Saturday, December 31, 2011

Botani Acne Rescue Cream - Oh Please Save Me Skin!!

I've always had this thing with Organic products. Though... they are always great to use but never gave any miracles. See that Organic shop in the shopping mall? I probably have a membership there... Garner the fact that either I applied for the membership or bought too many products at one go.... LOL... 2012 New Year Resolution.... THIS ONE HOARDER HABIT has SERIOUSLY got to GO!!!

Okay, so this time, the TNS (The Natural Source in Midvalley) shop was too tempting to resists going in. That's when it took me tops 5 minutes to decide on another skincare range - Botani Skin Rescue Kit.

You know... I haven't even heard of this brand until now (2 weeks later of using the Botani Acne Rescue Cream from their product line) Seems like I don't even need to do much reviews on this. The amount of claims that this is an AWESOME product is massive!!! Look at the reviews and the BEFORE-AFTER pics (oooh my....) from these lengluis....

Conclusion PROS:
  • Works in gradually killing off bacterial acne (tiny bumps that's starting to turn huge will just slowly DISAPPEAR... muahahahahaa)
  • Does not dry the skin and its pretty nice to use (even thought the scent is umm... rather interesting)
  • Anything that helps the skin... is a PRO
Conclusion CONS:
  • Seems like the shelf life of this product is pretty short... Hopefully it does not turn ineffective before at least 2 months is up
  • This WILL NOT get rid of acne caused by internal factors. It will help maintain it at a... ummm... acceptable size... lol... but... Your acne will stay till you do something about your DIET... See my post on Lemon Juice and Apple Detox

Sunday, December 18, 2011

When Concealers Easily Wears Off... Get Shu Uemura Pro Gel Concealer!!


You know those work-days where lengluis spend long hours ##WORKING## and there's just no time for touch ups?? So just how did those lengluis manage to hide the HUGE red acne? I mean... there's gotta be acne somewhere!!! lol....

Hohohohoho... They were probably using... Shu Uemura Pro Gel Concealer!!! Why does iwannabelenglui say that? See her reasoning below:


  • This concealer has STAYING POWER
  • It's does not cake, and covers seamlessly even for lengluis who lacks make-up-blending skills
  • Get the right shade and it'll work for the under-eye dark circle too!
  • Does not irritate the acne (But of-course you'll need to use a good make up remover at the end of the day)
  • Waterproof and smudge proof huhuhuhu... for the long hours...
  • Keep your hands clean and just dab on from the tiny jar
  • RM85 for a minuscule 5g jar? ITS STILL MUCH LOVED!!! 
  • (considering the regular breakouts from good food) lol....

First Step To Say Begone Body Acne!! - Hexagon Shower Filter

So umm, remember the post on Coway Water Softener? huhuhu.... iwannabelengui ended up not getting that because she trialled the water softener for a short period of time and... got the brilliant idea that... the first step to getting rid of body acne should be just a simple water filter! Okay, so maybe Uncle Google helped a little there... lol.... Get rid of the rust that you don't see and chlorine that would end up being bad for you lengluis in the long run.

And being true to her words, iwannabelenglui stuck by the shower filter (Hexagon Shower Filter to be precise) for several months already. Conclusion = OH-FOR-GODS-SAKE.... go get yourself a shower filter! If spending like RM100 or less for a simple filter that would last you 6 months without cartridge replacement means making so much of a difference to the skin, think about when you spend hundreds on your oh-miracle-skincare.

Go wrap a white cloth around your shower head and run the water through several minutes. If you see the cloth turning yellowish brown, baby, it's time you invest in a shower filter. It doesn't matter what brand you choose, just get a reasonably good one that lasts.

Conclusion for Hexagon Shower Filter:

  • Seriously? No more chlorine taste or smell
  • LOL... I really don't see the rust any-ways but yes... the back-acne reduced
  • When you shower, it feels good... Like showering in drinking water...   
  • Money-well-spent....  muahahahahhaha...
  • Reason for getting this brand? 'Cos its easily available and replacement cartridges are sold everywhere (cosway markets them) 

Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Power of Concealers...

One word. Impressive.

