Monday, January 21, 2013

Panasonic Facial Roller Eh-SP30 Vs Refa Pro/Carat Platinum Electronic Roller

Oh the damned many choices of Facial Rollers!!

Remember iwannabelenglui's recent post on PANASONIC Esthetic Facial Roller EH-SP30? And yes, before putting that as one of her wishlist item, there was that consideration on the the Refa Pro/Carat Platinum Electronic Roller that promises almost the same result of the Panasonic roller.

Just do a little Google and that's it.... we're SOLD! muahahahahhaa... Oh well..

The differences:
  • The Brand
  • The physics and scientific theory behind them: "How it works?"
  • The PRICE - Refa rollers costs a whopping RM1.2k
  • The publicity and popularity
  • The usage - Refa's multi-functioned
Before the Refa roller goes on iwananbelenglui's the wishlist item for 2013, lets do some reality check, more research, have some patience and drool over the pics above and below... LOL.... Heck, a pricier tool does not mean a better tool...

Blogs of ardent fans on the Refa rollers:

Monday, January 14, 2013

Pesky body hair is BACK!! Hello Panasonic ES-WD94 Epilator!!

ES-WD94 Panasonic WET/DRY Epilator


As expected, hormonal changes will bring back hair... (post LHE hair removal treatment).. So what now? It's not like sugar_cupcakes is turning into an ape or something... But, we're getting one or two strands popping out in certain areas (that was supposedly smooth) and they are seriously sprouting back out like nobodies business!!! Okiess... I'll just be honest here. The underarms and bikini-line... Ugghhh... the worse place to start...

Options to consider:
  1. Getting zap again in those spots - But they are just too miniscule areas to justify having to get laser or LHE... arrghhh
  2. Getting waxed?? -  so much pain for that teeny spots? nooooooooooooo....
  3. Get one of those DIY at home LHE kits - Seriously, the price does not justify the means
  4. Get a good-quick-painless (well I wish), epilator - Say hello to the pretty in pink Panasonic ES-WD94 Epilator

  • Wow... it's like a cool little gadget where you can switch the head (6 Attachments - 2 Epilation Heads, 1 Shaver Head, 1 Foot Care Head, 1 Bikini Comb and 2 Beginner Caps)
  • Easy to clean and maintain (we asked Uncle Google for reviews beforehand)
  • They have this cool bright LED which shines on the areas you're working on so you know exactly what you are removing! lol...
  • Obviously not pain-free (but definitely better than my Braun Silk Epilator which is YEOWCH)
  • Cool 'cos you can use it in the shower as well with soap lather!
  • Guess what...? the bikini epilator head works even for your mini moustache... muahahahaha... but umm... definitely not pain-free!
  • The foot care head is just neat!
  • Uh-huh...Now this post sounds like an advert.... but...
  • sugar_cupcakes love it 'cos hey... for RM300++ we can skip those saloon treatments and move on with LIFE!

A New Year A New BUM!! - Victoria Secret Butt Exercise -

Rocking undies with Victoria Secret Butt Exercise

Watching a Victoria Secret Fashion show vid can be a rather... FASCINATINGLY beautiful butt experience! LOL... Ever wondered what ~heck~ of exercise do these super-lengluis do to be able to rock-out in just undies on the runway? (Okay, please sway your attention away from the boobs for now... sheesh...)

Oh well.. as usual... you don't just miraculously transform overnight and get a new butt each time you read posts like this.... DUH... Rather, please be good, watch the video from the link below and WORK-IT-OUT! It's 2013 and iwannabelenglui's New Year Resolution is --> Getting a rockable butt! LOL... at least we know that this is somehow achievable as compared to gaining a cup size or 2 on the boobs area... muahahahaha.... hard work is all it takes lenglui!