Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Kinohimitsu BB Drink

And upgrade to its predecessor?

And... it was time to stock up on collagen drinks... LOL... I've been sticking to CollagenMax (produced in Japan) for a while... But here goes... NEW stuff from Kinohimitsu that caught my attention... They came up with so many diff drinks... that got me thinking... This must be the new $$$ making scheme that so easily con women like me... lol.. They really should award me with loyal consumer award when I start posting pics of my stash... hahahhaha...

Okiee lengluis.. Will be updating this soon-ish. Come on... You don't expect an immediate report on a collagen drink. We need to wait... for the effects-effects! LOL...

What the box says:
  • Ingredients: Acerola Cherry Extract, Bird's Nest Powder, Fructose, Fish Collagen, Rice Bran Ceramide, Fish Protein Elastin, Purified Water
  • Restores your skin natural glow and radiance. 
  • Regular intake helps to promote baby-like rosy complexion in just weeks.

Conclusion Update 1st December 2010:
  • I don't feel much difference from the normal collagen drink
  • LOL... 'cos  it contains collagen as well.. dope!
  • But I stopped after one box and switch back to CollagenMax
  • Don't know why, but Kinohimitsu collagen drink seems to encourage breakouts on my jawline
  • But I still love Kinohimitsu's packaging best! :p

Remington Hair Tangle Tamer

I've been wanting to blog about this for ages!!! But given my random impulse need for blogging... I think its time you lengluis be introduced to.....

Remington Electronic Hair Tangle Tamer

So umm.. why am I introducing this? For those lengluis who's been dye-ing your hair with crazy colours and forever having problems combing your tangled hair, suffer no more.... I love this to bits... even though the packaging err... advertises it for kids... hohoho... I got this as a gift years ago from Australia since emm... I used to have problems de-tangling my hair... even with the all sorta gunk cream that claims to de-tangle.

Vid of this in action :

My conclusion:
  • Its really weird but, man... it works!!
  • Chargeable and runs with this brr brr noise
  • De-tangles even my craziest tangled hair moments
  • Slim and not too heavy to pack on vacations
  • De-tangles your hair without the need of having gunk load of hair cream/lotion/spray/serum... whatever...
  • Crap packaging that would only appeal to kids ... okay, so maybe only kids need this... lol
  • I don't know if its possible to get this off the shelves in Malaysia but... hey... its being sold online on ebay:
  • Only 9USD.. sheesh... its worth all the horrendous de-tangling moment when your hair's up in knots

(EveScret) Moliting Magic Wonder Bra - Uplifts and shapes...

And yet again... the Bra fever...

LOL... to think that I'd be too busy to browse for addictive videos.. ITS A LIE!!

Come on.. I've been busy crazy again with work but.... that didn't stop this crazy women from getting conned by real convincing videos like this:

Now emm... THIS IS THE NUMBER ONE ITEM ON MY WISH LIST for now... Muahahahaha... When I do get this... Scoops here on iwannabelenglui !!

So now, what does the "marketing cons say"??

Moliting helps solving ladies’ 6 major problems:
  • naturally flat
  • postpartum atrophy
  • sagging
  • auxiliary breasts
  • spreading wide
  • compressed breasts
  • Moliting, with its “KE Magic Silicon Pad”, helps to clear the breasts meridian and improve blood circulation, for better ventilation and oscillation. Wearing it the whole day is like massaging your breasts all the time. Moliting is designed with 3 dimensional cuttings of the breasts, complementing the bust cup and your breasts. It improves the bustline, reduces fatty bulges and auxiliary breasts, upgrading your bustline from A cup to C cup.

Wutt??? A -> C??? LOL... Oh well, at least its still affordable.. I should really stop watching convincing adverts...

hohooho.. the crazy adverts did it again... hahaahha..

Update on the bras 8th Oct 2010:


  • yeah man... you'll be rocking cleavage in secs..
  • No Cleavage -----> DEEP CLEAVAGE
  • but emm.. forget about spaghetti strapped clothes cos the straps are thick and obvious
  • massaging the boob as claimed? Emm.. well... it does feel snugg
  • but still after half an hour of moving about... your pushed up boobs will start reducing in the cleavage.. lol.. I guess you'll need to readjust.. perhaps...
  • this only applies to me.. since I'm not the sorta person who sits still...

Design 2


  • NO... THEY DO NOT GROW YOUR BOOBS>>> LOL... But......
  • They are pretty heavy bras (since the build in silicon takes up most of the weight)
  • Fits snugly (I like... so whatever massage claims on this... emm... iwannabelenglui SUPPORT! hahahhhahahaa)
  • Hey, if you're going to get a bra, why not get one cool one like this bra (with a free matching undie) for the same price of a normal bra?
  • When you're going to stock up on bras.. I'd recommend you to consider this. LOL... Feels like I'm promoting for EveScret (Moliting) muahahaha...

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Cellulite busting cream?? Lets put Fisioline to the test... hohoho...

Crackle your way to cellulite no more!

So umm... I watched this: (click to watch)

Have any of you lengluis seen the new cellulite busting mousse in Guardian pharmacies lately? This is apparently some Italian innovation on busting cellulite. Imagine... "Italiano celluliteyo begone! begone!" LOL. The before after pics on the booth is screaming try-me-try-me!!!

Personally, I don't like the packaging... I mean... duh... You need to look appealing to attract lengluis! But what the heck... the before-after pic on the booth was enough to get me interested. lol... Tsk tsk tsk... no discipline...

Okay, so if any of you lengluis tried it already... TELL ME TELL ME!! Come on... share your scoop... lol... you can stay anonymous like me... hahahahaha...

fisio[line] Cellulite mousses works in 5 key ways:

• Reactivates the microcirculation
• Draining effect
• Anti-oxidant effect
• Smoothes and soothes the skin
• Stimulates the metabolism

Okiee.. so I Googled for reviews on this. Surprisingly, Japanese lengluis love this product. Hmm.... lets wait a while before I make my purchase... heheheehe.. Meanwhile.. you can read google translated reviews on Fisioline ...

Japanese lengluis reviews
A vid on a Jap lenglui using the product
Dutch site on the product
Fisioline official site

Retails for about RM129 in KL local pharmacies.. I'm not sure about other countries though.. Ask Uncle Google, he'll know! I'll update this when I finally try it out! huhuhuhu... should be anytime soon...

  • Started my first application last night (at obvious cellulite areas)... lol... excited..!
  • The crackling feels good on the skin...
  • But umm... I could get same after-feel with cheaper cellulite gels..
  • Subtle grapefruit fragrance
  • Lets see what this does after 2 weeks

Update after a month 8th Oct 2010:
  • Aww man.. I religiously use this twice a day.. EVERYDAY! (so hardworking huh?)
  • Still... cellulite's pretty obvious
  • But.... I guess its pretty nice to use with crackle and all
  • If you're tight on budget... just get any normal/reputable cellulite cream for a fraction of the price... Results are similar..
  • Any massaging on area definitely helps!
  • Nope... this is not going in my fav list of stuff...