When your skin is "beyond all help" and it's the dinner night with lots of avid photographers around, what do you do? Conceal!

Lengluis, watch the commercial for the Dermablend concealer here

The model for this commercial is tattoo covered Rick Genest... Watch him transform from tattoo covered to cute guy in just one take and 3 make-up artist. It's a whoaaaaaaaaaa...... Credits to BellaSugarSite for posting this up.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Avalon Collagen - Collagen on the go?

I figured by now there'd be enough posts on Avalon Fish Collagen Powder from other lenglui bloggers to cover the details of this brand. Just ask Uncle Google... hohohoho...

But why is sugar_cupcakes embarking on this whole new mission? Personally, she hates the packaging. It sucks.... Number 1 product in Japan? You'd think the company would invest more on marketing the package with a girlier approach...

So why switch to try Avalon?

  • Laziness: You don't even need to mix with water when you're in a hurry. Just consume the powdered form in the individually packed tiny packages and you're good to go... Quick huh>??
  • Feeling Green: You don't need to feel un-environmental friendly as with the glass bottles collected over time with liquid collagen supplements
  • Uh-huh: Honestly, I'd prefer the liquid form of collagen supplements...
  • Huhuhuhu: But the too many empty bottles collected over time makes me feel so NOT GREEN

I've stopped collagen supplements for 3 weeks to be able to see the effects of powdered form collagen supplements.... Again... with a reminder to oneself that collagen is merely a form of protein.... hey-ho......... the trial period has started.

Some first several days quick review:

  • Comes in 3 flavours - mango, lemon and blueberry
  • Taste pretty nice considering the amount of sweetener added in
  • Consume it in the morning before you breakfast and you'll see the usual collagen effect soon enough... Irregular consumption is good enough for me
  • As mentioned earlier... the powdered form is much easier and quicker to consume
  • And yes, imported Japanese products always show some result... even if its just a minimal effect

Why every LAZY lengluis should own a bikini...?

Yessss... As the post title says, why a lazy lenglui should own a bikini!

To begin with, not everyone will sit well in a bikini. Imagine exposing the flab and the uh-huh... not so gorgeous part of your body.... So you're thinking... This post is as crazy as it gets.

There are several reasons why a LAZY lenglui should own a bikini:

  • There is no such thing as an ugly body... only LAZY body owners
  • Bikinis look great on models.... but on us everyday lengluis...? Uh-huh.... riskyyyyyyy.....
  • If you think thinking about working out is going to make you start exercising sooner or later to get that fab, healthy, lean body... think again... THINKING ALONE IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH!
  • When you own a nice bikini, you will want to try it on sometimes (even if it means in front of the mirror in the privacy of your own room... hahahahaha...)
  • And when the try-on process don't look too good, it means its time to do SOMETHING
  • Find a sport that is FUN and STICK TO IT! If the sport is a torture... you'll never stick to it... no matter what your brain tells you when you ummm... see yourself in the mirror in that bikini... LOL...
  • Okay... easier said than done... Bikinis don't hide the flab like some pretty clothes do...
  • Its a great wake up call to remind us lengluis... the bikini shape stays the same... But on whether we're going to look good in it or not, entirely depends on us!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

How to be a natural Lenglui when umm... you're not born with it....

Hohohohoho... lets take a peak into an honest life of lengluis who were not born with lenglui hair, skin, body and features, but are still the everyday beautiful hot chicks we see today. I figured, most of us lengluis have discovered the aid to beauty with the help of the unnatural's of hair re-bonding, permanent hair removal, body shaping undergarments ... and a whole lot more. So if you're the sort-a blur-cased lenglui, this post will describe all of them fake-it pro....

Introducing the top 5 procedures/items that lets us go hiking in the jungle and swimming in the sea with NO make-up and still look super BEAUTIFUL! (disclaimer - I don't suppose the points below are considered make-up... hahahahah....)

