Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Remington Hair Tangle Tamer

I've been wanting to blog about this for ages!!! But given my random impulse need for blogging... I think its time you lengluis be introduced to.....

Remington Electronic Hair Tangle Tamer

So umm.. why am I introducing this? For those lengluis who's been dye-ing your hair with crazy colours and forever having problems combing your tangled hair, suffer no more.... I love this to bits... even though the packaging err... advertises it for kids... hohoho... I got this as a gift years ago from Australia since emm... I used to have problems de-tangling my hair... even with the all sorta gunk cream that claims to de-tangle.

Vid of this in action :

My conclusion:
  • Its really weird but, man... it works!!
  • Chargeable and runs with this brr brr noise
  • De-tangles even my craziest tangled hair moments
  • Slim and not too heavy to pack on vacations
  • De-tangles your hair without the need of having gunk load of hair cream/lotion/spray/serum... whatever...
  • Crap packaging that would only appeal to kids ... okay, so maybe only kids need this... lol
  • I don't know if its possible to get this off the shelves in Malaysia but... hey... its being sold online on ebay:
  • Only 9USD.. sheesh... its worth all the horrendous de-tangling moment when your hair's up in knots

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