Thursday, August 26, 2010

Getting an au-naturel tan... without mama SUN (and without cosmetics)!

Being a Tan Babe with T_A_B_G_ from the Pantry

Fill up the blanks babe... Whats I'm going to introduce here was a cool DIY suggestion from MSN. Hohoho... One way of maintaining and having a nice simple tan that lasts up to 3 days without any chemicals or the sun is using black tea.

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So now... how do we do this?
  • Steep a few "black tea" bags in a bowl of hot water
  • Let the tea cool
  • Pour the tea into a spray bottle
  • Spray on skin areas that needs slight tanning (face is okay too)
  • Pat a little and let your skin dry
  • Voila! Nice simple light tan..
  • If you're looking for a glow.. slap on a little moisturizer or bronzer to highlight your tan
lol... duh! Excited so I went ahead and try it out.. Guess what.. The next thing I did was to throw out any tanners I had that contained cancer causing "parabens" and umm... whatever ingredients that Google spits out as harmful.

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There you have it! Tea is not only good for drinking... Its good for getting a tan too! lol... Purrr.... fect! hahahaha...