  • Hair Re-bonding
    • Almost every Asian lenglui knows that frizzy hair is a no-go
    • Hair re-bonding apparently wreaks the hair structure but hey.... you're gonna look like you have a hair worth a million bucks minus the blow drying, hair spray and hair mousse
    • Even when you're miles away from a conditioner, hair dryer or straightening iron, your hair will still  look glossy and smooth flowing... huhuhuhu...
    • Requires minimal effort of maintenance
    • Tip: Go to a pro stylist so you needn't worry about ending up with a flat top.. LOL
  • Permanent Hair Removal
    • If you're hairy that is...
    • Waxing is a traumatic experience
    • Hair epilation leaves us ingrown hair and red bums all over (and don't forget the pain)
    • Ever felt the pokey-itchy feel after a few days of missing your shave period? Eeeeeek...
    • Permanent hair removal - to a smooth nice skin even after a few days out camping in the mountains

  • Semi-permanent eye-liner and lip gloss tattoo
    • Now, I have no right to comment on this because I haven't been through one (If your features look great with no make up, skip this then baby)
    • Remember, go to a reputable pro... these days beauty tattoos have advanced loads so you needn't worry about ending up with greenish looking eyelids when you're 50
    • After accompanying a really close friend to these procedures... whoaaaaa... the result is really pretty
    • She complains of course of the painful PAIN.... (duh... no pain no gain)
    • But the aftermath... uh-huh... its like you have naturally dark defined eyes and glossy kissable lips
    • After 6 hours of road trip? you still have great fresh looking eyes and its like the all natural lip gloss never left your lips
  • Lasik Eye laser treatment
    • Okay, this one's a point you could debate on...
    • This is a costly procedure and IT'S scary!!! No matter what lenglui's who has been through them say.... Never believe anyone who says there is NO PAIN.... spoken from a true lenglui friend
    • Lol.... But I havent been through one so, ummm..... I'd opt for Iris Enlarging Contact lenses.... Hey, if I had Lasik... then it defeats the purpose of having pretty anime eyes from a beauty contact lenses no?
    • BUT.... imagine having clear vision all the time and skip having to look dorky in front of the hot guy in a football night party
  • Body Shaping Undergarments
    • Okay, so it'd be mighty uncomfortable to go jungle trekking and skydiving in this
    • But, if you've been a good girl and wear them on a regular basis, your body is bound to conform a little to the shape of the garments
    • So even when you're on a field trip without them... your body will play nice and stay that way... until of course the next time you decide that exercise is a better body shaper... lol...

One thing I figured all lengluis know by now.... Nice skin is the mother of all natural beauty... Nothing can help you get a great skin but yourself. A good diet of lots of fresh fruits, veggie and fish, good skincare products and lots of rest... that's the best effort a lenglui can do for better looking skin...

Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Eye - Younger eyes by morning?

Recently the eye area's been bugging for attention... SEE ME SEE ME!!! Sigh.... you know how it gets... With every year, forget about getting mature and wiser... sugar_cupcakes refuse to let our eyes speak our age...! Lengluis should never have to let the eyes tell how old we are... (--)" With the never was there dark under-eye area and the never were there puffy starting to inflate baggy looking eyes.... uh-huh.... the horror symptoms are all starting to SHOW!! O-M-G..................

And with all my previous adventures of eye creams and the under-eye dark circle Uncle Google research... Some hope came about with Kiehl's aid for the eyes... with so many positive reviews on this from this.... YESSSSSssssss............ 

Product Information:
  • Read about it here (Kiehl's product site)
  • Retails at RM150 in KL Kiehl's outlet
  • Smells faintly of lavender....
  • Not too heavy but feels like there's a thin coat of protection on the delicate skin
  • Feels comforting on the eye area

  • I'm definitely taken! (Compared with the other tried-tested-okay-but-not-wow products)
  • Within days the eye area looks healthier (I used it twice a day even though its supposedly for night use... hahahahhaa... you'd think the more you use it the better the effects, LOL....)
  • Umm... some minimal under-eye darkened area still remains... no miracles there...
  • But... puffiness definitely reduced! wooooooohooooooo!!!
  • Duh... RM150 investment (its a tiny tube but you only need so little with each application) for such a good-feel product.... ITS ALL GOOD.....

Monday, September 26, 2011

Lengluis 10 ways to beauty... an Instyle guide

When it comes to the point where lengluis are clueless on just what to do to be a lenglui.... don't we just love little tips that max up to 10 bullet points?

