Thursday, September 2, 2010

Cellulite busting cream?? Lets put Fisioline to the test... hohoho...

Crackle your way to cellulite no more!

So umm... I watched this: (click to watch)

Have any of you lengluis seen the new cellulite busting mousse in Guardian pharmacies lately? This is apparently some Italian innovation on busting cellulite. Imagine... "Italiano celluliteyo begone! begone!" LOL. The before after pics on the booth is screaming try-me-try-me!!!

Personally, I don't like the packaging... I mean... duh... You need to look appealing to attract lengluis! But what the heck... the before-after pic on the booth was enough to get me interested. lol... Tsk tsk tsk... no discipline...

Okay, so if any of you lengluis tried it already... TELL ME TELL ME!! Come on... share your scoop... lol... you can stay anonymous like me... hahahahaha...

fisio[line] Cellulite mousses works in 5 key ways:

• Reactivates the microcirculation
• Draining effect
• Anti-oxidant effect
• Smoothes and soothes the skin
• Stimulates the metabolism

Okiee.. so I Googled for reviews on this. Surprisingly, Japanese lengluis love this product. Hmm.... lets wait a while before I make my purchase... heheheehe.. Meanwhile.. you can read google translated reviews on Fisioline ...

Japanese lengluis reviews
A vid on a Jap lenglui using the product
Dutch site on the product
Fisioline official site

Retails for about RM129 in KL local pharmacies.. I'm not sure about other countries though.. Ask Uncle Google, he'll know! I'll update this when I finally try it out! huhuhuhu... should be anytime soon...

  • Started my first application last night (at obvious cellulite areas)... lol... excited..!
  • The crackling feels good on the skin...
  • But umm... I could get same after-feel with cheaper cellulite gels..
  • Subtle grapefruit fragrance
  • Lets see what this does after 2 weeks

Update after a month 8th Oct 2010:
  • Aww man.. I religiously use this twice a day.. EVERYDAY! (so hardworking huh?)
  • Still... cellulite's pretty obvious
  • But.... I guess its pretty nice to use with crackle and all
  • If you're tight on budget... just get any normal/reputable cellulite cream for a fraction of the price... Results are similar..
  • Any massaging on area definitely helps!
  • Nope... this is not going in my fav list of stuff...


  1. I like your blog......keep it up....

  2. Thanks! :) I like my blog readers too!

  3. I got the opposite result, I've tried Fisioline and I did get to see reduction of my cellulite. What I did was, I applied it and went exercise.

  4. Ooo... I suppose its because I skipped the "exercise" part... lol... :)

  5. Sugar cupacakes,

    U can try to check on Elancyl.I bought it for my hips n thighs.I must say after using for 14 days, I felt the difference. My thighs are firmer..And my pants feel like longgar. Wat i love bout this product..just need to apply once a the morning.. The cream really lasted long until night. Try works on me.they have refilled bottle if u r satisfied with the outcome:)

  6. Thanks for the tip anonymous!

    I've got like a few more different products to complete first... If any of them or Elancyl works brilliantly, I'm gonna so dedicate a post to that :)

  7. hi, i want to check with you...
    why sometimes i apply the Fisioline on my tummy,
    i dont fell any "hot, warm" on my skin?
    Is it the product got problem?
    Thanks for your reply...

  8. Hmm... I did not feel the 'hot' tingling sensation either unless I really massage the area during application. The feeling is not like those Japanese and Taiwanese slimming 'hot' cream or gel.. So I don't think its the product's problem. But there is definitely the crackling thing... :p hope this helps...

  9. Hurmmm..where i can buy this product?

  10. Where i can buy this product?

  11. Hi Daisy,

    If you're from KL, you can find this in any Guardian/Watson pharmacies. I think I got mine from Guardian... Sorry for the delayed reply... :p