cos' the pump leaves your boobs with bruises and red marks.
  • But... when that all goes away, you'll notice, shapelier, firmer, fuller bust!
  • Of course, there's the drawback that you'll be spending about 1hr everyday doing this and hell.. the pump is rather noisy. You'll get the brrrrr-brrrrr-brrr sound all through each whole 1 hr. But... what the heck! As long as its doing something!
  • Just a couple of tips for those who're planning to get this... get one with a minimum of 1-year warranty. It "kaputs" easily. And, go get a box of alcohol swabs for easy cleaning of the pump and cups.

Update 26th Aug 2010:
  • Lengluis who are easily bruised and have skin that recovers real slow from bruises... Please-please avoid wasting your money on this. As tempting as it may sound, you will suffer bruises with this...
  • Also, I bought 2 units... why? After the first one "kaputed", I was so obsessed with wanting a C cup I got another unit (since it did show some umm umm.. noticeable temporary result). And then... half a year ago the second unit "kaputed". So umm... what I'm basically trying to say is... if you're tight on cash.. forget about buying this. Its just a mere cheaper experience hohoho... In the end, I'm still just a full B. Thats it. No bigger. No less.


  1. haha..the way you said all of these things are so damn are one funny lad.

  2. so how is it now? u got c cup ?

  3. Breast pumps are reallyt the order of the day for any working mom, you are rest assured that your kid is getting sufficient amount of breast milk!


  4. how's your boobs now? and how much is the pump? thanks, and enjoy reading ur words - funny indeed!

  5. lol... I'm going to be really honest here...

    NO... I'm still very much a B cup.

    But a much fuller B cos I'm... err.. emm-hemph-err-humm very hardworking by occasionally massaging with a boob massage oil... (okaylaa... about thrice a week) so much for for maintenance huh... sigh... C is a dream away... lol...

  6. hello,
    i just bought this device too, and on the box, is writtenthere r many functions as well beside enlarging the boobs, however the manual does not emntion anything abt that.. besides, i don know what is the smaller cup for.. do u have any idea? i'm looking forward to hear from u..

  7. Hi Totallyasians,

    The smaller cup as far as I can recall, is supposedly used to correct inverted nipples. And if there's an even bigger cup in the box... you may use that for the buttocks. But if you've bought this from a distributor in Malaysia... normally you only get 2 cups in the box. So, yeah.. we don't have much of an option. The smaller cup for inverted nipples and the bigger cup is for your boobs.Hope this helps :p

  8. Girls, I used to buy one of these so-called enlarging pumps, but they do very little. I tried F-cup cookies, also not working.
    I was frustrated. I bought a pump which is priced at RM300!Then, I found a way to enlarge breast, naturally.

    By massaging. I found an online article, though you are supposed to buy it to get the e-book. I found it for free. From 32B, I'm growing to a full 34B and still growing =)

    1. hi nadia,
      please give me some advise...i bought the e-book online...natural way to enhance ur breast...but some of the not able to find i don't get what to do at first step...pls advise...wat do you do..that works for you

    2. Yeah.. I want to know the tips. Maybe u can share it nadia. Tq

  9. hello sugar_cupcakes,

    thanks for ur reply...
    i'm currently usiang this rite now too..
    was just wondering if it is permanent result.. bcoz once i reach my desirable size (if i manage to) i will stop using it.. bcoz the red bruises is just so damn ugly... from my research they sems to say this is just what do u reckon?

  10. hi Totallyasians...

    The results are NOT permanent... You'll need maintenance and massaging every now and then to keep the size. Sad huh?

    But... after 2 weeks of continuous use, the bruises goes away. (^^) Seems like my skin just adapts to it.. so no more bruises.. lol... But I stopped using since a few months back.. Got lazy and hated the noise... So I just stuck with massage :p

  11. hey nadia, mind to share the link?

    sugar_cupcakes, u've got a nice blog! enjoyed reading it!

  12. Hi Nadia,

    May I know the name of the e-book? You can email me at Thanks.

  13. hi Nadia,
    Mind to share ?

  14. When you say you're still a b cup, are you saying you started off as a b and just developed a more full b?

  15. Hi Anonymous...

    Yes... I'm just a fuller B. Hahhaha... heck... the C is way far... somewhere... hopefully... in the future... lol :)

  16. Hi sugar_cupcakes,

    I just bought this pump. Problem is, I don't know how to use it. Haha! Can you teach me?
    Do you use the highest suction strength (H) for the whole 15 minutes? It's so painful. I'm so afraid my boobs gonna burst! Hahaha!