These beauty guides by InStyle are just super fun to read! I mean.... duh... some of the tips are just plain common sense but hey... its a great way to remind ourselves on simple rules in life to stay beautiful.... (^o^)

Preview of the nice tips from InStyle:

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Lengluis guide to Easy Summer Clothes!!

I figured that since iwannabelenglui comes from a tropical climate, we might as well talk about clothes that packs in light, speed dry quick, are super-comfortable and super sexy!

Check out the Roxy 100% polyester keepsake dress above or Billabong's Twisted dress below... hohohoho....

Okay, so whats the whole point of this post?

We'd like to suggest lotsa comfortable 100% polyester or nylon clothings that take lengluis in and out of water and are great for outdoors. Okay, so maybe this wouldn't go too well in a jungle hike. Duh... lol...

But still.. lengluis who travel around or live in tropical climates would thrive on beachwear! (... and cotton but that's not the whole point of this post) Imagine boardshorts, 3 quarter super lightweight polyester pants and summer dress which takes like 30 mins to air dry after getting drenched in rain water, sweat, seawater or just plain wash pipe water. Of course, pure cotton clothing would be the utmost comfortable wear but... if you're planning on getting wet or having clean clothes in your backpack when travelling back... think soft polyester!

In short:

  • These clothes take like 30 minutes or less to dry in a tropical climate
  • They are so super lightweight and anti bulk that you can pack like 5 dresses and 5 board shorts and maybe another 5 pretty tops in a teeny weeny backpack!
  • The garments are strong and tear proof (unless of course if you try cutting them with scissors duh!)
  • You can travel out with a light backpack and also travel home in a light backpack with clean clothes since they dry super fast.
  • They don't do much to contain sweat though... try Uniqlo range of sweat comfortable clothes instead.
  • iwannabelenglui packs light on a typical road trip, surf trip... and loves wearing them for a nice street shopping day out in KL!

Some Tips:
  • Find a cut which suits you
  • If you're a lenglui who don't do dresses well, get same fabric tops and board shorts or comfortable skirts instead.
  • These garments are addictive and since one with a good cutting are normally found in stores with reputable brands (think O'Neil, Billabong and Roxy), you needn't stock up on them. Come on... they go nicely in the wash machine and dry like super fast so you can put them on again. How many of them pieces do you need?!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Shiseido Prosynergy Multi Protective Lotion - The Ultimate Lazy Lengluis Hair Treatment?

It's not that we think lengluis should start being lazy and not care for their hair... and just spritz on some super-duper protective lotion and voila! Hair stays perfect!! .... Truth be told..... there is no such miraculous product that does that for lengluis to achieve the ultimate perfect locks. If there was.... guess who'd be the first to jump on the bandwagon to sample it?? LOL.....

That being said, lets do some reviews on Shiseido Prosynergy Multi Protective lotion... Which you lengluis will most probably have sampled if you do hair treatment in any saloon using Shiseido products. The reason why iwannabelenglui is publicizing this product is because:
  • Again, as said always, Japanese products are mighty nice to use
  • They smell reassuringly subtle (never overpowering) and feels good to use
  • Even if the effect is not like whoaa.... they normally do an okay job of trying to do what they claim to do
  • Oh well... if you use Tsubaki shampoo and liked it.... having a Shiseido treatment right at home is a bliss

More info on how lengluis can get their hands on this:
  • It's about RM78 if you go to a saloon which carries this product in KL. E.g; A-Saloon in Pyramid or Empire Subang
  • Notice that the saloon's normally left with only a couple of bottles or sometimes you'd be greeted with the "sorry babe, no stock" look
  • Its RM50++ if you would like to get it direct from Japan from here (except that you'd be paying for shipping)
  • Or if you're not from KL, checkout places like eBay or here 

Lets wait for more reviews on this when iwannabelenglui've sampled like half the bottle... lol... As they say, you shouldn't really review a product until you've used like 50% or more of it...

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Biogreen Pytho-Essence - Skin and Colon Food?

