Sunday, October 21, 2012

WISH ITEM YEAR END 2012 - PANASONIC Esthetic Facial Roller EH-SP30

Update 21st Jan 2014:
Uh-huh... an update more than 1 year later! (super sorry to lengluis who waited for this)
  • iwannabelenglui use this minimally every once a week
  • super nice to use cos its comfy and convenient
  • one charge lasts ages!
  • yes, helps tones the cheeks a little... (you know the areas that tend to start drooping and start showing smile lines? stick to this, regularly consume some collagen and age slow and graceful... lol)
  • Totally recommended for older lengluis! ( > 27 )

Update 11th Dec 2012:
With minimal patience built in, iwannabelenglui went ahead and got one last month...
Wohohohoho... will definitely keep you lengluis posted on this!

So umm... what does this do?
LOL... ANTI-AGING gadget that helps SHAPE your face (for chubby faces)!!
But -umm... sugar_cupcakes does not have FAT FACE ... in fact she needs more fat on her face!!!! (--)" Still.... she's super afraid of sagging face cheeks!! ANTI-SAG gadget... here comes iwannabelenglui!!

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