Saturday, October 8, 2011

How to be a natural Lenglui when umm... you're not born with it....

Hohohohoho... lets take a peak into an honest life of lengluis who were not born with lenglui hair, skin, body and features, but are still the everyday beautiful hot chicks we see today. I figured, most of us lengluis have discovered the aid to beauty with the help of the unnatural's of hair re-bonding, permanent hair removal, body shaping undergarments ... and a whole lot more. So if you're the sort-a blur-cased lenglui, this post will describe all of them fake-it pro....

Introducing the top 5 procedures/items that lets us go hiking in the jungle and swimming in the sea with NO make-up and still look super BEAUTIFUL! (disclaimer - I don't suppose the points below are considered make-up... hahahahah....)

  • Hair Re-bonding
    • Almost every Asian lenglui knows that frizzy hair is a no-go
    • Hair re-bonding apparently wreaks the hair structure but hey.... you're gonna look like you have a hair worth a million bucks minus the blow drying, hair spray and hair mousse
    • Even when you're miles away from a conditioner, hair dryer or straightening iron, your hair will still  look glossy and smooth flowing... huhuhuhu...
    • Requires minimal effort of maintenance
    • Tip: Go to a pro stylist so you needn't worry about ending up with a flat top.. LOL
  • Permanent Hair Removal
    • If you're hairy that is...
    • Waxing is a traumatic experience
    • Hair epilation leaves us ingrown hair and red bums all over (and don't forget the pain)
    • Ever felt the pokey-itchy feel after a few days of missing your shave period? Eeeeeek...
    • Permanent hair removal - to a smooth nice skin even after a few days out camping in the mountains

  • Semi-permanent eye-liner and lip gloss tattoo
    • Now, I have no right to comment on this because I haven't been through one (If your features look great with no make up, skip this then baby)
    • Remember, go to a reputable pro... these days beauty tattoos have advanced loads so you needn't worry about ending up with greenish looking eyelids when you're 50
    • After accompanying a really close friend to these procedures... whoaaaaa... the result is really pretty
    • She complains of course of the painful PAIN.... (duh... no pain no gain)
    • But the aftermath... uh-huh... its like you have naturally dark defined eyes and glossy kissable lips
    • After 6 hours of road trip? you still have great fresh looking eyes and its like the all natural lip gloss never left your lips
  • Lasik Eye laser treatment
    • Okay, this one's a point you could debate on...
    • This is a costly procedure and IT'S scary!!! No matter what lenglui's who has been through them say.... Never believe anyone who says there is NO PAIN.... spoken from a true lenglui friend
    • Lol.... But I havent been through one so, ummm..... I'd opt for Iris Enlarging Contact lenses.... Hey, if I had Lasik... then it defeats the purpose of having pretty anime eyes from a beauty contact lenses no?
    • BUT.... imagine having clear vision all the time and skip having to look dorky in front of the hot guy in a football night party
  • Body Shaping Undergarments
    • Okay, so it'd be mighty uncomfortable to go jungle trekking and skydiving in this
    • But, if you've been a good girl and wear them on a regular basis, your body is bound to conform a little to the shape of the garments
    • So even when you're on a field trip without them... your body will play nice and stay that way... until of course the next time you decide that exercise is a better body shaper... lol...

One thing I figured all lengluis know by now.... Nice skin is the mother of all natural beauty... Nothing can help you get a great skin but yourself. A good diet of lots of fresh fruits, veggie and fish, good skincare products and lots of rest... that's the best effort a lenglui can do for better looking skin...

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