Again, I'm down with food allergy... This time, dairy is the main culprit. Been a couple of week of uncomfortable toilet trips and umm... hahaha... diarhoea all thanks to... cheese and cream... Okieess.... so when this happens... poor skin, hair and nails suffer the most!! Aiyooo.... I'm so-so sorry skin... the ravioli plates were too much to resists... sigh... I love ravioli with the tomato cream sauce... haahhahahaa... even if it spells danger-danger to poor lactose intolerant stomach... How now brown cow???!!! haihhhhh...

Remember my posts on Bioxil, Juvanex and all the detox product thingi?? Since they all work on the almost similar principal of fibre, prebiotics and probiotics to help flush out the accumulated toxins and acidity, lets go for Biogreen Phyto-Essence Skin and Colon Foods this time round. Lets just see how it measure up to Bioxil and Juvanex. hohohoho....

Summarized info:

  • Product of Taiwan
  • Partially Organic ingredients (which I'm kinda skeptical about)
  • All natural ingredients that help detox your colon
  • Which eventually leads to nicer skin... as usual the claims are exaggerated... hahahhaa
  • What the hell... the prebiotics and probiotics are the ones that work and they ware the main ingredient I've been eyeing... 

After 6 days of a once a day regime of  Biogreen Phyto-Essence:

  • Oh the stomach feels so much much better
  • Given the fact that the pre/pro biotics are working nicely (Hey, to those lengluis who can take dairy, vitagen is your yummiest bet)
  • Digestion is back to normal
  • Skin... umm... no new breakouts... but the old acne stays put...
  • Umm... But the cystic acne is shrinking... hohohoho...
  • Huuhuhuhu... please-please let the skin hair and nails go back to normal before the next dinner I have to attend... I wanna wear the cute off shoulder dress that's been sitting in the wardrobe for ages... 
  • Lets wait for more reviews when iwannabelenglui complete the 450gm dose huh? lol...

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Cover ME Pore!! - Pore concealers to faking a smooth pore-less skin... lol

Trust me, there is no such thing as a miracle serum or laser treatments which SHRINKS thy pores... The hard cold fact -  "Unfortunately, there is no way to permanently shrink large pores."

Haihhh... we knew that was a fact from the start.... Talk about denial.... Huhuhuhuhu... Also, as we age, reduction in skin elasticity is a huge factor (apart from oil and dirt and genetics) that contributes to dilated pores. Help...................

Okay, so there are loads of over-the-counter cosmetics that fakes lengluis skin by making them looking pore-less... Again, we lengluis need to fake it... but what-the-heck its really a small issue anyway... Don't we all know it... Of course you gotta know which products work and which doesn't and there are countless of reviews on these products already  so this will be iwannabelenglui's summarized analysis from Uncle G. LOL.... sounds so technical...

Lets summarize the tried and tested:

  • Kate Pore Concealer
    • Fragrance free
    • Does not make your pores disappear
    • Nice to use cos it's like sucking up the oil from your pores so less blackhead at the end of the day
    • Affordable and available at SaSa or Watson's KL
  • Benefit The Pore Professional
    • Light lemony floral scent
    • Feels nice on the pores also like sucking up the oil from your pores so less blackhead at the end of the day
    • Again, pores are still visible
    • Feels like it does almost the same thing as Kate Pore Concealer
    • Pricing's almost like Kate if you counted the amount/g Vs Price

  • Ettusais Pore Smooth Concealer
    • More like a skin primer
    • No, the pores are still very much visible
    • Feels just like a make up primer
    • On the pricier side

Lets summarize the one that has "See The Proof" by fellow lenglui bloggers:

  • Sana Pore Putty
    • Oh... most lenglui blogs has had reviews on this
    • Nope, the before after pics are not no good... No sure-fire yes it works pic
    • But... lets have more research on this first since most reviewees rate this 4/5... hohohoho


  • Though lengluis will never manage to make our pores disappear, we can always hide it muahahahaha
  • Hiding our pores require good products and faking skills (hohoho) so we won't further dilate them
  • Dariya is the next best options so iwannabelenglui will be on a hunt for them!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Over the Counter Treatment for Cystic Acne

And then when the cystic acne starts appearing again after a bout of allergy, suddenly I see this:

RenĂ©e Rouleau's Anti-Cyst Treatment (USD$38.50)

Oh what a way to start a blog post... hahahhahaa.... iwannabelenglui would like to apologize to her frequent readers on the "hardly-ever-updates" on this blog. As usual... work's been taking up all her blogging time... Okay, back to the topic of cystic acne...

