Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Power of Concealers...

One word. Impressive.

When your skin is "beyond all help" and it's the dinner night with lots of avid photographers around, what do you do? Conceal!

Lengluis, watch the commercial for the Dermablend concealer here

The model for this commercial is tattoo covered Rick Genest... Watch him transform from tattoo covered to cute guy in just one take and 3 make-up artist. It's a whoaaaaaaaaaa...... Credits to BellaSugarSite for posting this up.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Avalon Collagen - Collagen on the go?

I figured by now there'd be enough posts on Avalon Fish Collagen Powder from other lenglui bloggers to cover the details of this brand. Just ask Uncle Google... hohohoho...

But why is sugar_cupcakes embarking on this whole new mission? Personally, she hates the packaging. It sucks.... Number 1 product in Japan? You'd think the company would invest more on marketing the package with a girlier approach...

So why switch to try Avalon?

  • Laziness: You don't even need to mix with water when you're in a hurry. Just consume the powdered form in the individually packed tiny packages and you're good to go... Quick huh>??
  • Feeling Green: You don't need to feel un-environmental friendly as with the glass bottles collected over time with liquid collagen supplements
  • Uh-huh: Honestly, I'd prefer the liquid form of collagen supplements...
  • Huhuhuhu: But the too many empty bottles collected over time makes me feel so NOT GREEN

I've stopped collagen supplements for 3 weeks to be able to see the effects of powdered form collagen supplements.... Again... with a reminder to oneself that collagen is merely a form of protein.... hey-ho......... the trial period has started.

Some first several days quick review:

  • Comes in 3 flavours - mango, lemon and blueberry
  • Taste pretty nice considering the amount of sweetener added in
  • Consume it in the morning before you breakfast and you'll see the usual collagen effect soon enough... Irregular consumption is good enough for me
  • As mentioned earlier... the powdered form is much easier and quicker to consume
  • And yes, imported Japanese products always show some result... even if its just a minimal effect

Why every LAZY lengluis should own a bikini...?

Yessss... As the post title says, why a lazy lenglui should own a bikini!

To begin with, not everyone will sit well in a bikini. Imagine exposing the flab and the uh-huh... not so gorgeous part of your body.... So you're thinking... This post is as crazy as it gets.

There are several reasons why a LAZY lenglui should own a bikini:

  • There is no such thing as an ugly body... only LAZY body owners
  • Bikinis look great on models.... but on us everyday lengluis...? Uh-huh.... riskyyyyyyy.....
  • If you think thinking about working out is going to make you start exercising sooner or later to get that fab, healthy, lean body... think again... THINKING ALONE IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH!
  • When you own a nice bikini, you will want to try it on sometimes (even if it means in front of the mirror in the privacy of your own room... hahahahaha...)
  • And when the try-on process don't look too good, it means its time to do SOMETHING
  • Find a sport that is FUN and STICK TO IT! If the sport is a torture... you'll never stick to it... no matter what your brain tells you when you ummm... see yourself in the mirror in that bikini... LOL...
  • Okay... easier said than done... Bikinis don't hide the flab like some pretty clothes do...
  • Its a great wake up call to remind us lengluis... the bikini shape stays the same... But on whether we're going to look good in it or not, entirely depends on us!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

How to be a natural Lenglui when umm... you're not born with it....

Hohohohoho... lets take a peak into an honest life of lengluis who were not born with lenglui hair, skin, body and features, but are still the everyday beautiful hot chicks we see today. I figured, most of us lengluis have discovered the aid to beauty with the help of the unnatural's of hair re-bonding, permanent hair removal, body shaping undergarments ... and a whole lot more. So if you're the sort-a blur-cased lenglui, this post will describe all of them fake-it pro....

Introducing the top 5 procedures/items that lets us go hiking in the jungle and swimming in the sea with NO make-up and still look super BEAUTIFUL! (disclaimer - I don't suppose the points below are considered make-up... hahahahah....)

