Sunday, December 18, 2011

First Step To Say Begone Body Acne!! - Hexagon Shower Filter

So umm, remember the post on Coway Water Softener? huhuhu.... iwannabelengui ended up not getting that because she trialled the water softener for a short period of time and... got the brilliant idea that... the first step to getting rid of body acne should be just a simple water filter! Okay, so maybe Uncle Google helped a little there... lol.... Get rid of the rust that you don't see and chlorine that would end up being bad for you lengluis in the long run.

And being true to her words, iwannabelenglui stuck by the shower filter (Hexagon Shower Filter to be precise) for several months already. Conclusion = OH-FOR-GODS-SAKE.... go get yourself a shower filter! If spending like RM100 or less for a simple filter that would last you 6 months without cartridge replacement means making so much of a difference to the skin, think about when you spend hundreds on your oh-miracle-skincare.

Go wrap a white cloth around your shower head and run the water through several minutes. If you see the cloth turning yellowish brown, baby, it's time you invest in a shower filter. It doesn't matter what brand you choose, just get a reasonably good one that lasts.

Conclusion for Hexagon Shower Filter:

  • Seriously? No more chlorine taste or smell
  • LOL... I really don't see the rust any-ways but yes... the back-acne reduced
  • When you shower, it feels good... Like showering in drinking water...   
  • Money-well-spent....  muahahahahhaha...
  • Reason for getting this brand? 'Cos its easily available and replacement cartridges are sold everywhere (cosway markets them) 

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