Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Kerastase Initialiste - Skincare for Beautiful Hair

Ever heard of plant stem-cell treatment? Here is one product resulting from that research promising loads to a lenglui's hair! But really, from scientific point of view, plant stem cells are really just using plant extract so no biggie there... Still... this serum we are going to talk about ROCKS!! :p

  1. Stronger thicker hair
  2. Smoother shinier hair

pic credit to http://www.gorgeousshop.co.uk/blog/gossip/kerastase-initialiste-new-products/

Just the FYI... iwannabelenglui did not go to any sponsored event... bla-bla-bla for this. This was really a gift from her mummy :p And since we have hair from constant colouring and perm... etc. this was something to try out... Hohoho... after a few weeks of using this, we think it's time to share this to lengluis with coarse or problem hair. Not saying that this would entirely help lengluis with brittle bleached hair, but CONCLUSION = we think consistent use of good Japanese conditioner and Kerastase Initialiste serum is as good as having your monthly in-saloon hair treatment.

Some Credible (non sponsored we think) Reviews:
** hey, amazon reviews are pretty good

After 30 days of use - Pic credit from YouTube Kerastase Initialiste Product Testimonials

Why this conclusion?

  • That teeny high forehead baby-hair almost bald spot is having thicker, longer baby hair now... Okay, so we were really focusing on that spot during the serum application... 
  • Dyed perm hair seems to be more manageable and lustre
  • Oh heck... just Google the videos and reviews... (though... tons of sponsored ones which you will find) 
  • But... if you've got the extra cash and find that getting in-saloon treatments are a hassle, this is worth a try for about RM180 of a teeny weeny bottle that goes a long way

Video on the product