Monday, August 17, 2009

Skin Labs Therapy Oil - for scarring, stretch marks, uneven pigmented skin and dehydrated skin

A made-in-india oil with pretty nice quality and totally worth the price

Its actually pretty easy to catch a women's eye in a shopping outlet. Just put a huge promo sign with something impressively simple like a free-to-try sample with an advert of a beautiful lady 's face to top it off.

Now thats how I came about to purchase this: SkinLabs Therapy Oil (RM39.90 at all Guardian Pharmacy Outlets in KL)

Being used to seeing all sorta saloon brands and huge brand names like Clarins promoting their lotus oil and other skin stuff alike... I thought hey! There's the new rage in therapy oil for the skin... lol... Besides... I was getting kind of bored using lotions... The thought of my dehydrated skin from being lazy of slapping on gunks onto my skin.... uggh... I need retail therapy... lol

Okay... I didn't just purchase this for the sake of purchasing. The thing is.. I actually sampled the oil on my hands first.
  • nice refined oil
  • hardly greasy
  • hypoallergenic
  • very light naturally fragranced from lavender oil
  • easily absorbs into the skin
So hey... this is pretty nice.
Now I'm already half bottle away. I use this on my legs, elbows, knees, hands and face! Yes, my very breakout prone face! And guess what... I didn't breakout... (given the fact that my skin has now reached a minimally satisfying condition... If you have breakout-prone face... don't risk this!!)

I didn't see any radical changes to my skin... But... it does feel good to use as a replacement for body lotion. And besides, a few drops goes a long way.... If you still like your body lotion, by all means, stick to it. I just got a little adventurous... lol...

  • Scarring? Emm.. I'm not sure... I haven't tried it on any major scars
  • Stretch marks? Emm... I don't see any stretch marks on my body apart from the butt yet... Maybe I'll go try it on the butt... lol
  • Worth to try? Yes if you've ran out of body lotion and decided that you need the adventure