Friday, January 9, 2009

The Nose Shaper...

Reshape your nose... No surgery involved!

Yes, this is one of the craziest thing I actually bought. Given the fact that my nose already looks fine, there's no point in getting this? No?

Asian daughters have gone through a stage where their mothers will tell them... "If you pinch your nose often enough, you will grow up with a sharp pretty nose"... (^^) Know what? They have a point there! That's how this whole nose-shaper thing came about...

See below on how to use this...

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No. It does nothing to give you sharp pretty nose.. not unless you're still a growing kid and your skin and bone structure is still shaping...

You can have it on for hours till your nose get those red pinch marks on the sides. But.... your nose is going to bounce back to its original shape when you start rubbing it or sneezing or breathe hard enough. NO. YOU WILL NOT GET A PRETTY NOSE JUST BY CLIPPING IT.

Stupid as it sounds... I still went ahead to purchase it from "Shins". Heck... its only RM6 and... I just had to. I mean... In the end... its all in the mind. In those rare ultimately bored moments I'll just clip my nose for about 3mins... in hopes that its doing something... good to my nose.. yeah... crazy women.


  1. Yeah...crazy! What else can i say?! hahahhaa..

  2. I know....! I know.....! kekekekke....

  3. round fleshy nose denote good wealth, so, why go for pointed nose? ;-p

  4. I purchased it to. I believe you can alter reshape cartilage. The Chinese, a tribe, at least, bind their feet to make it more narrow- it works. Another group in another part of the country wraps their neck, it pushes the bone structure of their shoulders down, and that's bone. I believ eover time the soft bone can shrink.

  5. if people say it did work then whers the results? thus no taking others result but your own

  6. Dude ! My mom always tells me to pinch my nose , to make it taller , Lol !