And it seems like this product actually gets a positive respond from the reviewer. And no, it doesn't seem like she's written a bias review... So all's good!

READ the review from BellaSugar site

READ real-users reviews

More research is going to this and hohoho... We'll so find out how the hell we can get our hands on this like soon.... hahahahhaaa....

We can buy this on-line shipped from the US from here

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Life changing secrets for a happier, prettier girl!

In case you didn't know, the lenglui in the image below is Maria Menounos a Greek-American actress, journalist, and television presenter. She's written a book on "The every girl's guide to LIFE". But I figured, we haven't got all day sourcing out the book so.... here's a quick summary... Watch the vidclip below hosted on MSN...

Click HERE to watch the vid on MSN

But... if you're reading this post from a mobile, here's a quick summary of her tips which I found were sure-easy to follow... huhuhuhu:

  • Drink hot, warm, room temperature water. It helps with digestion. If you feel good, you're gonna look good.
  • Stay organized. An organized lenglui is a happier lenglui. Label all your stuff and have a designated location for all your stuff. Remember to put things back where you took them from.
  • Maria introduced a lazy girls exercise... LOL... come on... you can exercise anywhere... even on your bed..
  • Remember my post on clothes alteration? Yeah... alter your clothes to fit YOU
Yeah... the rules are simple... and duh. But lengluis, I think we need some discipline.... lol...

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Silk Beddings - To Anti Wrinkle Smooth Skin?

Lengluis would swear by anything that keeps their skin wrinkle free... Even up to the point of changing their beddings to pure 100% silk beddings. Huhuhu... Little would you know... I've been sleeping in silk beddings for more than a year now! Silk pillowcases, pure silk quilt, pure silk quilt cover, uh-huh... And its not because of the wrinkle free skin theory... I just happened to be OBLIGED to purchase them.. Trust me, if you go on a China trip.. you will understand why. LOL....

So what do people claim by sleeping in 100% pure silk beddings?

  • Silk is breathable and has natural hypoallergenic properties making is excellent for those with allergies.
  • Silk either traps air next to the skin to keep you warm in the cold, or draws it away from the body in hotter temperatures.
  • Silk can be naturally resistant to dust mite and have a good effect to sensitive skins.
  • silk is 100% natural, and has lots of amino acids, which contribute to moisture penetrate the skin.
  • Silk pillowcases will enable hair to glide across the pillowcase without breakage.
  • Silk itself has natural moisturizing factors to keep moisture balance, which can maintain hair style and improve hair quality
  • 100% silk pillowcases has fewer amounts of wrinkles than other materials. It is easy to keep your facial creams that you sleep with every night. As far as some experts say, silk has the function of preventing wrinkles because there is a special element to moist the skin without dryness.
  • Silk plays a calming effect on the nervous system, choosing silk bedding sets can be said to be an excellent choice. They not only help people relax during the night, but also bring them absolutely comfortable sleep
Referenced from:
  • You'll feel a kind of calming effect each time slumber comes
  • Definitely helps with my allergies (sinus and eczema)
  • I don't know about the wrinkle and having nicer hair... Looks the same to me... LOL... 
  • But... IT DEFINITELY FEELS GOOD to sleep in!
  • Lengluis with trouble sleeping... I'd definitely recommend them for a BEAUTY SLEEP!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Water Softener for Smooth Skin and Soft Hair

iwannabelenglui is contemplating to change her bathing water quality for soft smooth skin and hair!! huhuhuhuhu...

You lengluis have probably heard of the "Hard Water" and "Soft Water"  terms when  it comes to dealing with iritating skin conditions such as eczema and bad acne or rashes from allergies. I didn't blog about this because, I've only heard of it while researching on Panasonic Water Ionizer PJ-A36 a couple of years back. But... after loads of contemplating (since my dad says soft water burns your stomach in the long run) and lots of Google research, I decided not to pursue with this expensive purchase.