  • Hair Re-bonding
    • Almost every Asian lenglui knows that frizzy hair is a no-go
    • Hair re-bonding apparently wreaks the hair structure but hey.... you're gonna look like you have a hair worth a million bucks minus the blow drying, hair spray and hair mousse
    • Even when you're miles away from a conditioner, hair dryer or straightening iron, your hair will still  look glossy and smooth flowing... huhuhuhu...
    • Requires minimal effort of maintenance
    • Tip: Go to a pro stylist so you needn't worry about ending up with a flat top.. LOL
  • Permanent Hair Removal
    • If you're hairy that is...
    • Waxing is a traumatic experience
    • Hair epilation leaves us ingrown hair and red bums all over (and don't forget the pain)
    • Ever felt the pokey-itchy feel after a few days of missing your shave period? Eeeeeek...
    • Permanent hair removal - to a smooth nice skin even after a few days out camping in the mountains

  • Semi-permanent eye-liner and lip gloss tattoo
    • Now, I have no right to comment on this because I haven't been through one (If your features look great with no make up, skip this then baby)
    • Remember, go to a reputable pro... these days beauty tattoos have advanced loads so you needn't worry about ending up with greenish looking eyelids when you're 50
    • After accompanying a really close friend to these procedures... whoaaaaa... the result is really pretty
    • She complains of course of the painful PAIN.... (duh... no pain no gain)
    • But the aftermath... uh-huh... its like you have naturally dark defined eyes and glossy kissable lips
    • After 6 hours of road trip? you still have great fresh looking eyes and its like the all natural lip gloss never left your lips
  • Lasik Eye laser treatment
    • Okay, this one's a point you could debate on...
    • This is a costly procedure and IT'S scary!!! No matter what lenglui's who has been through them say.... Never believe anyone who says there is NO PAIN.... spoken from a true lenglui friend
    • Lol.... But I havent been through one so, ummm..... I'd opt for Iris Enlarging Contact lenses.... Hey, if I had Lasik... then it defeats the purpose of having pretty anime eyes from a beauty contact lenses no?
    • BUT.... imagine having clear vision all the time and skip having to look dorky in front of the hot guy in a football night party
  • Body Shaping Undergarments
    • Okay, so it'd be mighty uncomfortable to go jungle trekking and skydiving in this
    • But, if you've been a good girl and wear them on a regular basis, your body is bound to conform a little to the shape of the garments
    • So even when you're on a field trip without them... your body will play nice and stay that way... until of course the next time you decide that exercise is a better body shaper... lol...

One thing I figured all lengluis know by now.... Nice skin is the mother of all natural beauty... Nothing can help you get a great skin but yourself. A good diet of lots of fresh fruits, veggie and fish, good skincare products and lots of rest... that's the best effort a lenglui can do for better looking skin...

Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Eye - Younger eyes by morning?

Recently the eye area's been bugging for attention... SEE ME SEE ME!!! Sigh.... you know how it gets... With every year, forget about getting mature and wiser... sugar_cupcakes refuse to let our eyes speak our age...! Lengluis should never have to let the eyes tell how old we are... (--)" With the never was there dark under-eye area and the never were there puffy starting to inflate baggy looking eyes.... uh-huh.... the horror symptoms are all starting to SHOW!! O-M-G..................

And with all my previous adventures of eye creams and the under-eye dark circle Uncle Google research... Some hope came about with Kiehl's aid for the eyes... with so many positive reviews on this from this.... YESSSSSssssss............ 

Product Information:
  • Read about it here (Kiehl's product site)
  • Retails at RM150 in KL Kiehl's outlet
  • Smells faintly of lavender....
  • Not too heavy but feels like there's a thin coat of protection on the delicate skin
  • Feels comforting on the eye area

  • I'm definitely taken! (Compared with the other tried-tested-okay-but-not-wow products)
  • Within days the eye area looks healthier (I used it twice a day even though its supposedly for night use... hahahahhaa... you'd think the more you use it the better the effects, LOL....)
  • Umm... some minimal under-eye darkened area still remains... no miracles there...
  • But... puffiness definitely reduced! wooooooohooooooo!!!
  • Duh... RM150 investment (its a tiny tube but you only need so little with each application) for such a good-feel product.... ITS ALL GOOD.....