  17. Hi JT,

    Hahahha... Yeah... hurts like hell the first 2 weeks..

    Try mid suction strength... If you insist on having the (H) strength, release the suction on/off by pressing the big back button to release the vacuum bit by bit each time the suction gets too strong... Thats what I did... Try that... :p

  18. where can u get the machine?
    how much isit? can i find it in singapore? anw,you can reply me at

  19. Hi I got sell this pump at my blogshop
    Feel free to visit ^^

    --Em...I share here because someone is asking,if lenglui mind I putting here can delete my msg. Its ok...hehe...

  20. I brought one as well, but mine doesn't absorb, is there something wrong with mine? Or do I have to leave it fully charge till the light turns green?

  21. can it use during period???

  22. Hmm..

    I'm no expert on this cos' the lousy machine kaput-ed again... sigh....... but seems like posts on boobs have got the most responses... lol... I'll answer this the best I can...

    But... there may be a few reasons why it doesn't absorb:
    - the cup is not fixed properly to your breasts. try adding boob oil? seems to work for me.. but may be a hassle 'cos you'll need to clean the cup after each use...
    - the pump kaput-ed
    - depending on your breasts shape and size, I don't know why sometimes at the start its hard to get the boobs absorb into the cup... lol... hmm... try using "HIGH" during the start and decrease the suction level as you go

    I'd prefer not to use this during period/menstruation. Cos... during that time, your body (breasts too) is more sensitive to pain. So yeah... give it a break during that time of the month...

  23. I want one, how much is it and where can i order it?

  24. my email is

  25. hey nadia..
    can i get the e-book that u mention before??
    u can email me at

  26. hey there,
    can i know what massage oil do u use for your breast, where can i purchase it and how much is it?

  27. Hi JJX,

    I'm currently using Alviqmia oil which costs about RM50 for a trial 17ml bottle. Pretty pricey for a minimal effect... But I guess its worth a try :)

    The price depends on the bottle size.. View my post on:

  28. hi girls, i would appreciate if anyone can tell me where to get the hai sun fong breast pump in Singapore?

  29. I tried it, and now i have this really horrible bruise mark like a circle around my breasts, like blackish after the redness went away...Ive stopped using it for 2 months but still the mark is there =( And nah it didnt make any difference to me =( Anyone got any idea how to remove the buise mark?

  30. Ooo nooooo...
    Googled this for you lenglui on removing bruise marks...

  31. Do you believe in consuming the indonesia's or phillippines tablets? cos all the methods doesn't seem to help yeah? i wanna try the tablets, but i'm afraid i'll put on weight. what do you think? sld i try?

  32. sugar_cupcakes:i juz bought it too but haven;t started to use yet.if im juz a A cup,do u think i can burst it up??

    nadia:may i know what's the article?n mind share with??i really wish to burst up my boobs.

    my email:

    wish to hear from both of u...thx :)

  33. Hi Carmen,

    The swelling will definitely show some increase in size. But its not permanent. And... just take care... bruises are a sure thing for the first couple of weeks.. so take it easy... :p

  34. Hi. Where to get this and how much? Is it ever lasting? Sharon.

    Please reply me @


  35. Hi, Nadia

    Care to share the e-book that you've found? I'm sure we are all excited about it (:

  36. Hi Sharon,

    I got this online a couple of years ago. Checkout the shopping malls if you're in KL. Now they even sell it in Shins and Yokoso (etc. Pyramid)

    But, no. They are not everlasting. They kaput quite easily within a couple of months. (--)"

    Hope this helps! (^o^)

  37. Hi all,
    I have a unit of Hai Sun Fong breast pump for sale. Bought it last time but seldom use coz too lazy. Still in perfect working condition with boxes and everything. Moving overseas soon so I won't be bringing it with me. Will sell at a cheap price of RM100! Leave your email here if you're interested :)
    PS: Sorry lenglui for mini ad.. hope you don't mind!! :))

  38. Hai sun fong beauty server is shown on the post here. Read to know more

  39. May I know where do I can buy the breast pump at jb?

  40. Hi Nurul Eryn,

    Hmm... your best bet would be getting this online though I think you shuld make sure you have warranty because the tool easily kaputs.

    Also, I think those beauty tool shops actually carry this now. Just saw this not long ago in a few of the shops in KL.

    Hope this helps (^o^)