Not until just recently, my mum came back telling me of several Koreans she knew who installs COWAY Water Softener BB09 for health and beauty reasons. You could say this is a water ionizer as well which is umm.. made in Korea by the way. So now, what makes this any different from getting the Panasonic one which is made in Japan and lets you choose between whatever type of water you need for consumption to bathing... etc? The appliance itself is up for RENT! At a pretty affordable price too I heard (I think about RM70 per month - find out about the rental here) Meaning, you don't need to purchase it. The agent will actually install and service the appliance for you every month. And if a new model comes out, just tell them.. switch the model.. hohohoho... sounds interesting huh?

Hmm.. I figured, best I do a post on this before deciding on anything. Come on... bathing water wouldn't do too much harm huh? And Japanese and Korean babes have been using soft water for aeons. Bathing water is okay... but for the part of soft water consumption... The "burn your stomach thing" from my dad still lingers in the head... hahahahhaha... myth or not... lol...

If any of you lengluis ever are renting their appliance and service... please do comment! I bet all lengluis are interested in knowing if the quote below from stands! Read on below!
"Chore-doers will love using soft water, as tasks can actually be performed more efficiently with it. Soap will lather better and items will be left cleaner. Glasses will sparkle and hair will look healthy. The shower curtain will be scum-free. Clothes and skin are left softer. In addition to time, this can also save money, as less soap and detergents will be used. Since appliances have to work less hard, soft water can also prolong the life of washing machines, dishwaters and water heaters. Energy bills are noticeably lower when in households with water softeners. In a time of rising energy costs, this is something to think about.

Soft water is not, however, suggested for those with heart or circulatory problems, or others who may be on a low sodium diet. In the softening process, as minerals are removed, sodium content increases. Research shows that cardiovascular disease has the lowest risk in areas where water has the most mineral content."

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Breakout Lengluis Alternative to BB cream...

I have tried a couple of BB creams in these several years. BB creams are really great for fair-skinned women! You'd end up conning everyone with dewy healthy looking skin... like Korean celebs.. hohoho..

BUT... Not every lenglui can carry off BB creams. Certain lengluis cannot use some brands of BB cream. I honestly am not sure why because, BB creams always claim to not block your pores. But... when the breakouts start... sugar_cupcakes feels uncomfortable using most BB creams. They are great, mind you... But some of us just can't use them during the great breakout period!! huhuhuhuuuuuu (--)"

So what now? Ditch the BB creams and  go back to the conventional compact powder and liquid foundation? Okay.. I have occasional breakouts and I'm going to be really frank here. If your acne is acting up... and you really need to cover up, you need a proper cover up that won't irritate your already irritated skin. Stinging on this isn't going to help.

Skin-comfortable products I trust during this breakout times are:
(Google for reviews)
They don't come cheap. But when the breakout starts, its time to go into skin-comfort mode so it can heal nicely... Another acne-skin-friendly cosmetic brand name is Ettusais. But for cover up cosmetics... I'm leaning towards Averine and Laura Mercier...

Shi-Tsu Collagen Beauty Drink

Collagen, Sheep Placenta and Bird Nest.. The super all in one?

There are just too many different beauty drinks and collagen supplements out there these days. We are spoilt for choice!! Uh-huh... which one would you lengluis go for? I've been sticking by CollagenMax for quite some time now. Though I had a 2 month++ break from any form of collagen or any sort of supplement. (Seriously, apart from trying to save on $$$... I was too busy working to go stock up... Haih... And, the Lemon Skin Ritual was the utmost cheapo-definitely-works-with-results skin saver ritual ever!!) I lived without any beauty drink for a couple of months and... skin is still pretty okay thanks to just de'simplest lemon juice help lol... But now.... I really think the overworked skin needs some pick-me-up... And so... I'm so so sorry CollagenMax, its time to try something new... Shi-Tsu Beauty Drink... (The ultimate decision lies with the way-too-cute to resist box... huahuahuahuaaaa.. See? Packaging is important!!)


I'll give this 6 bottles a go before making any firm conclusions on this.

