Friday, January 23, 2009

Red Acne Marks... Be gone... be gone!

Ettusais Medicated Whitening Essence Vs DHC Acne Whitening Gel

I don't have flawless skin.... and will probably never have flawless skin... unless I stop eating food I'm actually allergic to... but-but.... I love my food... sigh... So now, after a very short cycle of being a good girl and actually having skin with no blemishes... I'll finally return to the days of blemish loaded skin... sighhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....

Now. That, I have to deal with... since I have hardly any discipline when it comes to food.. But the aftermath is always horrendous! Imagine... suffering itchy skin for almost a week... then... watching the zits slowly pop up on the skin with puss... then... all the whiteheads and blackheads start clogging my pores... and... then.... the scars!!! (--)" lousy red marks that take forever to heal...

So I did some research on fading all these red marks and found that products that contains bleaching agents gets rid of these scars in matter of days! But, the most commonly used bleaching agent in skincare would be hydroquinone (go check your skin lightening product). Yeah... it works... but... its been banned by the FDA cause it contains cancer causing properties! So yeah... I avoid beauty products that contains hydroquinone... Anyway, I aim to be tan... not fair-skinned...

So next in the line would be high concentration of stable vit-c... That's what the 2 products below contains... And yeah... these two Japanese products shows satisfactory results! Read my conclusions on them...

Ettusais Medicated Whitening Essence

DHC Acne Whitening Gel

  • Both Ettusais and DHC works well to diminish red marks left by acne on the skin, though... not immediately... Come on... give it a few days... You don't expect good-stuff to work like miracle...
  • You need only a fair bit on the red scars and... after a week... voila...!
  • Both doesn't get rid of blemishes as they claim.. But... they do get rid of red marks left by acne...
  • Both are fragrance-free clear-coloured liquid..
  • Ettusais one costs more... I got that for about RM112 while DHC for about RM50++ and... they both bottled at 50ml
  • Ettusais is easily available in Isetan in KL but... I'm not sure about other countries. DHC is harder to find in KL... I got mine off internet shopping...
Updated Verdict 29th Sept 2010:
  • After years of sticking to this... go get the Ettusais one..
  • Reason: A bottle lasts up to a year and its a keeper! Also.... you'd see the effects sooner! :p


  1. Does it really fade the red marks? I want to try..

  2. Yeah... works for me... it won't get rid of acne, but... the red flattened out marks gets faded away :p

    For a start, try out the Ettusais Medicated Whitening Essence... Its about double the price of the DHC one but... that shows quicker results.

  3. Really? I always think that red marks are to be lived with FOREVER!
    Ok, will get Ettusais this week, thanks a lot.
    Is there any reaction once applied? I mean, itchiness or stinging?

  4. Hi Nadia,

    For my overly sensitive skin... I didn't feel anything when applied. Maybe a little tingle but thats about it. But, if you're unsure about this, perhaps you should try and get a sample from the promoters before deciding to buy the whole bottle.. (^^) try a week ++ and hopefully watch the marks slowly fade...

  5. A week is all it takes?
    Seriously? I want to get Ettusais..

  6. ah... dun quote me on that... it won't dissappear miraculously after a week... but I noticed the reddish mark fading little by little after a week... I guess that depends on an individual's skin...

  7. hi, may i know where u get the DHC? i'm interested in trying it.

  8. Hi,

    I purchased the DHC one from an online site. I don't think the site where I got it from is selling DHC stuff anymore. Depending on where you're from, its probably more convenient to get it from a site closer to home.. :p If you're from KL, perhaps you could try this seller...

  9. Sorry for late reply.. I haven't bought Ettusais yet.
    Want to ask you first. Those red acne marks of yours, are they the new ones or old marks?
    I want to but tjis but want to ask you.
    Please answer sincerely.
    Been so tired of wasting money on products that doesn't work.

    Thank you dearie.. n_n

  10. Hi Nadia,

    My red acne marks are both old and new.. Old for about 1-2 weeks ++ after the acne subsides and no more puss. New are the ones that didn't really have puss and about few days old. If your acne is still active, both the Ettusais and DHC essence are not gonna help your acne subside (i tried). They are just good to fade away your left over marks after the acne subside. Lets just say the Ettusais essence is like a mild bleach for your skin...

    Hope this helps (^^)

  11. Hey, thanks a lot.. I've been checking your page everyday!!
    A mild bleach? It's a skin lightener isn't it?
    Thank you.. My skin is in the best condition now. I started using Avene skincare.
    Absolutely love it! What's yours? (^_^)

  12. Ah.... Avene... I've tried that a while ago... products with thermal spring water are just so refreshing to use! (the Uriage line is pretty comparable to Avene too)

    Hmmm... you'll notice that I hardly blog about skincare brands... Thats cos I've been using countless amount of brands... hahahaha... You name it... I've tried it (mostly anyways - so much for exaggeration)

    Currently I'm about to try Albion Skin Cond (some really raved about Jap brand that costs a bomb). But am also using a couple of Korean brand names like UGBang Aqua Cream and err... I gotta go home and check the other one thats pretty nice for trouble skin... Anything thats raved about... I'll be trying it... sigh... I know I know.... stick to a good one... (But I haven't found a complete range which I love enough to stick to) (--)"

  13. Hihi!

    I use to have terrible acne problem too!! I have tried almost all the over the counter medicine, doctors prescriptions and antibiotics.. doxyclcline,isotretinoin etc.. trust me.. if u heard of e medicine, i probably would have tried it.. unfortunately, these drugs have sideeffects..

    Thankfully i have found a way to improve my complexion.. =)

    It is just the simply chicken egg white!!
    Apply it on your face with a metal spoon for about 15mins n wash it off.. I use it once a day.. U can increase your usage depending on your skin condition.

    Pros of egg white:
    1. Soothe the skin
    2. Tighten the pores
    3. Helps reduce pimples!!

    1. It does stink a little
    2. If you put on a thick layer, it might actually feel itchy.. so use a thin layer..
    3. Messy and troublesome. Every few days have to crack a new egg and all.. The person who thought me uses a new egg each night.. But i just keep my egg refrigerated in a container and use it for a couple of days.. Remember to use a clean spoon each time..

    No harm trying.. =)