Friday, January 9, 2009

Pink Sony PSP

A Girl's Gotta Have....

It takes about 1hr++ and 2 modes of transportation for me to get to work... To sum it in 5 words --> I hate traveling to work..

I drive for 10 to 30 mins (depending on the traffic's mood for the day) to the LRT station to take the train to town. Then stare into space for about 30mins in the train before it drops me off at my destination. Yeah... I'm not the only one having to go through this every workday...

And 2 years ago... I decided. Thats it. No more staring into space for a whole 30mins to and fro from work. And lo behold............

The Pink PSP - In case you didn't know... that acronym stands for Playstation Portable. See? I even got a bag-case to match (a gift from Lengcai)... And... the mini case which looks like a compact powder casing? Thats where I store all my memory cards....

See the nice heart charm? hehehe... thats an attempt at personalising my PSP....

And the memory card case.... (which is actually a limited edition compact powder casing from Ettusais) which doubles up as a portable mini mirror..

Now for all of you who thinks the PSP is merely a gamer's gadget... You ARE INDEED SOOOO VERY WRONG my friend... See below for the daily tasks of my PSP...
  • Personal Stylist (MyStylist)
  • Show Korean/TVB/English Drama Series
  • Movie Player
  • MP3 Player
  • YouTube Flash Player
  • Photo Journal (MyStylist)
  • Clothes Organiser (MyStylist)
  • A Linguist Travel Companion (Talkman)
  • WiFi Gaming
  • VideoCam
And... the list goes on... This is sorta like my "Blackberry"... except that.. its not as "hi-tech" and... I'm no yuppie...

So... the days of starring into space in the LRT is no more... Muahahahahhaa.... PSP, you're my next best friend... after Google of course.. (cos' thats how you came about... when I Googled you up!)


  1. DONT BLUFF!You read other people's newspaper. You dont stare into space..:D