What the advert says (See the links):

What the box says:

  1. Switzerland Sheep Placenta Extract (10,000mg)
  2. Marine Collagen (5,000mg)
  3. Bird Nest (5,000mg)
Other ingredients:
Strawberry Extract, Blueberry Extract, Isoflavones, Food Grade Citric Extract, Dextrose Monohydrate, Vitamin B, Vitamin C.

Initial review and research result with Uncle Google:
  • Tastes really bland and a little lemony. Honestly, this bland drink REALLY tastes like it contains no chemical substance as advertised..
  • The box says "Product of Japan" but umm... Uncle Google gave not much answers on this brand or the laboratory where it was formulated... This is still pretty much a mystery to me! Dodgy...
  • Found only minimal Chinese reviews on this... (And the complain was itchy skin) Uh-huh... lol.. I'm so taking the risk...
  • The consumption details below on the advert makes one wonder... hmmm... interesting.. hohoho...
    • For acne skin : Consume before 11pm ( the latest by 2am) before sleep. 
    • For insomnia : Consume in the morning, drink a cup of water every hour for 8 hours. 
    • For menstruation pain : Consume in the morning, drink 250ml of water every half an hour for 8 hours. (Water→Shi-Tsu ×Shi-Tsu→Water Fluids are needed for better absorption. )
  • Costs way more than CollagenMax and Kinohimitsu's Beauty Drinks... RM98 for 6 miserable 50ml bottles
  • But tastes pretty genuine.. (Still more info on this would help clear any dodgy doubts on this)

    Heheheheh... as promised...

    • Sorry CollagenMax, sugar_cupcakes is alternating with Shi-Tsu for a while...
    • Results seemst the same as CollagenMax but ingredients seems less intrusive to the body
    • No more bad breakouts recently so skin is pretty well-behaved
    • Less tired looking skin lately (probably cos I get enough sleep too.. lol)
    • Younger lengluis, collagen drinks are just supplements so... no need to go all fanatic with them.. Just consume them when you think your skin needs a pick up..
    • And... choose your brand by the company's reputation and ingredients! (^o^)

    Thursday, January 13, 2011

    A lash/brow lifetime investment - Preri Wonder Styling Eyelash Comb

    It's a New Year... 2011 marks goodbye to old cosmetics and... so I went on a RM1K cosmetic spree... I need to slap myself awake now... Crazy women... Heck... (--)" One of this year's resolution is to be a smarter consumer and spend less (the C cup resolution remains there every year even though not much progress lately... muahahaha)

    And here I am, writing a post that is nothing on any of the cosmetics that went into the splurge.... (Though umm... part of the new splurge included really nice signature products from cosmetic household names like Averine compact smoothing powder, Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer, Kate pore concealer, Shu Uemura. make up base mouse.. huhuhuhu..)

    Spent several days looking at the new stash and decided... Aww... I really need to blog about this little cute-sie that's been sitting in my conman-toolbox. No, this again is not a cosmetic review... lol... Introducing the Preri Wonder Styling Eyelash Comb!!

    Why am I reviewing a lash comb that costs a whopping RM50)?
    • Metal lash combs are really much much nicer to use compared with plastic ones (you only need one eyelash comb in your whole lifetime.. so trust me... get a good one)
    • The gap between the comb teeth are much narrower so it separates hairs evenly without removing too much of the mascara fibers
    • But easy enough to clean (stainless steel teeth)
    • Foldaway feature makes this travel friendly (folds to the length of my middle finger... lol)
    • There are 2 sides to this lash comb, the wider width for upper lashes and trimming eyebrows, the smaller one for lower lashes
    • Comb teeth are very slim so it makes eyebrow trimming a more relaxed task
    • A couple of other good brands carry this same comb, but the "Made in Japan" ones are of real nice quality... The Japs hit the nail right on yet again!
    • If you think this is too much to pay for a lash comb, I saw the non foldaway ones in SaSa for about RM29...
    • The teeth are pretty sharp... so umm... be careful not to poke your eyes with it! ...or you can use this as self-defense... hahahahhaha...
    Someday... I'll need to try and do some reviews on my crazy conman stash... Still... every lenglui has her fav cosmetic secret to share. So ask Uncle Google and he'll spill the ton of makeup reviews for you! (^o^)